Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rush: Sarah Palin Would Wipe The Floor With Obama!

The Left is terrified of [Sarah Palin]. The Left knows that she would wipe the floor with Obama. Our intelligentsia on the Right-Wing know that she would wipe the floor with Obama. That’s what all of this means. …

The point of this is that if Republicans are going to sit by and watch Palin savaged, they’d better be prepared to sit by and watch the next one get savaged; and the next one because that’s what’s coming.

Rush was in great form today as he went off on squishy Republicans who don't have the backbone to stand for something. He's reading from a great piece posted at Legal Insurrection entitled We Just Witnessed The Media's Test-Run To Re-elect Obama that points out the over-the-top attacks on Sarah Palin are little more than an exercise, war games, if you will, for 2012. The article also takes down well known squish, and political dullard, David Frum.

The Right Scoop has video of El Rushbo's monologue here. It's a must watch.

Frum is one of the squishes who claims to be a "conservative" but attacks every real Conservative, especially Sarah Palin, and supports more "progressive" policies. His latest nonsense is we need to nominate someone like Bob Dole, not Sarah Palin, you know, because Bob Dole was such a powerhouse in 1996!

The Frummian wing of the Republican Party always wants to put up some squish that has absolutely zero chances of winning. Sad. Really sad.

Rush rips him a new one. He also touches on something that can't be said enough. If the left is successful in taking down Sarah Palin, then no Republican candidate will ever survive.

We see it all of the time. The squishes say Sarah has been savaged by the media so we need to put up someone the media will like. Someone they won't be so hard on.

We tried that in 2008. John McCain, bless his heart, was the left's "favorite Republican." He was the darling of the late night talk shows, and had lefties proclaiming that if only John McCain could be our nominee, THAT was a Republican they could get behind. And as the GOP is want to do, they fell for it, and those same people who were "in love" with John, savaged him after he was the nominee.

This is what the left does. They play nice with who they think are easy prey. They build them up, write glowing reviews, do a real sell job. Then once their choice of opponent is chosen, they open with both barrels.

Here's the thing, we've seen who has the real guts in the Republican Party. The one that never backs down. The one who is always on the offense. That's Sarah Palin. Lost in all of the hoopla about blood libel the left conducted against her, is the fact that the left also blood libeled the 30-40 million Americans who call themselves members of the Tea Party.

Only one person stood up and defended those millions of patriotic Americans, and that was Sarah Palin. She stood up and took all of the slings and arrows that she knew would come her way for doing so. Where were the rest?

In fairness, Mike Huckabee made a short statement, but the rest, Romney, Daniels, and so forth, hid under their desks. Establishment hacks like Newt Gingrich, Charles Krauthammer, and others, basically told Sarah to sit down, shut up, and take her beating. They actually thought she was wrong to defend herself after being accused of mass murder!

The reason why the left fears her, and Rush rightly points out that Sarah will wipe the floor with Obama, is the fact she is fearless. She doesn't care about what the chattering class has to say. She's more interested in saving the Republic.

That, and unlike the rest, I don't think Sarah Palin is impressed by Barack Obama in any way shape or form.

The attacks against her are without a doubt some of the most vile in our nation's history. The only thing I've seen close is the way the left attacked Ronald Reagan. They feared him as well. So did the GOP elites.

Like Reagan before her, Sarah Palin represents the end of business as usual in Washington. She's even more of a problem for the Ruling Class than Reagan, because she is an experienced reformer with a solid reputation of cleaning up corruption at every level. Both the left, and the GOP elites, lose big time if Sarah is elected.

Rush's last point though is the most important. And the people who support someone else, rather than Sarah need to remember this. While those who hope someone besides Sarah is our nominee sit back and enjoy the attacks on her, they need to remember one thing. Sarah Palin is probably the toughest candidate the GOP has ever had. She's certainly the toughest in my life time. She never backs down.

If somehow the left is successful at stopping Sarah Palin, a woman of extraordinary courage and strength, the rest of the Republican Party is done. They will never have a chance, because none of them could stand up to what Sarah Palin stands up to on a daily basis. And if the left is able to make this work, they will use it on every other Republican until the end of time.

The good news is this: The left have thrown absolutely everything they have at Sarah Palin, and she's still standing. Still fighting. Still moving forward. That's what true leaders do.

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