Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Is Lauren B., Who Wished Sarah Palin Was Shot Instead Of Congresswoman Giffords

The blood libel against Sarah Palin has borne fruit, and we reported on the left wing violence that has been stoked by democrats and their media allies. In our report we noted that numerous loons took to Twitter to call for Sarah Palin's death, as a result of the hate ginned up by the democrats and their media. We also noted the loons, once they realized they were being watched, their hate was being documented, and the implications to all of this, cried to You Tube about a "violation of privacy" and You Tube took the video down.

Of course, this is BS, as Twitter is an open public forum.

No matter, the creators who documented the vile hatred hosted the video on another site as well. One the left can't shut down. You can read more and view the hate speech for yourself here.

Now, courtesy of BigFurHat we have more info on one of the violent democrats:

The imbecile, RedHeadOnFire2, the dunderhead who claims her privacy was violated after she broadcasted her asinine thoughts to the world, is in this video. What a dunce.

Here, let me violate this asshole’s "privacy " a little more-This is Lauren B., who wished Palin was shot instead of Giffords:.

"My name is Lauren, I’m 21 years old and a psych major at UOP. Follow my tweets!"

Psych major, eh? Will you be in the chair or on the couch? I say couch.

And as Grayscape points out – she has ONE WORD to get right in her One Word Project and spells it wrong.

The Soviets used to call people like Lauren B. "useful idiots". They are mindless zombie drones who believe whatever left wing crap the progressive movement throws at them, and are all too eager to do the radical democrat's bidding for them. Of course the leaders view these lemmings as expendable. Mere pawns in a dangerous game.

This vile little liberal chick may want her friends to think she is some sort of "loving" and "caring" progressive, but her diseased soul has now been exposed. The world can now see who Lauren B., a psych major at UOP, really is. 

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