Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Over 45,000 Votes! NRO: Who Is The Better Conservative Standard Bearer? Sarah Palin 76% Rick Perry 24%

By Gary P Jackson

An interesting poll from National Review Online. In a week long poll that ended on Tuesday, NRO asked it's readers to chose who was the better representative of conservatism, the better standard bearer, Governor Sarah Palin or Governor Rick Perry.

45, 503 people voted in their poll and the results are Sarah Palin 76% Rick Perry 24%.

Yes, the poll is unscientific, but that is a pretty lopsided, though not surprising outcome, given the two governors' records and actions over their long careers, thus worth mentioning.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sarah Palin: Union Brothers and Sisters It's Time To Reconsider Following Your Corrupt Leadership

By Gary P Jackson

As you know, on Monday, while giving a speech with President Barack Obama, union thug leader Jimmy Hoffa, Jr screamed "We’re ‘Army’ Against Tea Party; ‘Let’s Take These Sons of Bitches Out’."

This would be shocking if not for the fact that it's standard fair for the thugs who run and manage unions. It's not the rank and file, hell, most are union members simply because they live in slave states that force them to join a union in order to work. It's the cost of having a job. And not all unions are run by thugs, but the vast majority are, and the most powerful are joined to Obama at the hip.

We've all seen how Obama has stolen from shareholders of car companies, only to give it to the unions, and how his justice department has harassed non-union shops. This is crony capitalism at it's worst.

Today Sarah Palin addresses this by talking directly to union rank and file members, and reminding them thugs like Hoffa are living off their dues, without doing anything for them in return:

Welcome, Union Brothers and Sisters

In my speech on Saturday in Iowa, I said: "Between bailouts for Wall Street cronies and stimulus projects for union bosses’ security and ‘green energy’ giveaways, [Barack Obama] took care of his friends. And now they’re on course to raise a billion dollars for his re-election bid so that they can do it all over again." This was shamefully on display yesterday at President Obama’s taxpayer-funded campaign rally in Detroit. In introducing the President, Teamsters President James Hoffa represented precisely what I was talking about as he declared war on concerned independent Americans and on the freshman members we sent to Congress last November by saying, "Let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out!"

What I say now, I say as a proud former union member and the wife, daughter, and sister of union members. So, as a former card-carrying IBEW sister married to a proud former Laborers, IBEW, and later USW member, please hear me out. What I have to say is for the hard working, patriotic, selfless union brothers and sisters in Michigan and throughout our country: Please don’t be taken in by union bosses’ thuggery like Jim Hoffa represented yesterday. Union bosses like this do not have your best interests at heart. What they care about is their own power and re-electing their friend Barack Obama so he will take care of them to the detriment of everyone else.

To the same degree Americans are concerned about irresponsible, greedy corporate execs who got cushy bonuses from taxpayer-funded bailouts, we should also be concerned about greedy union bosses who are willing to tank our economy just to protect their own power. As union history shows, power and greed corrupt. Just because you claim to represent union members doesn’t mean you are on the side of the angels. The greed of too many of these union bosses has all but destroyed the labor movement in this country, helped chase away our jobs, and is killing the American dream.

To see where this leads, look at what’s happening to the working class in our industrialized cities. These cities are going to hell in a hand basket thanks to corruption, crony capitalism, and the union bosses’ greed. The union bosses derive their power from your union dues and their promise to deliver your votes to whichever politician they’re in bed with. They get their power from you, and yet their actions ultimately hurt you. They’re chasing American industry offshore by making outrageous, economically illogical demands that they know will never work. And now that they’ve chased jobs out of union states, they’re trying to chase them out of right-to-work states like South Carolina, so eventually the jobs will leave America altogether. But these union bosses will still figure out a way to keep their gig, and so will their politically aligned corporate friends. As long as these big corporations have a good crony capitalist in the White House, they can rely on DC to bail them out until the whole system goes bankrupt, which, I am afraid, is not very far off. When big government, big business, and big union bosses collude together, they get government to maximize their own interests against those of the rest of the country.

So, now these union bosses are desperately trying to cast the grassroots Tea Party Movement as being "against the workingman." How outrageously wrong this unapologetic Jim Hoffa is, for the people’s movement is the real movement for working class men and women. It’s rooted in real solidarity, and not special interests and corporate kickbacks. It represents the needed reform that will empower workers and job creators. We stand with the little guy against the corruption and influence peddling of those who collude to grease the wheels of government power.

This collusion is at the heart of Obama’s economic vision for America. In practice it is socialism for the very rich and the very poor, but a brutal form of capitalism for the rest of us. It is socialism for the very poor who are reduced to a degrading perpetual dependence on a near-bankrupt centralized government to provide their every need, while at the same time robbing them of that which brings fulfillment and success – the life-affirming pride that comes from taking responsibility for your own destiny and building a better life through self-initiative and work ethic. And Obama’s vision is socialism via crony capitalism for the very rich who continue to get bailouts, debt-ridden "stimulus" funds, and special favors that allow them to waive off or help draft the burdensome regulations that act as a boot on the neck to small business owners who don’t have the same friends in high places. And where does this collusion leave working class Americans and the small business owners who create 70% of the jobs in this country? Out in the cold. It’s you and your children who are left paying for the cronyism of Obama and our permanent political class in DC.

Ask yourself if the folks you heard demonize concerned, independent Americans yesterday really speak for the working class when they’re all too happy to burden your families with the bill to bail out the President’s friends on Wall Street.

We should not forget that for all his lofty rhetoric, President Obama is a Chicago politician. Graft, cronyism, and quid pro quo are the well-known methods of an infamous Chicago political machine, of which Barack Obama emerged. This corruption isn’t just the result of a few bad apples. It’s the nature of a skewed system that’s typical of one not allowing a level playing field. If one desires opportunity for all, then the only solution is sudden and relentless reform. I know of what I speak. I too served in public office in a state that had a corruption problem. The difference is that I fought the corrupt political machine. Barack Obama used the machine in his state to advance. He never challenged it. And he’s evidently brought the same Chicago "pay-to-play" practices to the White House.

It’s sad to see much of the labor movement fall lock step behind a President whom Hoffa calls upon to partner in "waging war" against patriotic Americans. I will never forget that as a governor, in trying to be a friend to the working men and women in our unions, I gave a speech on August 27, 2008, at the annual AFL-CIO meeting in Anchorage. There, union members humbled me with a standing ovation for fighting the corruption in Alaska and for bringing parties together for progress on energy development projects. Then just two days later I landed on the national stage as John McCain’s running mate, and the union leadership turned on me from that day forward even though I had not changed one iota in my plans, principles, vision, and commitment to jobs for working class Americans. The only difference was I was challenging the politician the union bosses were committed to electing. It was almost comical, this lesson learned with their new spots revealed so quickly.

Recently someone commented: "I’m a union member. I’ve been a Democrat all my life. Now I’ll vote for anyone with a plan to save America." I know what that person is feeling. I want all good union brothers and sisters to know that there is an alternative. The grassroots, independent Tea Party Movement articulates a real alternative rooted in free men and free markets, not the cronyism of Barack Obama and the permanent political class in DC. Their cronyism is why we have no job growth, massive unsustainable debt, and a housing market in the tank. Too many politicians are simply addressing the economic symptoms instead of fighting the underlying disease. The path forward is through reform. On Saturday, I outlined some ideas about that reform, and I will continue to do so.

In the meantime, good union brothers and sisters, don’t let Hoffa tell you what to do. He doesn’t represent the real interests of working men and women. He’s not doing you any favors. He’s just living off your paychecks.

~ Sarah Palin

Crony Capitalism is a huge problem in government and both parties practice it at both the federal and the state level. Heck, what am I saying, it's even done at the local level. This sort of corruption has permeated our society. We've come to take it for granted, which is wrong, wrong, wrong. When we have Presidents, and Governors working to enrich their big money supporters, at the expense of others, we have a serious problem.

Of course, just making the rich richer isn't the only thing a corrupt politician can do for their buddies. As Michele Malkin writes today, candidate Obama promised to end a federal probe into Teamsters Union corruption. President Obama made good on that promise.

This sort of thing is why the American economy is in a mess. Government picking winners and losers at every level is not only corrupt, and immoral, it goes against everything America stands for. Everything our founders fought and died for.

We must demand Liberty and Freedom for the working men and women. We must demand Liberty and Freedom for American business. Freedom from corrupt politicians and their union thug buddies. Freedom to work without having to pay someone for the privilege of doing so!

We must reform the way Americans work.

Here's a bit of video of Hoffa and how he operates: [H/T:]

We all remember how the purple shirted SEIU thugs attacked Kenneth Gladney in St Louis for simply being a Black man selling Tea Party stuff at a town hall event. This is who these people are.

We've been called terrorists, racists, and now sons-a-bitches, by some of the most violent elements of our society. Unions were built on violence and intimidation. Businesses that fought unions were violently attacked, and workers who wouldn't submit to union slavery were violently attacked.These unions are nothing more than government sanctioned organized crime.

We talk a lot about the Ruling Class in America. It's not just the permanent political class, it's union leadership and other special interest groups, that buy politicians off. This happens at every level of government. Local, state, and federal. It must be stopped. The American people must rise up and support sweeping reform.

One of the reasons we support Sarah Palin so strongly is the fact she has taken on corrupt politicians and crony capitalism since her very earliest days in public office. Twenty years ago she was going after her fellow Wasilla city council member over crony capitalism, she would do this throughout her time as a public servant.

The story of how she took on the entire corrupt Alaska Republican Establishment™ is well documented.

We need someone who will go after corruption no matter where or when they find it. Even if it's a friend who is engaged in the impropriety, like Sarah's friend, mentor, and fellow city council member Nick Carey was in Wasilla.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sarah Palin Runs Well In Iowa

Photo courtesy Greta Van Susteren

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin stopped by Storm Lake, Iowa Sunday morning and ran in the "Jump Right in and Run" half-marathon organized by the Storm Lake Running Club.

Greta posted the above photo earlier on her website.

Sarah ran as "Sarah Heath," her maiden name. The Des Moines Register gives us a copy of the finishing order. Sarah finished second in the Women's 40-49 class. Her time? 1 hour, 45 minutes for the 13.1-mile race.

Sarah tweeted thanks to Storm Lake for their hospitality:

Andrew Malcolm of the L.A. Times published this photo of Sarah and Iowans4Palin's "teledude" and his wife.

Read more from Andrew here.

As Sarah's supporters know, she is an avid runner, and her dad was a track coach. It's cool that she was able to slip in and compete at this event.

Sarah Palin in Iowa: The Defining Moment

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin showed us Saturday how she will run her presidential campaign. Just as she did in Alaska, Governor Palin will take on the establishment, in both parties. There is corruption and crony capitalism everywhere in government. The American people know this and want it stopped. This will be a winning message that will attract Americans from every walk of life.

Unlike other candidates for high office, Sarah has an actual record of fighting corruption that goes all of the way back to her earliest days in elected office. As a member of the Wasilla city council, she went up against Nick Carney, one of the people who recruited her to run for office. Carney a fellow council member, owned a waste disposal business, and wanted to create a new law that would have required residents of new sub-divisions to pay for weekly garbage removal, by his company. Sarah fought him hard on this and defeated his plan.

What she did to the "Corrupt Bastards Club" is legendary. She turned a highly corrupt Alaska Republican Party on it's ear. I look at what she did in Alaska as a dress rehersal for what she will do as President. This is why you see so many in the Republican Establishment™ doing everything possible to stop her from even running. They know Alaska was just a warm up, as well! They also know the current so-called front runner is the absolute king of crony capitalism and will not survive with Sarah Palin in the race.

Sarah's speech in Iowa was great. She laid out a solid outline for restoring America. Besides talking about the corruption that has consumed government at every level, she gave a very specific tax proposal. Eliminating corporate income taxes, as well as closing loopholes in other taxes is a solid plan. Corporations don't really pay taxes as it is, as they simply build that into the price of their goods and services, so it's the consumer who ultimately pays this tax. The benefits of eliminating this, along with draconian regulations, could see one of the biggest booms in manufacturing that we've seen since WWII.

Speaking at the Liberty and Freedom Foundation in San Jose, California, in October of 2010, Sarah elaborated on her plan, why it would attract business to America, and how it all makes sense.

Sarah also talks about energy security and how it would benefit our nation. Her plan to make America energy independent, would create millions of good, durable, high paying jobs. It would also make us more secure. She calls on us to use our God given natural resources, and to build new refineries to process them. This is bold and decisive.

She has been saying these things for years, well before she was chosen as John McCain's running mate in 2008. No other candidate knows the energy sector better than Sarah Palin, and our untapped resources are the key to America's future.

The weather in Iowa was bad, thunderstorms rolled through the area in the mornming, and until Sarah Palin took the stage, it was raining. Still a crowd of between 2000-3000, the largest, by far, of any political event this season in Iowa, witnessed the speech in person.

After her speech, Sarah joined the crowd, sining autographs and posing for pictures with her supporters.

There are several good write-ups about the event, all with the same basic theme: Sarah Palin fired a shot across the bow of the Ruling Class. Both parties are in deep trouble with Sarah Palin in the race. Check 'em out.

From John Nolte:

Root Causes: In Iowa, Sarah Palin Lays Out a Governing Philosophy that Should Worry Both Sides of the Aisle

From Jedediah Bila:

Sarah Palin rocks Iowa: ‘The status quo is no longer an option’

From Scott Conroy:

Palin Sends Shot Across GOP Field's Bow in Fiery Iowa Speech

Photos from the event:

More here.

There are some crowd shots here, here, and here.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hundreds Greet Sarah Palin At Local Iowa Restaurant Shouting "Run, Sarah, Run!"

Sarah Palin greets supporters at the Machine Shed restaurant in Urbandale tonight. [The Register/Andrea Melendez]

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah and Todd Palin made a surprise visit to the Conservatives4Palin meet-up in Urbandale, Iowa Friday night.

From Jennifer Jacobs of the Des Moines Register:

Crowd chants ‘run, Sarah, run’ as Palin arrives at Iowa restaurant

Minutes after Alaska’s Sarah Palin arrived at the Machine Shed Restaurant in Urbandale tonight, the crowd of a couple hundred started up a chant of "Run, Sarah, run!"

Palin beamed, then asked Iowans about themselves as she shook hands and posed for photographs.

The possible presidential candidate didn’t make a speech and left for her Des Moines hotel with her husband, Todd, about half an hour after she arrived.

When a reporter asked Palin what she thinks about the current GOP competitors, she answered: "Happy with the field of candidates. I always think that there’s room for more, though, because spirited debate and more competition will allow an even better discourse and more rigorous discourse that the public deserves."

The event at the suburban restaurant, popular for conservative political gatherings, was organized by a Conservatives4Palin, an online group created by Palin aide Rebecca Mansour. (Mansour wasn’t there, but two other staffers, Michael Glassner and Jason Recher were at her side.)

Peter Singleton, a California lawyer who has been living in Iowa on and off as he talks up a Palin presidency, led a campaign rally of sorts tonight.

"This is not about Sarah Palin," he told the listeners jammed shoulder to shoulder in a back room with a long line out the door. "This is not about any candidate. This is about us as a people. But we need a leader."

Singleton, a volunteer organizer with Organize4Palin, continued: "There is no one who has the political courage and the vision of this woman."

The audience whooped and cheered when Singleton said he believes she could become the 2012 GOP nominee – and that she could be Democratic President Barack Obama.

More, including photos and audio, here.

Scott Conroy from Real Clear Politics was there and among his tweets:

Observation of hardcore Palin supporters: they are YOUNG. A lot of 20-somethings here. Ya don't see that in Iowa GOP politics

There's a short video here. [H/T: Linda]

The joint was crowded and Stacy Drake tweeted this photo with the headline: "Help... I can't get in"

Conroy: Palin to Rip "Crony Capitalism" [Rick Perry] in Iowa Speech

By Gary P Jackson

It looks like Sarah Palin's speech Saturday will finally put an end to the notion that she will endorse Rick Perry!

Scott Conroy reports that her speech will take corruption head on. Specifically the sort of crony capitalism that both Rick Perry and Barack Obama trade in daily.

As I was writing about Perry's half million dollar payoff from AT&T, on Thursday, I couldn't help but think that Perry was the exact sort of corrupt politician she ran against, and defeated, in Alaska. She helped send many to prison, others, including the GOP party chair, paid massive fines.

Perry has some serious vulnerabilities here. It's not his only issue, as we are learning more and more about land deals that make the Obama/Rezko thing look legit. Look for a more in-depth report on this soon.

Conroy also reports Sarah will lay out some substantial policy initiatives in her speech. A true way forward.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Though she won't be a candidate when she delivers a major address at a tea party rally in Iowa on Saturday, Sarah Palin will make it clear that she if enters the presidential race later this month she will vociferously challenge Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s engrained image of solidarity with the tea party movement.

In her speech at the bucolic National Balloon Classic field in Indianola, Palin will lean on loaded phrases like "crony capitalism" and "permanent political class" in laying out her view of the U.S. political system’s deep-rooted ills, according to a source close to Palin and familiar with the content of the speech.

Though she will not call Perry out by name, Palin’s carefully couched rhetoric will leave the impression that she may soon draw more overt attention to one of the Texan’s potential vulnerabilities as a candidate: his history of doling out plum positions and other benefits to generous campaign donors during his nearly 11-year tenure as the nation’s longest serving governor.

"Part of what she’s going to be addressing is the frustration that many Americans feel that nothing gets done in Washington, D.C.," a Palin source told RealClearPolitics. "We know that we have a debt problem and that we need to rein in government waste, and yet nothing ever gets done. Why is that? What special interests are involved?"

Palin’s speech before what will likely be one of the largest crowds of the campaign season to date will come on the third anniversary of her 2008 Republican convention address in the Twin Cities, when she accepted the vice presidential nomination in an almost universally acclaimed speaking performance.

In another likely indication that she still has her sights set on a White House run, Palin will also tout her record as governor of Alaska, particularly in ushering in what an aide described as "sudden and relentless reform" to state government.

"She’ll also address her own record in the sense that she has fought the powers that be her entire career in taking on the political machine and a corrupt political class in her own state," the aide said.

Though she has lagged in third place in most recent national polls, Palin’s entry into the race would almost certainly turn the Republican field on its head and immediately alter the strategies of both Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney -- the two front-runners for the GOP nomination.

A Palin campaign would also threaten to further sap support for Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who has sought to position herself as the ideologically purest small-government contender in the contest but who has faded in the polls since winning the Ames Straw Poll last month.

In her speech Saturday, Palin will "more clearly" and "more boldly" offer policy prescriptions that she has laid out in Facebook posts over the past few months.

Read more here.

As we have always thought, Sarah will not only run against the democrats and Obama, but also the Republican Establishment™ just as Ronald Reagan did in 1980. This is the right message and will certainly resonate with Conservatives and independents. The need to clean house in Washington is strong.

BTW, this is why you see the Establishment™ pushing back so hard. In the last few days all sorts of stories have come out saying how terrible it would be if Sarah runs. Damned right it will be terrible! It'll be terrible for the corrupt Republican Establishment™, terrible for the other candidates, and terrible for Obama.

It will, however, be downright awesome for the American people!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

For $500,000! Rick Perry Backs AT&T Merger Plan With T-Mobile

By Gary P Jackson

More crony capitalism from Rick Perry, the finest Texas Governor money can buy. We've talked about the pay-for-play deal Perry and his people had with Merck with Gardasil, but this is a lot bigger and has deeper ramifications.

Perry wrote a letter endorsing the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile. Nothing inappropriate in that, until you learn AT&T's PAC has given Perry over $500,000 since he has been in office, according to the Texas Ethics Commission.

From the National Journal:

In the May 25 letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and the other commissioners, the GOP presidential candidate urged approval of the controversial megadeal on behalf of a home-state company. AT&T is headquartered in Dallas. T-Mobile is owned by a German telecommunications company.

"I believe that this merger will continue to provide for great consumer choice, offer a wide range of service options, and spur continued innovation," Perry wrote. "The future rests in wireless broadband, and the federal government's swift approval of the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile would send a strong signal to employers, consumers, and states that our federal government is serious about meeting the communication and technology needs of Texans and all Americans." Perry cited "the commitment of at least an additional $8 billion in private investment over seven years as a result of this merger" as a reason to support the deal.

On Wednesday, the Justice Department sued to block the merger. "We believe the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile would result in tens of millions of consumers all across the United States facing higher prices, fewer choices, and lower-quality products for their mobile wireless services," Deputy Attorney General James Cole said.

Over the past decade, AT&T’s political action committee has given Perry more than $500,000, according to the Texas Ethics Commission’s records. Those contributions already have Democrats on the offensive.

"This is just one more example of Rick Perry’s pay-to-play network that represents the same old type of lobbyist-first politics. He might try to pretend to be some outsider, but as his record continues to come to light, the American people will see right through his facade," said Ty Matsdorf, spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic opposition research organization.

Perry spokesman Mark Miner defended his boss's actions.

"AT&T is a highly regarded Texas-based company, creating thousands of good American jobs and providing critical communications services worldwide," Miner said in a statement to National Journal. "Gov. Perry believes the combination of the two telecom companies will be good for consumers, good for technology innovation, and good for American job creation."

Read more here.

Perry, as always spins this as "aw shucks, I was just tryin' to create some jobs." Yeah, jobs for his accountants.

This isn't an isolated incident. This is how Perry does business.

Glenn Garvin looks at Perry's record and compares him to Obama, in the way both try to use government to pick winners and losers:

The unfortunate fact is that Perry and Obama have a lot more in common than either would like to admit. They both think they’re smarter than the laws of economics and that they make wiser choices than markets do. And they both see taxpayer money as a giant trough for feeding their political pals. Perry is actually truthful about this, sort of. "I am a pro-business governor," he told Time magazine last week. "I will be a pro-business president." What he means is that he’s pro-certain-businesses, the ones run by his friends.

As governor of Texas, Perry controls hundreds of millions of dollars in state handouts to corporations for "job creation and economic development." Not surprisingly, it turns out that the funds are especially good at developing one particular sector of the Texas economy: Perry’s campaign funds.

The Texas Observer revealed earlier this year that of the 55 companies that have dipped into the $345 million Texas Enterprise Fund controlled by Perry, 20 have been have donated money either directly to Perry’s political campaign funds or to the Republican Governors Association, his Washington posse.

We’re not talking chump change: The Observer counted donations over $2 million. Meanwhile, The Dallas Morning News looked into the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, another of the taxpayer teats under Perry’s control, and found eight companies that received $16 million in subsidies who, totally coincidentally, donated $1.4 million to the governor’s campaign.

And Perry is not content to merely pick taxpayer pockets on behalf of his corporate friends; he’ll resort to strong-arm robbery when necessary. The biggest controversy of his decade in the governor’s mansion was an arrogant attempted land-grab called the Trans-Texas Corridor, a $185 billion system of super-highways for which the state would have had to acquire as much as a thousand square miles of territory.

To deal with troublesome property owners who didn’t want to sell, Perry persuaded the legislature to pass a new form of eminent domain known as "quick-claim," in which the state could have seized any land it wanted with just 90 days of notice, then "negotiate" the price later. The super-highway plan died in 2010 only because the federal government showed more concern for the rights of bugs and bunnies than Perry did for the property rights of his constituents, pulling the plug on its chunk of the budget out of environmental concerns.

President Obama’s enemies often refer to him as a socialist. But what he really has been practicing in Washington the past two and a half years is crony capitalism, using programs like TARP and the stimulus package to funnel trillions of dollars in swag to politically connected companies. The result has been an economy that barely rises to the level of narcolepsy in its best moments. Perry has been doing the same thing with a smaller budget in Austin, though the damage hasn’t been as great because he had the foresight to run for governor in a state floating on a lake of oil.

The only change we’ll get in Washington if he’s elected is to the names of the recipients of the corporate welfare checks.

For those not familiar with the Trans-Texas Corridor, that would have been one of the largest thefts of private land in history. Texans were angered like no time in recent memory. It was stopped, for now. The result of this fiasco saw Perry draw no less that 4 primary challengers in 2006, and several hard hitting independent challengers in the general election. Had one of those indies dropped out and threw their support to the other, Perry wouldn't be Governor today. As it was, Perry won re-election with 39% of the vote.

The TTC deserves more discussion and that will come. Meanwhile, for those that want more information, check out Corridor Watch's website here.

This is corruption, pure and simple. Perry talks a good line and is good at pretending to be a Conservative, but he is far from it. Between his pay-for-play schemes, and highly questionable real estate deals, Rick Perry has become quite wealthy while never really working at anything but a government job.

I don't care how you look at it, Rick Perry isn't much of an upgrade from Barack Obama. We can do so much better than this guy. We have to do much better than this guy. The nation can't survive much more corruption in public office, and Rick Perry is nothing more than more of the same.

America deserves better.