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The Best Video Of Sarah Palin's Speech In Pella, Iowa

By Gary P Jackson

There are several amateur videos of Sarah Palin's incredible heart felt speech after the screening of The Undefeated in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday night, but by far, this video by michellefron is the best quality.

I'm again stuck by the power Sarah brings to a speech. No notes, no teleprompters, just speaking from the heart.

It's also notable that she lets people know right away this movie isn't about her, but her entire team, as well as the American spirit, and what can be accomplished with a little hard work.

This is what real a real leader looks like. Someone with the right stuff.

There is also a great article about the videographer's experience at the event here. Make sure you check it out.

Sarah Palin Is Still The GOP's Biggest Star And Only Leader

By Gary P Jackson

Craig Robinson of The Iowa Republican has a great recap of the Pella. Iowa world premier of The Undefeated

Here are some excerpts:

Pella took center stage as Sarah Palin made a visit to the community of 10,000 to view a new documentary about her political life, "The Undefeated." Below are my thoughts about what took place there yesterday.

The Setting

The setting couldn’t have been more perfect. The City of Pella is worth a visit at any time of year, especially in the early spring when its millions of tulips are bloom. But even after the tulips are gone, the vibrant city known for its Dutch heritage still impresses those who stop in the southern Iowa town.

The heart of the city is populated with locally owned stores. There isn’t a big box store in sight of the downtown. Instead of cars being lined up at a Starbucks, people grab their coffee at Smokey Row. People travel from near and far to get Dutch letters and baked goods from the Jaarsma Bakery. If sweets and baked goods are not your forte, there is always Ulrich’s Meat Market.

Pella was the perfect setting to unveil the new Palin documentary, The Undefeated, because, in many ways, it could be said that the community of Pella is undefeated.

[ .... ]

The community, which has 2400 more registered Republicans than Democrats, embraced the movie premier and Palin visit. The day before her visit, the movie producer and other advance staff could be heard laughing throughout the downtown with public safety officials. As always, the community of Pella put its best foot forward as the spotlight shined upon its picturesque city.

The Movie

Last week, I talked to a member of the media who had seen a preview of "The Undefeated" and was unimpressed. Most of the complaints were technical in nature. They were also offended by the unrated version’s language that opens the movie. The movie begins showing the vicious attacks on Palin, most of them from the liberal elite from Hollywood. The version shown in Pella was lightly toned down with the offending curse words being bleeped out, but the effect of displaying the vitriol this woman faced, mostly just for the fact that she’s a conservative woman, was still shocking and a bit overwhelming to watch.

My initial thought while watching the movies was, where was this three years ago when Palin was on the Republican presidential ticket? The movie does an excellent job of telling the story of Palin’s political career, the odds she faced, the victories she achieved, and the price that she ultimately paid.

After watching the film, you come away with a better understanding of what Palin did in Alaska that thrust her into the national spotlight. The documentary showcases the victories she achieved in the first 20 months as governor. Then it shows how, after being demonized by the liberal left, she was no longer able to accomplish anything.

The Star: [emphasis mine]

Palin was amazing in Pella yesterday. As she and Todd made their way though various shops in the downtown area, onlookers would stop to say hello, ask to take a photo, or get an autograph. Palin took it all in stride. Even though she is a huge media sensation, she is somehow able to remain grounded. Nothing illustrated that more than the bug splattered Chevy Malibu that they drove to Pella.

The media couldn’t help but try and compare Palin to Michele Bachmann, who officially launched her presidential campaign on Monday. They both connect to people, and both have star power, but having seem them both in Iowa in the span of 24 hours, it’s clear that Palin will always be the original female GOP star. That’s not an insult toward Bachmann, but Palin’s star shines brighter.

I thought it was pretty remarkable that Palin, who is a national political phenomenon, came to this small Iowa town, strolled through the town square, watched a two-hour movie with 300 plus locals, and then spent several hours meeting people and shaking hands at the cook out that followed the movie premier. The people just flocked to her in Pella last night, and she handled it all with grace.

Palin must have posed for a thousand photographs last night. In addition, she also autographed hundreds of books, tickets, and even a baseball. While she could have left at any time, she patiently worked through the crowd until she hit the door of her car. The crowd loved her. Nobody went home disappointed.

Read more here.

This article hits the nail on the head. Sarah Palin has a rare quality that we will need to win in 2012. She's undeniably a media superstar. She can draw a crowd anywhere. She connects very well with people. And lets face it, if she's in town, she's the story, the media all but ignore other candidates, and even the President of the United States, if he's close by.

But there's more to Sarah Palin than that, she was also a superstar Governor. She had the highest approval rating of any Governor, and possibly any elected official, in the entire United States. She did this by working hard and getting things done. She took on corruption, including corruption among Republicans and Big Oil. She cut spending by record amounts. And she did it in good times, while her legislature was begging her to spend, spend, spend.

You know, we look at a few Governors out there today trying to cut spending, and get excited, but we must remember, these Governors have no choice. Their states are on the verge of bankruptcy. Alaska was flush with money, but Sarah foresaw a time when it wouldn't be. She was way ahead of the curve. Her insight left Alaska with a $12 billion surplus.

Sarah even cut her own staff, famously getting rid of the cook and other staff at the Governor's Mansion. She also refused a pay raise [taking her from $125,000 to earning $150,000 per year] the legislature approved for both her and the Lt. Governor. [who also refused] All-in-all, Sarah cut the executive office budget by $1 million, as compared to the previous two Governor's spending.

Sarah also got huge things done like ACES and AGIA. The former revamping the way Big Oil paid Alaska for the oil they take out of the ground, the latter putting in place the mechanism to create a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48, the largest construction project in North American history, and a 30 year dream of the Alaskan people.

Sarah got more significant things done in her time as Governor than most Governors and even most Presidents do in their entire careers.

You combine the media savvy of Sarah Palin with the abilities as the best Governor/CEO in the country and you have a winning package, not only for 2012, but for many decades to come.

You see, the thing Sarah Palin is able to do, that no other politician in the country can, including Obama, is excite people to the point of truly wanting to get involved. Those familiar with Organize4Palin, know that thousands of volunteers nationwide are building a ground game for 2012, just on the HOPE Sarah Palin will run for President. These aren't paid staffers. They are regular people who see a real leader and are willing to work hard to do anything to help her win.

But, there's more. Sarah Palin has a profound effect on young people, boys and girls. Witness Youth for Palin, a growing group of real patriots whose writing we're proud to feature here. These young women and men are excited about Liberty and Freedom. They will be the future leaders of our country.

As someone who still has great reverence for Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin really excites me in a way no other can. She is the embodiment of Reagan. We know she's studied Reagan since her youth. Now she's using her star power to get younger folks, who didn't have the pleasure of living when Reagan was President, to understand the principles he used to save America after the turbulent Carter years. She's also reminding the older folks as well.

Simply put, Sarah Palin is today's gold standard of Conservatism and leadership. She has the ability to not only revive the Reagan Revolution, but create her own as well. As great as Reagan was, I firmly believe Sarah Palin has what it takes to raise the bar even higher. Sarah's unique pioneer roots, as well as her natural ability as a CEO, give her something we only see once, maybe twice, in a lifetime.

Sarah Palin can connect with the common man, because she's one too. She can also stand with the world's great leaders because she is one of them, too. Few can claim this sort of power and ability. And Sarah has the charisma and star power to bring the nation with her as she works to fundamentally RESTORE the nation to it's founding principles.

I rarely trust politicians or put an ounce of faith in them. I trust Sarah Palin completely and have faith in her. I've been following Sarah's career since her earliest days as Governor. A lot has happened since then. I've never been disappointed in how she's handled whatever came her way. She's proven to have a certain ability to always do the right thing, even when it was incredibly hard.

Sarah has also proven, without a single doubt, that she is one of the best tacticians out there. She has a political savvy that not only wins elections, but also wins hearts and minds. She proved as Governor that she could get things done by working with the democrats, without having to compromise her principles. The last President we had who could do this was Ronald Reagan. Reagan got incredible things done with a democrat Congress. Sarah got incredible things done facing not only democrats, but a hostile Republican Party. [sending their buddies to prison helped that along]

With Sarah Palin as our nominee, not only will she beat Obama in a landslide, her coattails will be long. Sarah proved in 2010 she can deliver. We saw one of the biggest nationwide political re-alignments in our nation's history, and Sarah played a huge part in this.

There are a lot of democrat Senators up for re-election in 2012. With the leadership and star power Sarah has, we can win enough of those seats to have a strong Republican majority in Congress. With this majority, Sarah will be able to restore our nation. She will put us on a path of energy independence. Real energy independence. She'll put in policies that will grow our economy and create jobs. Good jobs. Durable jobs. Most importantly, she will slash spending like you have never though imaginable. She'll ride herd over wayward RINOs, and get a lot of democrats on board as well. Sarah won't be bashful cutting any and all wasteful spending.

Leadership in Washington is almost non-existent. You don't even have to take your shoes off to count how many real leaders are in our nation's capitol, and none of them are at the top. Leaders like Sarah Palin do not grow on trees. When they come along, it is our duty as Americans to see they are put in office. Sarah Palin is the key if we want to see America restored. No one else has what she brings to the table. No one has the mix of star power and natural ability to govern, and govern well.

This is Sarah Palin's time. This is our time too.

Order Your Tickets Now For "The Undefeated" Premier Near You

By Gary P Jackson

The Undefeated will make it's nationwide debut on July 15, to make sure you have a seat, order your tickets today. For a list of theaters, order information, and more, click here.

New Reagan Statue in Budapest Celebrates Fall Of Communism

ASSOCIATED PRESS Sculptor Istvan Mate puts some finishing touches on his statue of former President Ronald Reagan, which will be unveiled in Budapest on Wednesday. The bronze statue will stand in the city’s Freedom Square.

By Gary P Jackson

As we continue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth, and remember the positive impact we have world wide, her's yet another tribute to one of the most monumental accomplishments of Reagan's, the fall of the Soviet Union, and communism. as a major force.

From the Washington Times:

BUDAPEST — A larger-than-life (7 feet, 2 inches tall) bronze likeness of former President Ronald Reagan will stand in Freedom Square in this historic city - which he never visited, but which is the first in the former Eastern bloc to erect a statue in recognition of his role in dismantling the Soviet empire.

It will be unveiled by Prime Minister Victor Orban, leader of Hungary’s conservative government. The Hungarians, according to a recent government statement, "will always remember with gratitude the unchallengeable role played by the United States and President Reagan in bringing the Cold War to a conclusion, and for the fact that Hungary regained its sovereignty in the process."

The powerful work by Hungarian sculptor Istvan Mate captures the president in mid-stride, as though walking across Szabadsag (Freedom Square) to the Hungarian parliament a couple blocks away. Along with the issuance of Reagan commemorative stamps by the Hungarian post office, the statue marks the centennial of the 40th president’s birth. In Prague, the Czechs are naming a downtown street after him, but no statue.

Mr. Mate never met Reagan but he based his likeness on photos. The artist recently told the Associated Press that he had to work quickly to finish the statue in time. The commission came from the Orban government (with support from the California-based Reagan Foundation) after the center-right Fidesz party’s victory in the April 2010 election. The socialist government that had been in power for the previous eight years was hardly likely to have ordered such a tribute - particularly since there already is a bust of Reagan in Budapest, unveiled less than five years ago.

A large screen has been set up to show scenes from Reagan’s life during Wednesday’s unveiling, at which former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Edwin Meese, Reagan’s attorney general, were due to speak.

But some noted that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, who famously hailed the former communist satrapies as "the New Europe" for supporting the Iraq War (as opposed to "the Old Europe," which did not), was not on the list of U.S. guests.

A statue to Reagan in Budapest is likely to irritate the Russians, but there has been no comment out of Moscow. The Hungarians have a history of angering the Russians. There was the abortive uprising in 1956, of course, and after the Cold War the Hungarians and other East Europeans angered the Russians by the alacrity with which they joined NATO, the old enemy.

It is not lost on ordinary Hungarians that the Reagan statue will have a far less popular neighbor in the shape of a 40-foot-high obelisk commemorating Soviet troops who died in Hungary fighting the Nazis during World War II. The Hungarians would like it moved to a less prominent location, but that would deeply offend Russia.

The week’s schedule of events in Budapest requires a delicate choreography of U.S. high-level visitors because the day following the unveiling Ms. Rice’s successor will also be in town. In Budapest for talks with Mr. Orban, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is also expected to attend the opening Thursday of an institute of human rights named after the late Rep. Tom Lantos, a California Democrat who was born in Hungary.

Make sure you check out Madeleine McAulay's essay The Fight for Liberty, Democracy, and Freedom about Ronald Reagan and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Large Crowd In Minnesota For Bristol and Sarah Palin's Book Signing Tags: Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, America By Heart, Not Afraid Of Life, Mall of America, Mama Grizzlies By Gary P Jackson Fresh from the world Premier of The Undefeated in Pella, Iowa, Sarah Palin, Todd, and daughter Bristol were at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Bristol was there to sign copies of her new book Not Afraid of Life and as a bonus, Sarah was signing America by Heart as well. From The Republic:
BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Security is tight as Sarah Palin helps her daughter kick off a book tour at Mall of America. Both Bloomington police and mall security are on hand Wednesday as the former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate appears with Bristol Palin at a joint book-signing. Customers have to pass through a checkpoint before getting the two to sign copies of their latest books. The mall estimates about 1,500 people turned out and that the Palins did about 700 autographs. Bristol Palin's memoir, "Not Afraid of Life," came out last week and Wednesday is her first public event. Sarah Palin's "America by Heart" was released last fall. HarperCollins imprints published both books.
They have some great photos on their website. Click here to view. Right Speak has more photos and a bit of video here. Link: Iowa: The Republic: Right Speak: Large Crowd In Minnesota For Bristol and Sarah Palin's Book Signing Tags: Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, America By Heart, Not Afraid Of Life, Mall of America, Mama Grizzlies

By Gary P Jackson

Fresh from the world premier of The Undefeated in Pella, Iowa, Sarah Palin, Todd, and daughter Bristol were at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Bristol was there to sign copies of her new book Not Afraid of Life and as a bonus, Sarah was signing America by Heart as well.

From The Republic:

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Security is tight as Sarah Palin helps her daughter kick off a book tour at Mall of America.

Both Bloomington police and mall security are on hand Wednesday as the former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate appears with Bristol Palin at a joint book-signing.

Customers have to pass through a checkpoint before getting the two to sign copies of their latest books.

The mall estimates about 1,500 people turned out and that the Palins did about 700 autographs.

Bristol Palin's memoir, "Not Afraid of Life," came out last week and Wednesday is her first public event. Sarah Palin's "America by Heart" was released last fall. HarperCollins imprints published both books.

They have some great photos on their website. Click here to view.

Right Speak has more photos and a bit of video here.

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Sarah Palin In Iowa

When the history of the Tea Party is written, what you accomplished will not be forgotten. We will take courage and we will take back our country. It starts here in Madison, Wisconsin!…President Obama, Game on!

~ Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

Tuesday was a historic day in Pella, Iowa. Our likely next President of the United States, and her "First Dude" were in town for the world premier of the new movie: The Undefeated that looks to tell the story many people don't know, and set the record straight for those that only know Sarah Palin from the lies told to them by the lamestream media.

Though we weren't able to personally attend, there is some great coverage of the event, which I'd like to run down for you. This world premier event received international attention, knocking President Obama's same day visit Iowa off the front pages. More people were in Pella for the movie premier than were in Davenport to see Obama. Same goes for the event held in Waterloo the day before.

For those who are still wondering whether Sarah Palin is really going to run for President or is just going to sit this one out, as you read further, I think you'll get your answer.

Let's start off with a few photos from Politicons:

Though the film's director, Stephen Bannon purposely passed over the establishment politicos, in favor of inviting regular people to the event, Sarah and Todd did have lunch at the Panera Bread Store with long-time Iowa fundraiser Becky Beach [and her dog Jake] and Moe Sinclair, who owns the Panera stores in Iowa and other surrounding states.

Becky Beach is a behind-the-scenes operative with longstanding ties to the Bush family. She also is the granddaughter of former Republican National Committee Chairwoman Mary Louise Smith, and was a key aide to Ankeny lawyer Jeff Lamberti’s 2006 congressional campaign. She is often tapped for key projects for the Iowa Republican Party.

Moe Sinclair the successful owner of Panera Bread of Iowa, was recently named Panera Bread LLC's top franchisee.

Sarah looked stunning in jeans.

The huge crowd gathered early.

Sarah was surrounded by supporters.

There are many more photos, as well as some running commentary here.

Andrew Breitbart tweeted this morning:

1st time I spent time w Palins last night. Divide between real @SarahPalinUSA & media's distorted persona is more grotesque than I thought.

Scott Conroy from Real Clear Politics is the go to guy lately, if you want Twitter updates from Palin events. He is a good journalist and treats the Governor fair.

Here's a sampling of what he had to say:

Craig Robinson: the people Palin will be mingling with in IA today "are quite important"

Presented without comment

Palin: "I told Bristol what we talk about on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat." [talking about Bristol's comment on Fox & Friends ... Gary]

Asked Palin what her commitment would be to to Iowa process if she runs. "110 percent" she said.

Palin: film is "great illustration of what it is that you can accomplish as a team, a bipartisan approach..."

Palin: folks who moved to IA to organize for her are "greatly appreciated." Says she's not worried about missing the boat

Palin team isn't directly reaching out to Iowa bigwigs but they're definitely using indirect methods to plant seeds here

I gave Palin chance to tell the organize4palin folks to stop & go home, instead she encouraged them. Would be odd if shes decided not to run

You can Follow Scott on Twitter here.

The last few tweets from Conroy tell the tale. As most of Sarah's supporters know, Californian Pete Singleton so believes in Sarah Palin, that he's basically moved to Iowa and has been creating one hell of a ground game. Singleton is part of Karen Allen's Organize4Palin a strong grass root volunteer organization that is setting up chapters in all 50 states. You can join the group here and help make history. 

Many of the lamestream media were shocked to find out just how strong Sarah's ground game in Iowa is.

Nico Hines tweeted these nuggets:

Everyone here's doing their damnedest to make Palin run. Patriotic songs, pleading and even prayer. Lotta whooping. Hasn't even started...

Whether she is orchestrating it or not, there is also a sizeable, organised grassroots Palin volunteer movement already in place across Iowa

Team Palin held discussions tonight with the Iowa Tea Party over organising a united bus tour #she'llbeback

To sum up, Sarah is thanking the Singleton and Organize4Palin for their hard work, when asked is certainly not telling them to stop, and is looking at putting together a joint Sarah Palin/Iowa Tea Party bus tour.

Here's a taste of what others have to say about the event, with links:

Iowan Shane Vander Hart was at the premier and has a great review and some video here

John Nolte writes in Big Hollywood: Palin Said After ‘The Undefeated’ Ended: ‘Man, we’re gonna go down fighting!’

John also has: Palin Quotes From ‘The Undefeated’ Premiere On Vicious Celeb Attacks, MSM

Steve Woodhouse of the Knoxville Journal-Express: Most found Palin film educational

Even Joshua Green from the far left Atlantic writes Palin Dazzles Pella and ends his report with:

Palin appears to have come to Pella primarily to support Bannon's film and cheer on her supporters. She didn't drop any overt hints about the presidency that I picked up on, besides pledging to devote "110 percent" to Iowa if she did run. Even so, crowd members kept approaching her and urging her to run, and after seeing the film, those feelings seemed only to intensify. There can be little doubt that if she does decide to run, Palin won't lack for committed Iowans. Several that I spoke to were skipping the barbecue to attend Tea Party caucus training sessions.

One of them, Craig Bergman, a burly, cowboy-hatted gentleman from Des Moines, was plainly inspired by what he saw. He sought out Palin's aide, Rebecca Mansour, and, grinning widely, exclaimed, "Now all she has to do is run!" I asked if he thought she would. "Look, there has never been a weaker field," he told me. "If she doesn't run, we're going to nominate one of the three stooges--Romney, Pawlenty, or Perry--and they're going to lose to Obama. That will ruin the party." The people around us nodded in agreement. I departed thinking that if Palin gets in, she'll have many energetic supporters--and that if she doesn't, she'll draw one heck of a backlash.

Bergman is right, we have an incredibly weak field of candidates, so far. I personally feel Sarah Palin will whip Obama like a rented mule come November 2012. I think she could win bigger than Ronald Reagan did against Jimmy Carter in 1980. Reagan won 44 states to Carter's 6.

Victory Films has: A grumpy reporter changes her mind:

It was silly, really. After spending all day on the road to cover President Obama in Davenport, the last thing I really wanted to do was join the paparazzi for some celebrity-gazing. But I couldn’t resist. And I’m glad I came, because it was fun to see the local folks enjoying the spectacle.

Sherri Jorgensen, 38, of Pella, a mother of five, was one of those. "That was awesome!" she said, as Palin passed by.

"I just think she’s beautiful, with strong convictions, and just holds herself well. I just look up to her as a mother and as a politician," Jorgensen said.

Jorgensen said she’d love to see Palin run for president, but she doesn’t think she will. "I think she’s in a beautiful spot in her career, where she is now. I think she has time" to run in the future.

Craig Bergman, who has been traveling with the Iowa Tea Party bus tour, said he’s sure she’s going to run. Before seeing the movie, he said, Palin was his No. 2 choice after Ron Paul. After the movie, he said, "She’s my No. 1."

The Iowa event is a game changer. As the movie picks up momentum after it's July 15 national release, and millions of Americans get to see the real Sarah Palin, and learn of her incredible record as a leader, the other candidates are going to become insignificant, and that includes our current President.

We've heard a lot of reports saying than many members in the Pella Opera House audience that walked in not supporting Sarah Palin, walked out as strong supporters. It's simply amazing what the truth will do.

If you want a copy of The Undefeated for your home library, you're in luck. SarahPAC is offering the early-release version of the DVD with a donation of $100 or more. Details here.

As Sarah Palin said on that cold day in Wisconsin: "Game On!"

Bristol Palin: Michele Bachmann 'Dresses a Lot Like My Mom'

By Gary P Jackson

Bristol Palin, on promotional tour for her new book: Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far had some thoughts on Michele Bachmann:

Bristol is more than happy to reveal what she thinks about someone who has announced they are running, Michele Bachmann, who Bristol believes has stolen her mom's look!

"I think she dresses a lot like my mom," Bristol tells me. "But a lot, a lot of women have done that the last few years. I do think it's odd, you know, seeing people with red blazers with their hair up with glasses."

Bristol added a giggle before continuing her thought about Bachmann, a Congresswoman from Minnesota. "I don't know if she's wearing glasses but you want to be hummmm, do you think that people don't notice you're dressing like my mom?"

Discuss ....

Video: Governor Sarah Palin Addresses Crowd After Movie Debut

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin gave an impromptu speech after the premier of the new movie The Undefeated in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday evening.

If you notice, unlike certain politicians, including some potential GOP nominees, Sarah never uses "I" when talking about the accomplishments she achieved. She says "we" and emphasizes it was a team effort.

Sarah even goes so far as to say the movie itself isn't about her, but about the American spirit.

After listening to both Obama and a certain Congressperson use "I" and "me" ad nauseum when they speak, this is quite refreshing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is Michele Bachmann As Dumb Joe Biden? We Report You Decide

By Gary P Jackson

I was amazed to see the number of people who came to Michele Bachmann's aid on Monday, after she booted where one of Iowa's most favorite son's, actor John Wayne, was born. [the John Wayne Waterloo, Iowa is known for is serial killer John Wayne Gacy] What was even more insane was Team Bachmann's response that Wayne's parents met and were married in Waterloo, so OF COURSE, John Wayne is from Waterloo. Never mind his parents left town soon after marrying, and John [real name Marion Morrison] was born in Winterset, Iowa. I don't care what sort of pretzel logic one uses, John Wayne, cinema hero was NOT born in Waterloo, Iowa, or anywhere near it.

The reason I was amazed at some of those who were so quick to jump to Bachmann's aid, are the same sort that pile on when other candidates are accused of misspeaking, even when the accusers are proven wrong, and the candidate right.

Now look, this one incident does not a gaffe machine make, but one must remember, Monday was the day Bachmann "officially" announced her presidential run. [after "officially" announcing on CNN] This is one of the most important day in any politician's career. You'd think they'd get little details, like where one of the most famous actors in history was born.

Not sure if Bachmann herself prepared her talking points or staff did it for her, but someone needs to sharpen up.Problem is, Bachmann is know for saying things that just aren't true.

One curious claim by Bachmann sounds more like something Code Pink, or the other anti-war loons would say. In May, on Fox News Sunday Bachmann told Chris Wallace NATO had killed as many 30,000 Libyans with their air strikes.

The Minnesota congresswoman told Fox News' Chris Wallace that NATO airstrikes had killed up to 30,000 civilians in the country.

"People should be outraged at the foolishness of the president's decision," she said. "He said he wanted to go in for humanitarian purposes and overnight we are hearing that potentially 10 to 30,000 people could have been killed in the strike. Those are some of the reports."

"The NATO strikes killed 10,000 to 30,000 people?" an incredulous Wallace asked.

"A report that came out last night from the Tripoli ambassador said that potentially there could be 10,000 to 30,000," Bachmann insisted.

"You mean the Libyans?" Wallace pressed.

"Yes," Bachmann replied.

Later on the show, Wallace said:

I just want to clear up, because we looked into what Michele Bachmann had been saying. She quoted the U.S. ambassador to Libya saying 30,000 people had been killed in the NATO strike so far. In fact, what Ambassador Gene Cretz said is that he estimated that 30,000 people had been killed by all sides in the entire conflict. That includes the rebels and the Gaddafi forces. So big difference.

This is a big deal. The sort of thing a potential president must be able to get right.

Now no one is perfect, and absolutely everyone who spends any time talking will misspeak from time to time. Everyone. Thing is, Bachmann seems to make it a habit of getting facts wrong. She seems to have a real problem with historical facts.

A few months back Bachmann was in New Hampshire trying to drum up support for a presidential run and let this fly:

Clutching a tea bag in her hand, she told a group of students and conservative activists in Manchester, New Hampshire: ‘You're the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord.’

Never mind this pivotal even in history happened in Concord, MASSACHUSETTS.

Michele has taken to claiming she's the "leader" of the Tea Party movement, and since the original Boston Tea Party started the whole revolution thing, you'd think she's know at least a slight bit of it's history. Especially the big stuff.

Again, this is a small gaffe, in the grand scheme of things, but we've been looking and there is definitely a pattern of Michele Bachmann opening her mouth and random nuttiness coming out of it.

In fact, we found one that is Joe Biden level dumb. To refresh your memory, Remember when Joe Biden was being interviewed by Katy Couric and claimed that FDR went on television and calmed the nation after the stock market crashed in 1929? Never mind Herbert Hoover was President, FDR was Governor of New York [and 3 years away from taking the Office as President] or the fact the first commercial TV license wasn't granted until 1941.

Well, it seems Bachmann doesn't know her early 20th century history either. Back in April of 2009 Bachmann was talking about free markets vs raising taxes. She correctly credit's Calvin Coolidge for overcoming what history now shows us was a worse depression than FDR inherited. History also shows FDR policies made it much worse, kind of like what Obama is doing now.

Problem is, she started railing on "Hoot-Smalley" as bad legislation, and laying it on FDR's doorstep. Now look, I'll give Bachmann a pass on "Hoot-Smalley" because again, if one says enough stuff, at some point they'll say something wrong. But that's not the problem.

Smoot-Hawley better known as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act was horrible legislation that did nothing but isolate America at a time free trade was needed. It was designed to protect the price of American products, especially produce, but ended up starting a trade war that saw foreign countries enact tariffs of their own, that punished America. These tariffs helped turn another bad recession into what we now call The Great Depression.

The legislation was a complete disaster and was soon overridden by even more legislation to counter-act.

Now I know this seems like such stupid legislation it MUST have been created by a democrat, but it wasn't. It's actually more in line with the sort of nonsense people like Ron Paul and Donald Trump have been advocating lately. Two cats who claim to be Republicans.

In fact, the the 1930 tariff act was co-authored by Republicans Sen. Reed Smoot of Utah and Rep. Willis Hawley of Oregon, and signed into law by Republican President Herbert Hoover, in 1930. FDR took Office as president in March of 1933.

I know some will be jumping on me for daring to bring this up, but it's important people know exactly who Michele Bachmann is now, before we start picking a nominee. Anyone who is paying attention knows that all of a sudden Bachmann has become a darling for some on the left, and even the most far left "journalists" are writing glowing stories on how Bachmann may be "the one." That's because they have hundreds of these sort of real gaffes ready to trot out if she's our nominee.

They also have a whole lot of serious issues that all Americans will be concerned with. Things we'll be touching on ourselves as time goes by.

Again, everyone misspeaks from time to time, but Bachmann has a habit of not even getting the basic facts right, and it's not a new phenomenon. Bachmann also brags about being a lawyer. A tax attorney, in fact. She likes to let people know she's "smart." I don't expect my President to be perfect, or a genius, but I do expect them to rise above the level of Joe Biden!

If Bachmann can't be bothered to the facts right when giving speeches and interviews, how can she be trusted with the keys to the Oval Office? It's becoming quite obvious that neither Bachmann, nor her staff are ready for prime time.

This is why we generally choose Governors to become Presidents. It pays to have actual experience before taking on the most important political job in the world. Some basic knowledge of important history, as well as current facts, isn't too much to ask for either.

America deserves better than Bachmann. 

Bristol Palin: Mom "Definitely Knows" If She Is Running Or Not

By Gary P Jackson

Bristol Palin was on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning talking about her new book Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far when she's asked the question:

BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX & FRIENDS: "Do you get the sense that your mom has not made up her mind yet or do you think she knows and hasn't told told?"

BRISTOL PALIN: "You know, she definitely knows. We've talked about it before. Some things just need to stay in the family."

She's also asked if she wants her mother to run, and Bristol gives a very enthusiastic yes. What Bristol says in this part of the interview pretty much gives away the answer to the question.

Bristol and her mother will be in Minnesota on Wednesday at the Mall of America, where Bristol will be signing copies of her new book.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachmann Promises To Mimic The Spirit Of A Serial Killer?

By Gary P Jackson

I've heard some saying it was a tad unfair for Chris Wallace to have asked Michele Bachmann if she was a "flake" on Fox News Sunday. [something Wallace has since apologized for, but Bachmann has refused to accept] Anyhow, after reading this, and knowing Bachmann's actual record, you might just tend to think Wallace's question was appropriate.

The Washington Times reports Bachmann [hopefully] got her John Waynes mixed up today when she once again announced she was running for President, in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa. In an interview, Bachmann promises to mimic the spirit of " Waterloo's John Wayne"

The problem with that is "Waterloo's John Wayne" is serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Seriously, you can't make this up!

We all think [hope?] she meant the other John Wayne, born Marion Robert Morrison, in Winterset, Iowa. That said, it still shows someone isn't paying attention to the details, be it her handlers, her speech writers, or Bachmann herself. Not exactly confidence inspiring.

From the Times:

Rep. Michele Bachmann kicked off her presidential campaign on Monday in Waterloo, Iowa, and in one interview surrounding the official event she promised to mimic the spirit of Waterloo's own John Wayne.

The only problem, as one eagle-eyed reader notes: Waterloo's John Wayne was not the beloved movie star, but rather John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer.

Mrs. Bachmann grew up in Waterloo, and used the town as the backdrop for her campaign announcement, where she told Fox News: "Well what I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That's the kind of spirit that I have, too."

[ .... ]

John Wayne, the movie legend, is in fact from Iowa and the John Wayne birthplace is a celebrated landmark — only it's in Winterset, which is a nearly three hour drive away from Waterloo.

Gacy, though, had his first taste of the criminal life in Waterloo, where he lived for a short time, and where he had his first criminal conviction for an attempted homosexual assault, which landed him in prison for 18 months.

Here's video of the interview:

Again, if you can't get the basics right .........


Michael Moriarty: Sarah Palin IS America

Michael Moriarty writes in Big Hollywood:

America is, as they say, "on" to the slick exterior of Barack Obama. Sarah is even beyond a breath of fresh air to the rancid, smelly corruptions going on in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

I don’t see how the Republican Party can live without her!

I don’t see how America can survive without her!!

"And if she doesn’t run?"

Obama will be reelected. He’s the new Jimmy Carter and without a Ronald Reagan Carter would have been back in office.

"So Palin is the new Reagan?"

Better than a new Reagan. She’s the complete symbol of pro-life. Nothing less will put the United States back on track. She doesn’t talk pro-life. She and Trig are the very meaning of pro-life.

In the same way, she doesn’t talk the renewal of basic American values. She is America.

Are Americans really as "stupid" as Bill Maher says they are?

If so, then they all must, at heart, be as "stupid" as the elitist press of both the Republican and Democratic Parties say Sarah Palin is.

If the "stupid" American people see enough of themselves in Sarah Palin, they will, indeed, put her into office.

Ms. Palin is here! She’s the profoundest of quintessentially American realities! To not elect her is for America to sell not only herself out but the rest of the world as well.

To not elect her is to not know America’s greatest enemy and that enemy can be summed up in two words: the Obama Nation.

Lincoln predicted that America would not be destroyed by a foreign power. If she dies, it will be by suicide.

Sarah is the only life raft America has right now. Any other candidate for the Republican Party, Romney in particular, will eventually be in the back room cutting deals with a virulently Progressive Democratic Party, a radically Leftist’s poison that has, with Obama, proven its own promise: "the fundamental transformation of the United States of America."

After four years of Obama, the Dr. Jeckyll of America has already become Mr. Hyde. This radical experiment with a known Marxist in the Presidency?


Read more here.

Tea Party To Romney: No Thanks!

While I whole-heartedly discourage this sort of thought, because just getting rid of Obama will fix nothing, especially if we replace him with an establishment Republican, there are a lot of "anybody but Obama" people out there, including some in the Tea Party. That said, as much as everyone wants Obama gone, it seems for Tea Party leadership, Mitt Romney is a bridge too far:

"I honestly don’t know whether the movement will perform well" in the presidential election, said Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, a national coalition of local groups. "I don’t think anybody is looking for a third party candidate, but anybody who would count out that possibility, I just think is ignorant."…

Some take issue with Romney’s vacillation on social issues like gay rights and abortion. But the biggest tea party knocks on Romney are his position that global warming merits action to curb heat-trapping emissions, and especially his role in enacting a Massachusetts state healthcare overhaul.

"There are certain issues that are so fundamental to tea party values that you really can’t be on the other side of, and Romney is, and that’s the problem that Jon Huntsman will have," Kibbe said, signaling likely tea party opposition to the former Utah governor…

"There’s no chance that we’re all going to unite," said Stockton, who also has worked with the Tea Party Express. "Anytime that you have strong personalities with all of these differing groups, I’m not holding my breath to see them all get along and play nice. However, I would fully expect that whoever the nominee is – as long as it’s not Romney – that everybody will probably end up being on the same page."

Read more here.

The other problem with Romney is the fact he's a human windsock and can never be trusted. He blows with the prevailing winds. The man has no core values, except that he will pander to any group he thinks he has to, even if it means stabbing the group he previously pandered to on the same issue right in the back!

For more on that, try here and here.

TSA Thugs Force 95 Year Old Cancer Patient To Remove Adult Diaper During Search

As you read this, remember the decision in Roe v Wade wasn't REALLY about abortion, but upholding the argument that every American has a right to privacy.

From the Panama City, Florida News Herald:

A woman has filed a complaint with federal authorities over how her elderly mother was treated at Northwest Florida Regional Airport last weekend.

Jean Weber of Destin filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security after her 95-year-old mother was detained and extensively searched last Saturday while trying to board a plane to fly to Michigan to be with family members during the final stages of her battle with leukemia.

Her mother, who was in a wheelchair, was asked to remove an adult diaper in order to complete a pat-down search.

"It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil," Weber said Friday. "Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this."

Sari Koshetz, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration in Miami, said she could not comment on specific cases to protect the privacy of those involved.

"The TSA works with passengers to resolve any security alarms in a respectful and sensitive manner," she said.

Weber’s mother entered the airport’s security checkpoint in a wheelchair because she was not stable enough to walk through, Weber said.

Wheelchairs trigger certain protocols, including pat-downs and possible swabbing for explosives, Koshetz said.

"During any part of the process, if there is an alarm, then we have to resolve that alarm," she said.

Weber said she did not know whether her mother had triggered an alarm during the 45 minutes they were detained.

She said her mother was first pulled aside into a glass-partitioned area and patted down. Then she was taken to another room to protect her privacy during a more extensive search, Weber said.

Weber said she sat outside the room during the search.

She said security personnel then came out and told her they would need for her mother to remove her Depends diaper because it was soiled and was impeding their search.

Weber wheeled her mother into a bathroom, removed her diaper and returned. Her mother did not have another clean diaper with her, Weber said.

Weber said she wished there were less invasive search methods for an elderly person who is unable to walk through security gates.

"I don’t understand why they have to put them through that kind of procedure," she said.

Koshetz said the procedures are the same for everyone to ensure national security.

"TSA cannot exempt any group from screening because we know from intelligence that there are terrorists out there that would then exploit that vulnerability," she said.

Weber filed a complaint through Northwest Florida Regional’s website. She said she received a response from a Homeland Security representative at the airport on Tuesday and spoke to that person on the phone Wednesday.

The representative told her that personnel had followed procedures during the search, Weber said.

"Then I thought, if you’re just following rules and regulations, then the rules and regulations need to be changed," she said.

Weber said she plans to file additional complaints next week.

"I’m not one to make waves, but dadgummit, this is wrong. People need to know. Next time it could be you."

This is why Texas is again looking at creating legislation that would make it illegal for the TSA zealots to treat a human being this way. It's despicable. We KNOW who the potential terrorists are, and they aren't 95 year old ladies dying with cancer, or infants!

Not trying to make light of this, but who would have ever guessed the Zucker Brothers were so ahead of their time!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sarah Palin: That Uncontrollable Woman

The Sarah Palin saga continues with her making stuffed shirt politicians look like the Keystone Cops. ~Wild Bill

Former United States Marine and Deputy U.S. Marshall now Tea Party Member Wild Bill gives us some straight talk about Sarah Palin. Of course, he's right. The "Good Old Boys" in the Republican Party thought they had someone who would go along with their nonsense. Too stupid to do the research and learn that Sarah Palin is a team player, but only when that team is on the right track.

When she came up against a whole group of corrupt Republicans in Alaska, Sarah didn't "go-along-to-get-along." Instead, Sarah made sure these "corrupt bastards," as they called themselves, were run from government. Some went to prison, other faced severe financial penalties.

As Wild Bill notes, the democrats knew this from the start, and with the help of their media partners, have worked 24/7 trying to stop her. Now the GOP establishment hacks, and the management at Fox News, having finally figured out Sarah Palin is a leader, not a follower, and a woman of great integrity, have decided to join in with the left to try and stop her.

The democrats [and their media partners] as well as the GOP and Fox are about to find out why they say Alaska is littered with the bodies of those who have tangled with Sarah Palin!

H/T Jane Gault.

Obama Phones Medal of Honor Recipient's Father and Apologizes

By Gary P Jackson

Credit where credit's due. As you know, Barack Obama made a horrific mistake while visiting Ft. Drum on Thursday. Obama called the father of Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. 1st Class Jared Monti, Paul Monti, and apologized. That sort of thing isn't easy to do. It's a credit to Obama, and his staff that they recognized just how egregious of a mistake that was made.

From ABC News:

On his Facebook page this evening, Monti’s father, Paul, posted: "FYI- President Barack Obama telephoned me personally this afternoon to apologize for his error in his speech to the 10th mountain division re: Jared’s medal ceremony. Apology accepted."

Paul Monti talks about his son, and how he gave his last full measure of devotion:

"It was the right thing to do." Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti is the first Soldier and the second servicemember to be awarded the Medal of Honor from Operation Enduring Freedom.

Learn more about Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti here.

Idiocy: Chicago's Police Superintendent Blames Sarah Palin For City's Gun Violence

McCarthy was acting in his official capacity as Police superintendent, the citizens of Chicago have a right to hear and see what was said.

By Gary P Jackson

This is Rahm Emanuel's choice for Chicago's top cop. Notice he is in Marxist Father Pfleger's "church" Pfleger, a communist, is running buddies with Barack Obama's preacher, Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright. A real upstanding group of Chicago leaders this bunch.

Anyhow, this loon McCarthy goes on and on about gun violence in Chicago, and of course brings race into. He shouts about slavery, Jim Crow, and government sponsored racism. Kind of ironic since everything McCarthy is bitching about was sanctioned by the democrat party! Remember, it was Woodrow Wilson who decided the military and government offices should segregated again, after years of desegregation.

It always pisses me off to hear these self-righteous losers decry the very policies they put in place, then blame it on someone else. The only thing that makes me madder is the voters who fall for this nonsense.

Fact is, Chicago is one of the most corrupt, crime-cities on earth. It's a violent place where the gangs are in control. One would be in no more danger walking the streets of Kabul, or Tehran wrapped in an American flag, than in some parts of Chicago.

This McCarthy character goes on and on about guns, and yet, Chicago has some of the strictest gun ownership laws in the nation. Unconstitutional, in fact. Chicago's laws were so draconian the United States Supreme Court intervened.

The problem with Chicago isn't guns, it's who has the guns. Liberals don't want people to have guns, because they understand why our founders wanted our God given rights to own guns protected. and it doesn't have anything to do with hunting, or even self protection. By trying to usurp Chicagoan's God given rights, and making it all but impossible for law abiding citizens to own guns, the criminal element is allowed to roam wild, free of worry about being confronted by an armed resistance.

Still, McCarthy would never take responsibility for this, so he instead, he tells the crowd at this Marxist Klan meeting that it's not his fault, nor the fault of his failed ideology. Nope, it's all Sarah Palin's fault. More specifically, it's Sarah Palin's Alaska's fault! Oh yeah, you see Sarah shot a caribou in an episode of her travel adventure series, and talked about the 2nd Amendment, so it's CLEARLY her fault a bunch of liberals living in a liberal city, inside a liberal state, are clueless on how to control violence within their own borders.

This man McCarthy is disgusting. But you know what, as long as voters in places like Chicago keep voting for bottom feeding Marxists, they'll get the government they deserve.

Elizabeth Hawkes: Sarah Palin - My choice for our next President of the United States

My name is Elizabeth Hawkes and I am a forty-nine year old retired civil engineer and married, born again, Christian woman. I presently reside in Port Saint Lucie, Florida with my handsome husband, Gregory. Sarah Palin has stolen my patriotic heart because we both share a love for country and down-home American values and I am pleased to write this essay as a tribute to the next and first female American president.

Sarah Palin was thrust onto the world's stage as America's foremost political newcomer in 2008 and despite an ever present glaring spotlight seemingly cutting to the marrow for both her public persona and private affairs, I was drawn to her by simply listening to the truth her words conveyed. She spoke of reducing the size of government, the pride in her country and of fidelity to America's continued fight for freedom and liberty.

Now, more than two years later, Sarah Palin continues the fight by speaking out against government mandated health care, abortion on demand, gun control that would strip us of our Second Amendment Bill of Rights, and out of control spending in Washington. For me, Sarah Palin embodies strength of character, grace under pressure and dignity that has elevated her above her accusers; only tarnishing themselves in their relentless attempts to malign her professional record and personal integrity. Despite what some in the main stream media would have us believe, Sarah Palin is a Godly, honest woman only interested in reducing Big Government and restoring our country to the principles on which our great nation was founded.

I believe Sarah Palin should run for President of the United States because she is the only real candidate that both the Tea Party and independent conservative patriots can wholeheartedly support for the 2012 election thus avoiding the uncomfortable and unjustly compromising position of having to support, without recourse, a second choice and less viable GOP establishment liberal. Sarah Palin possess not only experience and an untarnished background but, as a legislator, has earned the trust of her constituents in Alaska and all constitutional social conservatives across our great land. Sarah Palin is truly the people's choice and the only candidate who possess the qualifications and knowledge to beat an incumbent democrat president.

God bless Sarah Palin and The United States Of America.

Anna Marie Barone Reviews "The Undefeated"

Last night I watched the film "The Undefeated" in New York City and I was in awe after the screening.

It was great that Tammy Bruce was there as was Jedediah Bila. Jedediah in particular was so passionate about Governor Palin and it showed -most notably in a speech she gave before the movie aired. Tammy Bruce also spoke before the movie and gave her opinion that Governor Palin is running for president.

After the movie, she asked the audience if we had any doubts about Governor Palin running for president and we all said NO. The movie is worth seeing whether you are a Democrat, Independent or Republican. If you did not respect Governor Palin prior to viewing the movie, you will afterward whether or not you agree with her politics.

The documentary started off showing all the vicious attacks by the media and various Hollywood stars against Governor Palin -illustrating in pictures and words the vitriol that they have for her. The film also contained footage of her as a little girl with her family, playing basketball in high school, with her kids, etc. and Governor Palin's voice was narrating the scenes as written in her book Going Rogue.

The movie then shifted to cover Sarah as an Alaskan wife and mother getting involved in politics at the local level because she did not like what was happening. The movie skipped over her time in city council and touched on her surprising campaign for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska which she achieved against all odds serving for two terms.

The movie then passes over her losing bid for the lieutenant governorship of Alaska in getting to her time as an oil and gas regulator. I only mention the losing campaign because it was her gateway to the oil and gas regulatory position. (She got the position as a result of being a Republican party team player campaigning for Frank Murkowski who won the governors election and Loren Lemen who had beaten her in the primary for lieutenant governor.) In her time chairing the commission, there was a man on the board that was very corrupt and also happened to chair the state Republican party. Instead of being quiet about it, she filed ethics complaints with the state attorney general and the governor forcing him to resign.

[Editor's note: The corrupt GOP Party chair is Randy Ruedrich, one of serveral corrupt Republicans Governor Palin took down]

When she cleaned up the corruption on the oil and gas commission, she resigned herself bringing down on her way out a former Alaska Attorney General who was himself forced to resign. In her own resignation, she turned down a six figure salary because she wanted to sleep good at night and have no part with corruption.

At this point, the movie goes into her decision to run for Governor against the incumbent Frank Murkowski, the father of Senator Lisa Murkowski. Against all odds, she beat him handily in the Republican primary, and then went on to became Governor.

Her goal was to put the people of Alaska first and she did this, giving them a voice that in many ways they did not have before she took office. The movie shows that Governor Palin's work ethic was impeccable and transparent -doing everything out in the open and not behind closed doors. She got budget's passed, she worked long hours, and was a boss to over 25,000 people.

They too worked long hours looking through the budget page by page (and line by line) and she used her line item authority to veto things that she did not like. She was careful with the budget to try and remove things she believed would hurt the people of Alaska.

She also was interested in pursuing policies to help Alaska and one area that was long unattended to was a gas pipeline. The people of Alaska had wanted one for over thirty years and the movie outlined how she went about getting it done by her own initiative. Governor Palin did what was needed to get the project completed including working with both sides of the political aisle.

At that point, the movie showed the convention speech she delivered and it was even better now than it was two years earlier. The lead that John McCain and Sarah Palin had against Obama was documented followed by the crisis on Wall Street and McCain's suspending of his campaign to go to Washington. After he did that, his poll numbers went down and he lost to Obama because of mistakes he made, not because of Governor Palin.

The movie does a great job of illustrating also how the media was threatened by her once McCain picked her to run as his vice president.

From there we have the sad day when they lost to Obama and Governor Palin had to go back to work as Governor. The left were not happy with political victory, no their goal was personal destruction and that is what they tried to do, going after her with a lot of bogus ethics charges.

The state of Alaska did not protect her or her family against them because they did not have anything in place to help her legally. Therefore she and Todd had to spend their own money to fight the lawsuits. At the time, they were a middle class family and it was not one or two ethics charges against her, it was over a dozen at a personal cost of more than $500,000 and if the Governor kept fighting them the Palin family would have went bankrupt.

And the more charges that were brought, the more people came to believe them even though the charges were false and thrown out time and time again. It became clear that her ability to influence the legislature to do what she wanted was tainted on both sides of the aisle. So basically, for the good of Alaska and its people, she decided to step down as Governor.

So for those of you that question her character as a person, you should think again. Certainly she is not the moron that the liberal media likes to portray her as and if you thought she was stupid, this will show you otherwise.

Governor Palin did everything the right way when in office. As Governor, she had approval ratings in the low 90s and high 80s throughout most of her term. Senator McCain picked her as VP and not until then that her numbers dropped to the high 60s as a result of the left's and the media's lies.

Folks, there is so much that you have heard about Governor Palin that is false and this documentary illustrates it. I have always been a Sarah Palin supporter and this movie outlines so many of the reasons why. Whether you are a Palin supporter or not you will come away with a totally different opinion of her if you watch "The Undefeated" and and that is why I recommend that you do so!

Anna Marie Barone is a conservative activist and can be found on Facebook.

Governor Sarah Palin and Todd To Attend Iowa Premier of "The Undefeated"

From Victory Films:

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (June 25, 2011)– Victory Film Group and ARC Entertainment announced today that Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd will attend the premiere of The Undefeated at the historic Pella Opera House on Tuesday June 28 at 5pm Central Time in Pella, Iowa. Immediately after the showing, Victory Film Group and ARC Entertainment will host a traditional Iowa cookout to thank the Pella Opera House and the people of Pella.

In accepting the invitation to attend the premiere, Sarah Palin stated, "We are very excited to visit historic Pella and its opera house and look forward to seeing the finished film for the first time with fellow Americans from the heartland."

Responding to the Palin’s announcement that they will attend the Iowa premiere, Larry Peterson, Chairman of the Board of the Pella Opera House said, "We look forward to hosting Governor Palin and her husband, Todd, at our beloved opera house as we welcome them to our community."

"We are incredibly excited about Governor Palin and her husband Todd’s attendance at a location that speaks to the basic core values of The Undefeated," said Stephen K. Bannon, the writer and director of the film.

"We are delighted that Governor Palin and her husband Todd have accepted our invitation to join us at the Iowa premiere of what we believe is a truly moving and extraordinary film," said Trevor Drinkwater, CEO of ARC Entertainment, the film’s worldwide distributor.

The film begins its national rollout exclusively in AMC Theatres in 10 cities the week of July 15th. The film will debut in Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Atlanta, Orange County, Phoenix, Houston, Indianapolis, and Kansas City, with plans to take it nationwide in additional markets thereafter.

The Undefeated features leading prominent political commentators Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce and Andrew Breitbart as well as conservative activists Kate Obenshein, Sonnie Johnson and Jamie Radtke. Additionally, the film features interviews with Alaskan civil servants, elected officials and advisors who were involved in Alaskan politics during Governor Palin’s tenure.

The Undefeated, which was written and directed by Stephen K. Bannon and produced by Bannon and Victory Film Group co-founder Glenn Bracken Evans and Dan Fleuette, chronicles Sarah Palin’s rise from obscurity to national prominence.

Read more here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Peter Falk, Rest In Peace

By Gary P Jackson

One of our great actors has passed away. From

Actor Peter Falk, known to millions as the rumpled star of television crime drama "Columbo," has died, reports. The actor was 83.

He reportedly was suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Falk first played Lieutenant Columbo (his first name was never clearly announced, though one badge image lists it as "Frank") in a 1968 TV movie. Its popularity led to a second film and then to the series, which ran from 1971 to 1978. Even after the show was canceled, Falk would play the laid-back detective in "Columbo" TV movies.

"He looks like a flood victim," Falk once said of his famous character. "You feel sorry for him. He appears to be seeing nothing, but he's seeing everything. Underneath his dishevelment, a good mind is at work."

Columbo's trademark was an ancient raincoat Falk had once bought for himself. After 25 years on television, the coat became so tattered it had to be replaced.

Peter Michael Falk was born Sept. 16, 1927, in New York City and grew up in Ossining, N.Y., where his parents ran a clothing store. At 3 he had one eye removed because of cancer. "When something like that happens early," he said in a 1963 Associated Press interview, "you learn to live with it. It became the joke of the neighborhood. If the umpire ruled me out on a bad call, I'd take the fake eye out and hand it to him."

When Falk was starting as an actor in New York, an agent told him, "Of course, you won't be able to work in movies or TV because of your eye." Falk would later win two Oscar nominations ("Murder, Inc.," 1960; "Pocketful of Miracles," 1961) and collect five Emmys.

Read more here.

Peter Falk was one of my favorite actors. I grew up with Columbo, never missing an episode, but also remember some of his other great performances quite fondly. The Internet Movie Data Base has a listing of the movies and television shows Peter was in here.

Also listed at IMDb is some interesting trivia:

One of his greatest passions is drawing and sketching; has studio on grounds of Beverly Hills estate.

Graduated from Ossining High School.

President of his class.

Worked as an efficiency expert for the Budget Bureau of the state of Connecticut before becoming an actor. Studied acting with Eva Le Gallienne and Sanford Meisner.

Was a certified public accountant.

Falk puts damper on rumor that his trademark Columbo raincoat has been placed in the Smithsonian Institution: says it's in his upstairs closet.

In his first foray into acting, he took the role of detective in a high school play when original student-actor fell sick. He left college to serve as a cook in the Merchant Marines. He later received political science degree from NY's New School, then graduated from Syracuse University. He applied at the CIA, but was turned down. He took state budget department job in Hartford, CT. Five years after he started taking acting lessons, he earned first Oscar nomination.

His father was of Russian Jewish ancestry and his mother was of Polish Jewish, with a mix of Hungarian and Czech Jewish ancestry further back. So, contrary to Falk's public image, he is not an Italian but a mixture of very hardy Jewish Eastern European stock.

Once when he was playing in a Little League game, the umpire called him out. Falk thought that he was safe. He pulled his glass eye out of its socket and handed it to the umpire, telling him, "Here, I think you might need this."

His daughter, Catherine Falk, is a private detective in real life.

Lt. Columbo's first name is explicitly and even doggedly never revealed in the series (i.e. "What's your first name? Lieutenant...") However, with modern freeze-frame capabilities, when Columbo flashes his badge in the episode "Dead Weight" (Season 1 Episode 3), the name 'Frank' can clearly be seen on his ID.

Columbo's wife, who he speaks of often, is never seen in the series. Interestingly, most of the facts that are supposedly known about Lt. Columbo's private life are up in the air and sometimes contradictory. This may be due to his character being somewhat forgetful or may be due to him leading a suspect with a 'likely story' hoping they will trip up and reveal a clue. His car, a 1959 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet, is in most every episode and is treated almost as a character.

Read more here.

One of my favorite movies Peter was in, is an ensemble affair that features an all-star cast: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. This must see movie from 1963 features a who's who of great comedic actors, many playing small but wonderful roles, like Falk's part as "third cab driver," much of which Peter improvised.

A little trivia:

In-And-Out Burger restaurants feature a pair palm trees forming a "Big X" as an homage to this movie, the favorite movie of founder Harry Snyder.

This was Spencer Tracy's last movie until 1967's Guess Who's Coming To Dinner.

Go rent [or better yet, buy] the movie!

Peter Falk gave his many fans years of enjoyment. He will be sorely missed.

World Premier For "The Undefeated" Set For Tuesday June 28 In Pella, Iowa

By Gary P Jackson

Victory Film's hot new movie The Undefeated will make it's world premier debut in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday at the historic 111 year-old Pella Opera House.

The Undefeated includes leading prominent political commentators like Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce and Andrew Breitbart as well as conservative activists Kate Obenshein, Sonnie Johnson and Jamie Radtke.

Among other things, the film features interviews with Alaskan civil servants, elected officials and advisors who were involved in Alaskan politics during Governor Palin’s time in office.

Here's the official news release from Victory Film Group and ARC Entertainment:


Documentary about Gov. Sarah Palin will be shown at 111-year-old historic Midwestern landmark

SANTA MONICA – Victory Film Group ( and ARC Entertainment announced today the premier of The Undefeated at the Pella Opera House in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday June 28, at 5 p.m. Central.

The Undefeated, which was written and directed by Stephen K. Bannon and produced by Bannon and Victory Film Group co-founder Glenn Bracken Evans and Dan Fleuette, chronicles Sarah Palin’s rise from obscurity to national prominence. ARC Entertainment is the film’s worldwide distributor.

"The community of Pella encapsulates what Iowa and the Heartland are all about. Steve Bannon certainly found a location that has the ‘Iowa-ness’ he was searching for," stated Craig Robinson, editor-in-chief of

Built in 1900, the Pella Opera House is presently a non-profit founded by area leaders committed to bringing the finest performances to the venue. During the preceding 111 years, the Pella Opera House building has served many functions including headquarters for the Women’s Federated Club, as well as showing the country’s first silent movies at the beginning of the motion picture industry.

Larry Peterson, Chairman of the Pella Opera House stated, "The building is the heart and center of the hard-working family-oriented people in our community. For over 100 years it has served as a symbol that has exemplified American values and continuation of our city’s Dutch heritage.

Mr. Peterson continued, "The Pella Opera House is excited to be selected as the venue for the premier showing of the film about Governor Sarah Palin. As the premier performance center for the region, the Pella Opera House has traditionally followed its mission of presenting quality entertainment. From children’s theater performances, holiday and Branson-style variety shows to cutting edge concerts and musical events, the patrons of the Pella Opera House consistently praise the Opera House for its creative presentation and support of the values that are important to so many people of this region."

The Undefeated features leading prominent political commentators Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce and Andrew Breitbart as well as conservative activists Kate Obenshein, Sonnie Johnson and Jamie Radtke. Additionally, the film features interviews with Alaskan civil servants, elected officials and advisors who were involved in Alaskan politics during Governor Palin’s tenure.

The film begins its national rollout exclusively in AMC Theatres in 10 cities the week of July 15th. The film will debut in Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Atlanta, Orange County, Phoenix, Houston, Indianapolis, and Kansas City, with plans to take it nationwide in additional markets thereafter.

Scott Conroy of RealClearPolitics called the film a "sweeping epic;" Jan Crawford of CBS News said, "Sarah Palin is either running for President or she should be: That’s the takeaway from ‘The Undefeated,’ a new movie about Palin’s life and leadership set to hit theaters next month;" Michael Falcone of ABC News noted, "The film’s re-telling of her accomplishments as mayor of Wasilla and Governor of Alaska portrays her as a courageous and unconventional figure willing to take on the political establishment — even in those early years. … She eschews the ‘smoke filled rooms’ of deal-making and comes across as a fighter for the people;" and Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller wrote, "If enough people see the film it could be a real game-changer for Palin’s presidential chances."

Trevor Drinkwater, CEO of ARC Entertainment, added, "We are pleased to present this highly anticipated controversial film and couldn’t imagine a more appropriate setting that captures the spirit and messaging of the film."

Co-founder of Victory Film Group Glenn Bracken Evans stated, "We are very grateful to the city of Pella and the Opera House for providing the perfect venue for our film."

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Cafe Press Predicts A Sarah Palin vs Barack Obama Match-Up In 2012

By Gary P Jackson

Cafe Press is a company that allows consumers to create unique merchandise such as t-shirts and other wearables, as well as drinkware, and other items. They provide the blank canvas for their customers to create their art, and then the customer can set up a Cafe Press online store to sell their creations.

As one can imagine, political items are a hot seller. Cafe Press has released a statement and some numbers: [emphasis mine]

The people have spoken and they want to see a Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama showdown in the 2012 election. Although Palin’s Republican peers Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and now Jon Huntsman have officially declared their candidacy, the American public is throwing their support behind "Mama Grizzly" for the 2012 Election – on T-shirts that is.

o Sarah Palin has yet to declare her candidacy, but Palin-themed merchandise already makes up a whopping 66 percent of Obama challenger sales and 34 percent of all 2012 election product sales.

o Mitt Romney made it official several weeks ago but his product sales make up a small percentage of Obama’s challengers at 3 percent of election product sales.

o Michele Bachmann is also in Palin’s shadow, with products contributing to only 1 percent of election product sales.

Now one might think this is nothing more than folly, though it is a solid way to measure enthusiasm for each candidate. However, it must noted that Cafe Press' t-shirt sales have correctly predicted the winner of the last three presidential elections.

Read more at Illinois Review.

Obama Makes Horrible Mistake Dishonoring Medal of Honor Winners

By Gary P Jackson

From Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

Barack Obama made another horrible mistake today.

The president visited the 10th Mountain Division today and congratulated them on their service. Then he told the soldiers that he had given the Medal of Honor to Jared Monti who came back from Iraq alive.

Jared Monti was actually killed in Iraq in 2006.

How sad.

Hoft pulls this Obama quote from the transcript of the event:

First time I saw 10th Mountain Division, you guys were in southern Iraq. When I went back to visit Afghanistan, you guys were the first ones there. I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously

As Blackfive reports, Obama is stupid, and made a serious gaffe:

As we all know, SSG Sal Giunta, of the 173rd Airborne, was the first living recipient (2011) of the MOH who fought in Iraq/Afganistan. SFC Jared Monti, 10th Mountain Division, was KIA in Afghanistan in 2006. He was posthumously awarded the MOH by Obama in 2009.

How does the Commander-in-Chief mix these heroes up? He put that medal around Giunta’s neck and he stood with Monti’s parents as they grieved.

Read more here.

Being Commander-in-Chief of the finest military on earth is an honor and a privilege. One that Barack Obama does not deserve to enjoy. This incident is even worse than Obama giving a "shout out" to "Dr. Joe Medicine Crow -- that Congressional Medal of Honor winner." at a press conference to talk to the nation about the terror attacks at FT Hood, when a Muslim extremist's attack left many brave soldiers dead and wounded.

2012 can't come fast enough.