Saturday, June 25, 2011

Elizabeth Hawkes: Sarah Palin - My choice for our next President of the United States

My name is Elizabeth Hawkes and I am a forty-nine year old retired civil engineer and married, born again, Christian woman. I presently reside in Port Saint Lucie, Florida with my handsome husband, Gregory. Sarah Palin has stolen my patriotic heart because we both share a love for country and down-home American values and I am pleased to write this essay as a tribute to the next and first female American president.

Sarah Palin was thrust onto the world's stage as America's foremost political newcomer in 2008 and despite an ever present glaring spotlight seemingly cutting to the marrow for both her public persona and private affairs, I was drawn to her by simply listening to the truth her words conveyed. She spoke of reducing the size of government, the pride in her country and of fidelity to America's continued fight for freedom and liberty.

Now, more than two years later, Sarah Palin continues the fight by speaking out against government mandated health care, abortion on demand, gun control that would strip us of our Second Amendment Bill of Rights, and out of control spending in Washington. For me, Sarah Palin embodies strength of character, grace under pressure and dignity that has elevated her above her accusers; only tarnishing themselves in their relentless attempts to malign her professional record and personal integrity. Despite what some in the main stream media would have us believe, Sarah Palin is a Godly, honest woman only interested in reducing Big Government and restoring our country to the principles on which our great nation was founded.

I believe Sarah Palin should run for President of the United States because she is the only real candidate that both the Tea Party and independent conservative patriots can wholeheartedly support for the 2012 election thus avoiding the uncomfortable and unjustly compromising position of having to support, without recourse, a second choice and less viable GOP establishment liberal. Sarah Palin possess not only experience and an untarnished background but, as a legislator, has earned the trust of her constituents in Alaska and all constitutional social conservatives across our great land. Sarah Palin is truly the people's choice and the only candidate who possess the qualifications and knowledge to beat an incumbent democrat president.

God bless Sarah Palin and The United States Of America.

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