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Anna Marie Barone Reviews "The Undefeated"

Last night I watched the film "The Undefeated" in New York City and I was in awe after the screening.

It was great that Tammy Bruce was there as was Jedediah Bila. Jedediah in particular was so passionate about Governor Palin and it showed -most notably in a speech she gave before the movie aired. Tammy Bruce also spoke before the movie and gave her opinion that Governor Palin is running for president.

After the movie, she asked the audience if we had any doubts about Governor Palin running for president and we all said NO. The movie is worth seeing whether you are a Democrat, Independent or Republican. If you did not respect Governor Palin prior to viewing the movie, you will afterward whether or not you agree with her politics.

The documentary started off showing all the vicious attacks by the media and various Hollywood stars against Governor Palin -illustrating in pictures and words the vitriol that they have for her. The film also contained footage of her as a little girl with her family, playing basketball in high school, with her kids, etc. and Governor Palin's voice was narrating the scenes as written in her book Going Rogue.

The movie then shifted to cover Sarah as an Alaskan wife and mother getting involved in politics at the local level because she did not like what was happening. The movie skipped over her time in city council and touched on her surprising campaign for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska which she achieved against all odds serving for two terms.

The movie then passes over her losing bid for the lieutenant governorship of Alaska in getting to her time as an oil and gas regulator. I only mention the losing campaign because it was her gateway to the oil and gas regulatory position. (She got the position as a result of being a Republican party team player campaigning for Frank Murkowski who won the governors election and Loren Lemen who had beaten her in the primary for lieutenant governor.) In her time chairing the commission, there was a man on the board that was very corrupt and also happened to chair the state Republican party. Instead of being quiet about it, she filed ethics complaints with the state attorney general and the governor forcing him to resign.

[Editor's note: The corrupt GOP Party chair is Randy Ruedrich, one of serveral corrupt Republicans Governor Palin took down]

When she cleaned up the corruption on the oil and gas commission, she resigned herself bringing down on her way out a former Alaska Attorney General who was himself forced to resign. In her own resignation, she turned down a six figure salary because she wanted to sleep good at night and have no part with corruption.

At this point, the movie goes into her decision to run for Governor against the incumbent Frank Murkowski, the father of Senator Lisa Murkowski. Against all odds, she beat him handily in the Republican primary, and then went on to became Governor.

Her goal was to put the people of Alaska first and she did this, giving them a voice that in many ways they did not have before she took office. The movie shows that Governor Palin's work ethic was impeccable and transparent -doing everything out in the open and not behind closed doors. She got budget's passed, she worked long hours, and was a boss to over 25,000 people.

They too worked long hours looking through the budget page by page (and line by line) and she used her line item authority to veto things that she did not like. She was careful with the budget to try and remove things she believed would hurt the people of Alaska.

She also was interested in pursuing policies to help Alaska and one area that was long unattended to was a gas pipeline. The people of Alaska had wanted one for over thirty years and the movie outlined how she went about getting it done by her own initiative. Governor Palin did what was needed to get the project completed including working with both sides of the political aisle.

At that point, the movie showed the convention speech she delivered and it was even better now than it was two years earlier. The lead that John McCain and Sarah Palin had against Obama was documented followed by the crisis on Wall Street and McCain's suspending of his campaign to go to Washington. After he did that, his poll numbers went down and he lost to Obama because of mistakes he made, not because of Governor Palin.

The movie does a great job of illustrating also how the media was threatened by her once McCain picked her to run as his vice president.

From there we have the sad day when they lost to Obama and Governor Palin had to go back to work as Governor. The left were not happy with political victory, no their goal was personal destruction and that is what they tried to do, going after her with a lot of bogus ethics charges.

The state of Alaska did not protect her or her family against them because they did not have anything in place to help her legally. Therefore she and Todd had to spend their own money to fight the lawsuits. At the time, they were a middle class family and it was not one or two ethics charges against her, it was over a dozen at a personal cost of more than $500,000 and if the Governor kept fighting them the Palin family would have went bankrupt.

And the more charges that were brought, the more people came to believe them even though the charges were false and thrown out time and time again. It became clear that her ability to influence the legislature to do what she wanted was tainted on both sides of the aisle. So basically, for the good of Alaska and its people, she decided to step down as Governor.

So for those of you that question her character as a person, you should think again. Certainly she is not the moron that the liberal media likes to portray her as and if you thought she was stupid, this will show you otherwise.

Governor Palin did everything the right way when in office. As Governor, she had approval ratings in the low 90s and high 80s throughout most of her term. Senator McCain picked her as VP and not until then that her numbers dropped to the high 60s as a result of the left's and the media's lies.

Folks, there is so much that you have heard about Governor Palin that is false and this documentary illustrates it. I have always been a Sarah Palin supporter and this movie outlines so many of the reasons why. Whether you are a Palin supporter or not you will come away with a totally different opinion of her if you watch "The Undefeated" and and that is why I recommend that you do so!

Anna Marie Barone is a conservative activist and can be found on Facebook.

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