Saturday, June 25, 2011

Idiocy: Chicago's Police Superintendent Blames Sarah Palin For City's Gun Violence

McCarthy was acting in his official capacity as Police superintendent, the citizens of Chicago have a right to hear and see what was said.

By Gary P Jackson

This is Rahm Emanuel's choice for Chicago's top cop. Notice he is in Marxist Father Pfleger's "church" Pfleger, a communist, is running buddies with Barack Obama's preacher, Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright. A real upstanding group of Chicago leaders this bunch.

Anyhow, this loon McCarthy goes on and on about gun violence in Chicago, and of course brings race into. He shouts about slavery, Jim Crow, and government sponsored racism. Kind of ironic since everything McCarthy is bitching about was sanctioned by the democrat party! Remember, it was Woodrow Wilson who decided the military and government offices should segregated again, after years of desegregation.

It always pisses me off to hear these self-righteous losers decry the very policies they put in place, then blame it on someone else. The only thing that makes me madder is the voters who fall for this nonsense.

Fact is, Chicago is one of the most corrupt, crime-cities on earth. It's a violent place where the gangs are in control. One would be in no more danger walking the streets of Kabul, or Tehran wrapped in an American flag, than in some parts of Chicago.

This McCarthy character goes on and on about guns, and yet, Chicago has some of the strictest gun ownership laws in the nation. Unconstitutional, in fact. Chicago's laws were so draconian the United States Supreme Court intervened.

The problem with Chicago isn't guns, it's who has the guns. Liberals don't want people to have guns, because they understand why our founders wanted our God given rights to own guns protected. and it doesn't have anything to do with hunting, or even self protection. By trying to usurp Chicagoan's God given rights, and making it all but impossible for law abiding citizens to own guns, the criminal element is allowed to roam wild, free of worry about being confronted by an armed resistance.

Still, McCarthy would never take responsibility for this, so he instead, he tells the crowd at this Marxist Klan meeting that it's not his fault, nor the fault of his failed ideology. Nope, it's all Sarah Palin's fault. More specifically, it's Sarah Palin's Alaska's fault! Oh yeah, you see Sarah shot a caribou in an episode of her travel adventure series, and talked about the 2nd Amendment, so it's CLEARLY her fault a bunch of liberals living in a liberal city, inside a liberal state, are clueless on how to control violence within their own borders.

This man McCarthy is disgusting. But you know what, as long as voters in places like Chicago keep voting for bottom feeding Marxists, they'll get the government they deserve.

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