Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rasmussen: 75% Want ObamaCare Changed/Repealed/Replaced

More bad news for the Obama regime:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 75% of Likely U.S. Voters want to change the law, while only 18% want it left alone. Those figures include 20% who want the law repealed and nothing done to replace it, 28% who want it repealed and then have its most popular provisions put into a new law and 27% who say leave the law in place but get rid of the unpopular provisions.

It is worth noting that a majority (55%) take one of the middle ground approaches—repeal and replace or leave it and improve.

Overall, 48% take an approach that starts with repeal.

52% of voters said Congress should review the health care bill piece by piece and keep the parts it likes. Thirty-nine percent (39%) disagreed and said Congress should scrap the whole bill and start all over again.

Most Republicans and unaffiliated voters prefer to start with repeal. Most Democrats prefer to start by leaving the law in place. Republicans are fairly evenly divided between repealing the law and doing nothing or repealing the law and putting its popular provisions into a new law. Democrats are fairly evenly divided between leaving the law alone or starting with the existing law and removing the unpopular provisions.

Not surprisingly, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives favors starting with repeal, while the Democratic-controlled Senate prefers to start by leaving the existing law in place and possibly considering improvements.

Most government workers prefer to start with the existing law in place, while most entrepreneurs prefer to start with repeal. Those who work for others in the private sector are more evenly divided. Most voters under 30 prefer to start with the existing law in place, while most over 50 prefer to start with repeal.

From the beginning, polling has shown that some portions of the law are popular. However, the cost and means of paying for the law are unpopular as is the individual mandate.

Americans have been against this government takeover of health care from the start, and protested loudly before ObamaCare ever became law. As democrats keep doubling down on this sort of legislation, they are making themselves irrelevant.

We expect the legislation to completely repeal ObamaCare to reach the president's desk. If he vetoes it, it will not only end his presidency, but the party as it now exists. The American people are tired and fed-up.

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