Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NASA's James Hansen: America's Democracy Is Hurting Our Chances To Push The Global Warming Hoax, Calls For Economic Boycott!

If one needs more proof that democrats are nothing but crazed totalitarians who believe only they have the answers, and should be allowed to rule by decree, rather than allow America's form of republican form of government work, you need to look no further than the hucksters pushing the global warming hoax.

We all know the real reason the left is pushing this lie, and it has nothing to do with the environment. The environmental movement was hijacked long ago by far left radicals who saw it as a way to re-distribute wealth through a cap and tax scheme, one that would make investors like Barack Obama, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, and others, trillions of dollars, while at the same time destroying America's economy.

One of the biggest frauds is NASA's James Hansen. Hansen has willfully manipulated data, lied to the American people, and done just about everything possible to push the fairy tale of global warming on the public. Thankfully the American people are smarter than that, and reject the nonsense of man-made global warming outright.

Now it seems that Hansen is so upset that the people have spoken, he's calling for an economic boycott of America!

Oh, and by the way, your tax dollars pay this idiot.

From Patrick J. Michaels writing for the Washington Times: [emphasis mine]

China-style dictatorship of climatologists

NASA's Hansen prefers rule by decree to fight 'global warming'

November's election made it quite clear that the people of the United States do not want to radically change our society in the name of global warming. Pretty much every close House race went to the Republicans, while the Democrats won all the Senate squeakers. The difference? The House on June 26, 2009, passed a bill limiting carbon-dioxide emissions and getting into just about every aspect of our lives. The Senate did nothing of the sort.

The nation's most prominent publicly funded climatologist is officially angry about this, blaming democracy and citing the Chinese government as the "best hope" to save the world from global warming. He also wants an economic boycott of the U.S. sufficient to bend us to China's will.

NASA laboratory head James Hansen's anti-democracy rants were published while he was on a November junket in China, but they didn't get much attention until recently. On Jan. 12, the hyperprolific blogger Marc Morano put them on his Climate Depot site, and within hours, the post went viral. In a former life, Mr. Morano was chief global-warming researcher for Sen. James M. Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican.

According to Mr. Hansen, compared to China, we are "the barbarians" with a "fossil-money- 'democracy' that now rules the roost," making it impossible to legislate effectively on climate change. Unlike us, the Chinese are enlightened, unfettered by pesky elections. Here's what he blogged on Nov. 24:

"I have the impression that Chinese leadership takes a long view, perhaps because of the long history of their culture, in contrast to the West with its short election cycles. At the same time, China has the capacity to implement policy decisions rapidly. The leaders seem to seek the best technical information and do not brand as a hoax that which is inconvenient."

Has this guy ever heard of the Gang of Four? Or the Cultural Revolution, which killed those who were inconvenient? Or the Great Leap Forward, which used the best technical information to determine that a steel mill in every backyard was a good idea?

Mr. Hansen has another idea to circumvent our democracy. Because Congress is not likely to pass any legislation making carbon-based energy prohibitively expensive, he proposed, in the South China Morning Post, that China lead a boycott of our economy:

"After agreement with other nations, e.g., the European Union, China and these nations could impose rising internal carbon fees. Existing rules of the World Trade Organization would allow collection of a rising border duty on products from all nations that do not have an equivalent internal carbon fee or tax.

"The United States then would be forced to make a choice. It could either address its fossil-fuel addiction ... or ... accept continual descent into second-rate and third-rate economic well-being."

The WTO, in fact, has not "ruled" that it can impose environmental tariffs of any kind, much less those of such magnitude that they would destroy the world's largest economy.

Read more here.

People like Hansen are dangerous. In their zeal to implement radical plans that would do nothing but line the pockets of the elite, and destroy America, they actively work to undermine the Republic.

As Micheals points out, the China that Hansen loves so much, just executes people who get in the government's way. Is this what Hansen is advocating for America?

He's most certainly advocating the elimination of our Republic as it stands. The fact that the United States is a representative republic, one where the people have a say, frustrates totalitarians like Hansen, as well as most of the democrat party.

It angers them that they actually have to follow the will of the people, not their own whims. Who do we think we are! The democrats like Hansen are much more "enlightened" that us mere mortals. [or so they think] America needs a master who can determine what is best for us, as obviously we are incapable of caring for ourselves!

Science is a wonderful thing, and America should support it, but when we find radicals in the scientific community who use their positions to push an ideology, instead of scientific facts, they should be removed from their positions and replaced with competent people who will use their abilities to benefit mankind, not enslave it.

Hansen is advocating the destruction of America and our economy if he doesn't get his way. Rather than allowing this, how about we destroy Hansen's economy, and demand he be fired from NASA! 

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