Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sarah Palin Gets Warm Reception At Lubbock Christian School Fundraiser

Sarah Palin was in Lubbock, Texas on Monday night to help raise money for the Lubbock Christian School. From the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:

Despite the heightened level of security concerns, the Lubbock Christian School fundraiser featuring Sarah Palin garnered ample support from area residents and created a unique connection between Alaska and Texas.

Palin, former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate, addressed about 1,400 people Monday night during LCS’ annual fundraiser at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center.

Palin said Texas and Alaska are alike because they are "good beacons of freedom" and share similar values and work ethic, said Kristen Vander-Plas, president of the Lubbock Christian University College Republicans.

She said she was impressed by Palin’s willingness to go forward with her fundraiser appearance with added security despite the recent shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona.

Many in the audience were LCS alumni, Vander-Plas said, and the audience as a whole was receptive to Palin’s message as was evident in their frequent applause and cheers.

"I believe in Sarah Palin and what she represents for America," said Linda Hunt of San Angelo, who won free tickets for the event. "Her enthusiasm, her love for America, her honesty and her core values of representing the people and not just special interests."

Still, LCS alumni and sponsors said the main purpose of the evening was raising money for the school — having Palin present was an added bonus.

Kimberly Chitwood of Minnix Commercial Construction said someone as well-recognized as Palin at the annual fundraiser is a rare opportunity to attract people and support for the school.

"I thought it’d be interesting and we enjoy Sarah Palin," said Ross Shamburger, who bought tickets for the fundraiser on the first day they were sold. "It’s an exciting, great opportunity for LCS. Hopefully, they’ll raise a lot of money."

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