Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tammy Bruce Discusses Sarah Palin's Re-Tweet [And Gives Us A Real Insight Into The Mind Of The Liberal]

By now you know it's officially been a slow news day as “journalists” nationwide are down to analyzing not what Sarah Palin tweets or writes for Facebook, but what she has re-tweeted!

For those unfamiliar with Twitter, it's a medium where one communicates in 140 characters at a time. Not only can speak your mind, or send out information, as you read the same from others that you follow, you can share what they said with others by “re-tweeting” it to your followers. It's pretty common practice. Of course as seasoned tweeps will tell you, a re-tweet is not necessarily a complete endorsement of a statement.

This brings us the the story that is dominating the headlines today. On Monday night Tammy Bruce, discussing people who bash gays,and DADT, tweeted the following statement, which as you see, was re-tweeted by Sarah:

As one would imagine, our illustrious national media …. proving they have no concept of how Twitter works …. lost their minds because Sarah "used a gay slur": “homo.” I mean I guess the media doesn't understand how Twitter works, and couldn't comprehend the fact that Tammy Bruce is the one who said it, not Sarah.

That are they are just dishonest hacks as we have known all along!

We love Tammy Bruce because, just like Sarah, she speaks her mind, and doesn't care what others think about it. [or her] A recovering liberal, Tammy is a strong advocate for Conservatism. I think many recovering liberals, once enlightened make some of the strongest Conservatives. They've seen it from both sides. One of our greatest leaders of all times, Ronald Reagan, was once a democrat himself! 

Tammy tweeted this not long after Sarah re-tweeted her statement:

She was mostly correct. Long time supporters of Sarah's know that she supports equality for all people, including gays. That's what Conservatism is all about. Those who read Sarah's first book, Going Rogue, know one of her oldest friends is gay. We also know that while Sarah doesn't support gay marriage, as Governor she vetoed legislation that would have discriminated against gay couples, on constitutional grounds. Sarah is one to take the Rule of Law seriously.

I've read dozens of articles today and almost all of them get it wrong. As our friend Josh Painter, in his excellent analysis of the whole thing points out, Sarah spoke out against DADT last February in a lengthy interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: “Should the rule ‘don’t ask — don’t tell’ for the Military be repealed?

PALIN: “I don’t think so right now. I’m surprised that the President spent that on his State of the Union speech when he only spent about nine percent of his time in the State of the Union on national security issues. And I say that because there are other things to be worried about right now with the Military.

You can read the rest of Josh's excellent piece here.

Josh also rightly notes the media chose to make a story of this, but ignored another tweet of Sarah's on Monday. That one dealt with the rise of the price of gasoline, and how the Obama regime has greatly contributed to it.

That doesn't fit the narrative though. One, the corrupt media would never admit their messiah is screwing us all. Royally. Two, they'd have to talk about Sarah's expertise in the field of energy, and how she is pushing for energy independence. That would screw up the “she's a dummy” meme, wouldn't it!

The bottom line is yes, Sarah supports Liberty and Freedom for all. Not exactly breaking news!

No she is not on board with Congress' repeal of DADT, but I suspect that has to do more with her experience as a Commander-in-Chief, and the realization that at a time of war, this is no time for social engineering in the military. There are more important objectives that need to be met. A leader knows how to prioritize.

Tammy Bruce responded to all of this on her radio show. She explains how the realization that Sarah Palin doesn't “hate the gays” really ruins the radical left's entire world! She also takes the left to task for being a bunch of closed mined sheeple who all march lock in step, incapable of thinking for themselves.

An excellent analysis of the entire movement.

This is why we love Tammy so much. No one understands how morally bankrupt the left is better than her. And no one calls them out as strongly for it.

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