Monday, January 17, 2011

Flashback: President Ronald Reagan Violently Attacked By Democrat "Peace Activist"

Included in the above video are 3 news stories from April 13, 1992 when an anti-nuclear weapons "peace activist" violently attacked former President Ronald Reagan, smashing an award he had just been given, with pieces of that award hitting the Gipper.

In a week where we have seen Sarah Palin endure a blood libel, resulting in death threats from left wing loons, watching this video reminds us that violence from democrats is nothing new at all.

Our Friday News Round-Up hand plenty of examples of violent democrats, dating back more than a century. We reported on the VERY corrupt democrat Congressman, Paul Kanjorski saying of the now Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, "Put him up against the wall and shoot him!" during the 2010 campaign.

We also reported as the new year rolled in, democrat icon Francis Fox Piven is calling for a violent revolution in America.

The video below is Code Pick lunatic Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz attacking the Secretary of State Condi Rice at a hearing in 2007. Ali-Fairooz, has red paint on her hands, signifying blood, and was allowed to get right in Condi's face before being stopped by security. By the way, the Code Pink protesters were given access to the hearing by democrat legislators.

Code Pink, which claims to be a group of "peace activists" supports both Hamas and Hezbollah, two terrorist groups that are enemies of America and all free peoples.

In the past week we have seen Sarah Palin, and all Conservatives, attacked by the left. It is our duty to continually point out who the truly violent people are, and where their ideology lies. It's the democrats and the poisonous rhetoric they preach that incites violence. And it's their followers who then act on that violent rhetoric.

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