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Douglas MacKinnon: I'll take 'Sarah Palin's Real-World Experience And Traditional Values Over Obama's “Intelligence” Anytime! A Look At Real Intellect vs The Pretend Kind.

It can certainly be argued that Mr. Obama was inserted into the bubble of political correctness when he was about 20 years of age and has floated to the very top on that basis rather than real-world experience and gravitas.

Again, it is simply the outcome those on the left were seeking when they decided to accept and promote on the basis of race, gender or sexual preference. Why are they ashamed of their plan coming to fruition in such a glorious way in the guise of the man who now occupies the Oval Office?

Maybe next time, Juan Williams and all the other propagandists for President Obama will offer up some proof to back up their claims of Mr. Obama's intellectual prowess. In the meantime, I'll take Sarah Palin's real-world experience and traditional values anytime.

~ Douglas MacKinnon

The left, and the Republican elites, the Ruling Class of America, have long looked down their noses at anyone who isn't as “enlightened” as they are, and doesn't share their views. Views, by the way, that have led to disaster after disaster, and have America heading toward extinction, if not stopped, and turned around.

Now with progressives, their default position is ALL Republics are stupid and dangerous. When you hear a democrat praising a Republican, be wary, they are up to something!

The Republican elites are just as bad though. It was the country club blue bloods, not the democrats, who called Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest, and wisest presidents, an “amiable dunce.”

We listened to the left whine how stupid George W Bush was for eight years. When he ran for re-election against John F. Kerry [who served in Vietnam] it was the “sophisticated, worldly, and intelligent” John Kerry vs Bush the “village idiot.” Never mind both went to the same schools [and Bush had a Harvard MBA to boot!] And never mind Bush had far better grades in school than Kerry.

This is same sort of thing a child would say to another who disagreed with them. Instead of reasoned debate, the Ruling Class is down to: “Well, you're just stupid” as their argument. It's because progressives, in BOTH parties cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas.

The ideas of theirs we have tried have all been abject failures. So …. unable to win on ideas …. they must claim their opponents are stupid. Too stupid to see their brilliance, and understand how their failed ideas are actually glorious successes.

Only “intelligent” people can come up with that sort of pretzel logic!

The latest person the left and Republican elites can't compete with is Sarah Palin.

Unlike the squishy, finger to the wind, Republican establishment, and radical leftists, Sarah Palin brings a lifetime of real world experience and common sense. Her intelligence comes not just from books, but from actually doing things, running things, being a competent Chief Executive. Hands on experience that beats theories out of books every day of the week.

Now at the same time the left, and the Republican elites, go through some serious mental and verbal gymnastics trying to tell us that Barack Obama is the smartest President ever, and quite possibly the smartest human that ever breathed!

My experience, after a lifetimes in sales, is if you have to work THAT hard to sell something, it's probably no good. Or in this case, not true.

As an observer, it's hard to point to anything Obama has done as President that is “smart” at least for the American people. He might be devious, as he has certainly done a lot to help out his boss George Soros, as well as the unions, but nothing he has done shows the man has anything other than less than average intelligence. The latest being letting the Russians skunk him on the START treaty.

It's no wonder Obama has had all of his school and other records sealed by Executive Order. Something tells me we are looking at a guy who didn't exactly make the Dean's List at university!

This brings us to Sarah Palin, who as we are constantly told, is as stupid as they come. Dumb as a mud fence.

Again my rule comes into play: If one has to try THIS hard to make you believe something, it's not true!

There are all sorts of stories, from people who have worked with Sarah, who talk about her photographic memory and ability to multi-task in the extreme. Both signs of serious intellect, but anecdotal.

Lets instead, look at just a small slice of her long and successful career:

As Mayor of Wasilla, which has a city government where the Mayor is also the City Manager, she was totally responsible for budgeting, city planning, and so forth. Most cities of small to medium size actually hire a city manager, separate of an elected Mayor, because it's so tough and demanding of a job. Even Dallas, Texas …. one of the largest cities in the country …. has a city manager form of government!

By all accounts [the factual ones] Sarah Palin excelled as a Mayor and City Manager. She managed budgets well, and took the sleepy little frontier town and turned it into the fastest growing area of the state. She brought in businesses and grew jobs.

Obviously as the state's Chief oil and gas regulator, Sarah had to become quite intimate with all things energy related. She studied and became one of the nation's recognized experts on energy and regulation. She would take that experience with her to the Governor's office, where she was also Chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, a multi-state agency that helped develop regulations and best practices for environmentally safe exploration and exploitation of our natural resources.

Sarah also took her skill and intellect with her as she took on Big Oil. She stood up to the CEOs of the largest corporations on earth, and told them how it was going to be.

Compare this to Obama getting hosed on START by the Russians!

Sarah's exploits dealing with Big Oil and reforming that industry were so epic it inspired Kay Cashman, publisher and executive editor of Petroleum News to write the book Sarah Takes On Big Oil [a must read BTW]

How many books have been written about Obama [or any other elite] that are dedicated to real accomplishments, and not puff pieces with authors telling us how great the object of their affection is?

Fact is, what Sarah did was her job. The story is rather “wonkish” and inside baseball. But it's so remarkable, and yeah .... fascinating .... it merited an entire book!

Yeah, that Sarah Palin sure is dumb!

Sarah also, as Governor, set out to do something Alaskans had wanted, and politicians had promised, pretty much since Alaska became a state. Building a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 has been a dream that eluded Alaskans for decades. Fought and argued over, every plan failed to get past the point of fighting about it!

Ever the visionary, Sarah knew having government do this alone was a mistake, and a exercise in futility and frustration. The day she took office she and her staff started working on AGIA, the mechanism from which the gasline would become reality. In less than two years she accomplished what others couldn't in thirty.

Sarah and her team came up with a brilliant public-private partnership that would see competitive bidding and low risk-high reward for Alaska. This will be the largest construction project in North American history.

Discussion topic: Compare and contrast Sarah Palin and Barack Obama on energy experience and achievement.

Under Obama, the national debt has exploded to the point, that at $14 TRILLION, we are pretty much at a 100% yearly GDP to debt ratio. 1:1. We can't survive like this.

Sarah, as Governor balanced the budget, and put billions away in reserve. She also slashed the operating budget of her office by over a million dollars, as compared to the previous two governors: Republican Frank Murkowski, and democrat Tony Knowles.

Who's smarter again?

Still, the left and the Republican elites are trying to convince all of you that Obama is the smartest man alive and Sarah Palin is a dummy.

Our own Whitney Pitcher talked about this as she took on Juan Williams when he was talking about potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates and said, "There is nobody out there except for Sarah Palin who could absolutely dominate the stage, and she can't stand on the intellectual stage with Obama."

Obviously, that statement caused a serious uproar at the time, especially since Sarah Palin was the only leader that loudly stood in defense when Juan was fired at NPR for the crime of having an independent thought.

Looking at the statement again though, it's almost a complement, as Williams spouts the default liberal party  line: “All Republicans are stupid.”

At least he admits that Sarah Palin is far better than the rest of the “stupids” so there may be hope for Juan yet, though I'm not holding my breath!

As for her not being able to stand on the same “intellectual stage” with Obama. She CAN, but why would she want to step down to that level?

THAT'S the inconvenient truth that Juan and his buddies on Bret Baier's panel like Charles “I used to work for Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale but I SWEAR I'm a Conservative!” Krauthammer don't dare address!

Douglas MacKinnon, a former White House and Pentagon official, writing for the Washington Times, takes a real look at Obama's supposed intellect:

President's Incomplete Report Card

People who live in glass houses built at least in part from the largesse of political correctness and affirmative action should not throw stones. And yet, here we have Juan Williams doing just that as he follows in the deep footprints of the hundreds before him who have lobbed hackneyed, gratuitous and even hate-filled insults at Sarah Palin.

On a recent "Fox News Sunday" program, Mr. Williams was speaking about potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates when he said, "There is nobody out there except for Sarah Palin who could absolutely dominate the stage, and she can't stand on the intellectual stage with Obama." Really?

For more than two years now, every time someone I know socially or in the media has proclaimed Barack Obama to be "brilliant" or "the smartest president we have ever had," I have implored them to tell me exactly what they base those definitive statements on. Once challenged, they either refuse to answer the question or fall back on the apparently unassailable fact that "he gives a great speech, went to Harvard and is articulate."

OK, so the man who uses a teleprompter more than any other president in modern history and even needed one to give a speech to 7-year-olds at an elementary school is "brilliant and articulate" based on this oratory crutch. Fine. If that is the only arrow in their quiver of "Obama the Intellectual," then I would normally maintain that their defense is sorely lacking. In this case, it appears to be all the available evidence.

Those like Juan Williams who ignorantly claim President Obama to be "brilliant" might have a better case to make if only he would release his IQ test, his SAT scores, his records from Occidental College or his records from Columbia University. Unfortunately for them, Mr. Obama refuses to do so. Why?

For decades now, the liberal intelligentsia has pompously and erroneously asserted that GOP presidents have been intellectually inferior to Democratic presidents. Aside from being blinded by ideological hate, what proof did they offer? Let's look at recent history. Back in 2000 and 2004, the mainstream media, compromised "historians" and liberal pundits declared Vice President Al Gore much more intelligent than Gov. George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry much more intelligent than President George W. Bush.

Predictable to be sure, but wrong. Based on the very criterion used by the left, it turned out that Mr. Bush had equal or better grades than both Mr. Gore and Mr. Kerry. Oops.

Read the rest of this great piece here.

For our part, it's simple. Book learning is fine, especially if you are studying to be a mechanic or a carpenter. However, when it comes to running things, solving real problems, it's pretty useless. Books and classes on that sort of thing are filled with theories. Most of these theories have never been tried inn the real world, and the ones that have rarely work out as planned. [Kind of like Barack Obama!]

In fact, most of the book theories were written by people who themselves have never experienced the real world. Never accomplished anything, except writing a book of theories.

Give me someone who has done something in life, solved problems in the real world. Someone who learned their lessons, not out of a book, or at some Ivy League university, but from the school of hard knocks. Hands on experience and a solid record of achievement beat some guy in a tailored, but empty suit with “intelligence” any day of the week!

This is why Sarah Palin is far more prepared to be President of the United States than anyone currently being considered, including Barack Obama.

She's actually done something.

The rest have just talked it to death!

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