Monday, January 10, 2011

Is The Arizona Killer A Product of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's Incompetence?

When Pima County's left wing sheriff, Clarence Dupnik waddled out to the microphones [with bodies still lying on the ground] and started blaming the mass murder on Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, talk radio, athlete's foot, and the heartbreak of psoriasis, we figured he was just another vile democrat stooge using the tragedy to score cheap political points and attack those who oppose the radical democrat agenda.

Now it appears the sheriff had a completely different motivation: Save his own incompetent ass!

It's already been widely discussed that Jared Lee Loughner, the killer, has had many run in with the law. Now we have more details. The killer had been threatening various county officials, radio personalities, local bloggers, and so on. He was a well known to the Pima County Sheriff's Department as a danger to the community.

This is the report that Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has been dreading since the tragic event on Saturday January 8.

The sheriff has been editorializing and politicizing the event since he took the podium to report on the incident. His blaming of radio personalities and bloggers is a pre-emptive strike because Mr. Dupnik knows this tragedy lays at his feet and his office. Six people died on his watch and he could have prevented it. He needs to step up and start apologizing to the families of the victims instead of spinning this event to serve his own political agenda.

Jared Loughner, pronounced by the Sheriff as Lock-ner, saying it was the Polish pronunciation. Of course he meant Scott or Irish but that isn’t the point. The point is he and his office have had previous contact with the alleged assailant in the past and that is how he knows how to pronounce the name.

Jared Loughner has been making death threats by phone to many people in Pima County including staff of Pima Community College, radio personalities and local bloggers. When Pima County Sheriff’s Office was informed, his deputies assured the victims that he was being well managed by the mental health system. It was also suggested that further pressing of charges would be unnecessary and probably cause more problems than it solved as Jared Loughner has a family member that works for Pima County.

Amy Loughner is a Natural Resource specialist for the Pima County Parks and Recreation. My sympathies and my heart goes out to her and the rest of Mr. Loughner’s family. This tragedy must be tearing them up inside wondering if they had done the right things in trying to manage Jared’s obvious mental instability.

Read more here.

The behavior of Sheriff Dupnik in this situation has been despicable and immoral. This left wing hack was one of the first to fan the flames. Dupnik riled up the left wing kooks, which has caused them to make numerous death threats against Sarah Palin, and others, for no other reason than to try and shift blame from his own sorry self.

It's quite obvious the Pima County Sheriff's Department had plenty of warning that this deranged lunatic, Jared Lee Loughner, was a ticking time bomb. Not only did the sheriff's department give false information, causing people to let their guard down, it also appears the department actively discouraged further actions against this lunatic, because one of his family members worked for the county. 


On every level Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is a disgrace. He's a disgrace to his uniform, to his community, and to humanity. But most of all he's a disgrace for trying to blame his own incompetence on anyone else. A decent man would resign and apologize. I wouldn't hold my breath though. People like Sheriff Clarence Dupnik will never admit their sins.

If I were Arizona Governor Jan Brewer I would call for this disgraceful and despicable little man to resign.

Actually I would demand it.

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