Thursday, January 20, 2011

Despicable: Obama Played Politics With Virginia Tech Tragedy, Arizona Shooting

On April 16, 2007, the day of the Virginia Tech massacre, then-Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, spoke at a campaign rally in Milwaukee WI, where he cunningly associated the tragic act of violence to a host of unrelated political issues, thereby politicizing the tragedy, as he did last week, during memorial services for the victims of the Arizona shootings.

This is just breathtaking. This nimrod, while campaigning in Milwaukee, the day of the Virginia Tech massacre, a horrific event that saw 33 people slaughtered, had the gall to compare that violent act to someone who has lost their job! He calls this the "violence we do to each other." This may very well be the most asinine thing I have heard in my life.

Forget the fact this guy is lost without a teleprompter feeding him the words, and stutters around, he's telling you who he really is. A cold and calculating man who can use the slaughter of 33 innocent college students, and turn it into a Marxist rant about social justice and job loss. Again, this is simply the most breathtaking thing I have seen in quite some time.

Then we get to the pep rally in Arizona last week. The Wellstone Memorial on steroids.

What kind of man would use tragedies like these for political gain? Even worse, what kind of people would want to associate with a man that would?

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