Friday, January 28, 2011

Soviet Space Expert James Oberg: Sarah Palin Was Right About Sputnik

This never gets old. Sarah Palin makes a brilliant statement, or two, usually ripping the Obama regime's agenda all to pieces, then the left and their media allies [the blood libel media] start trash talking, calling her stupid, or worse, then an actual expert will show up and say "you know, that Sarah Palin is spot on."

This happens constantly, but the rabid left and the blood libel media still play their silly little Alinsky games. Too dumb to realize Sarah has read Alinsky too! [and she's better at it than they are]

This time it's Soviet space expert James Oberg. Via Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:

I'm seeing up close how 'Palin Derangement Syndrome' can compel otherwise intelligent people to foam at the mouth and babble nonsense to prove they're right and she's wrong. The historical view is that the early Soviet victories in the Space Race led to the US response of the Apollo program, whose triumph validated the superiority of US space technology -- which had profound diplomatic, military, commercial, and cultural consequences.

When Reagan challenged the USSR with Strategic Defense in the 1980s, Apollo had given that challenge credibility -- and the same pundits in the West and in Russian who pooh-poohed SDI had also pooh-poohed the odds of Apollo working. Proven wrong once, they lost credibility when Gorbachyov had to decide when/.if to pull the plug on the USSR's own hideously expensive space weapons programs (eg, Polyus-Skif and Buran).

Soviet leadership came to believe, rightly or wrongly, that SDI was a lethal threat to them, based on the success of Apollo that had only been made possible by the stinging US defeats in the early Space Race, It's more complicated, but the essence is, Palin was right: the Soviets sowed the seed of their own collapse by setting off the Space Race.

~ James Oberg

As Reynolds puts it, it's another "Party Like It's 1773" moment!

As Ronald Reagan famously said: "It's not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it's just they know so much that isn't so."

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