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Democrat's Blood Libel Against Sarah Palin Bears Fruit As Left Wing Loons Call For Violence Against Her

We seldom [as in never] discuss the volumes of death threats Sarah Palin gets from nut-bags. But it's gotten to the point that it needs to be out there, and the hate filled left needs to be exposed in all of it's glory.

We've been writing about the violent rhetoric from the left all week. From a sitting democrat Congressman calling for Republican Florida's Governor to be "put up against the wall and shot" to left wing icon Francis Fox Piven calling for violent revolution. We've proven the once somewhat respectable democrat party has been hijacked by violent, rabid loons. Not that these loons haven't been part of the party all along, it's just that now they are driving the bus.

The left started the hatred against Sarah Palin almost as soon as the popular and successful Governor was chosen as John McCain's running mate in 2008. We wrote articles exposing the now infamous "JournoList" a cabal of left wing "journalists" and academics who conspired to shape the news, protect Barack Obama, and attack Sarah Palin.

You can go back and read our various examples of this here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

While the media was carrying Obama's water, and ginning up hatred for Sarah, and her family, Obama himself was pretty busy during the campaign, and afterwards. We've written many articles about Obama's Alaska Mafia. Too many in fact, to list here. Obama has a number of Alaskans on his staff, including Pete Rouse, who most recently served as Obama's interim White House Chief of Staff, and Mao Tse Tung loving Anita Dunn. Obama and this crew, along with Alaskan Phil Munger created a group of bloggers and agents to slander Sarah, attack her, and send out false information. [lies]

Everything from the lie she charged rape victims for rape kits, to the one that her son Trig was really Bristol's son. No lie was too big. Neither was the hate. Almost every lie about Sarah during this period originated from this bunch. Even today they generate hate and lies for the media to disseminate.Although there were many, three names stick out as the worst of the worst. Linda Kellen Bielgel, the official Alaska blogger for the DNC, Jeanne Devon, a nasty little troll who blogs as AKMuckraker, and an Air America reject Shannyn Moore.

Devon is such a vile hatemonger that she was actually outed by a democrat legislator! Devon had tried to remain anonymous as she stoked the fires of hatred from her blog. She owns a shop in Anchorage, and it wouldn't do for the Alaskan people to know the shop owner was actually a hate spewing loser.

To make sure the Alaska Mafia was effective, Moore and Devon, were given access to the Huffington Post, and MSNBC. From there, their hate and lies were picked up and distributed world wide as fact.

Once the campaign was over, the Mafia's mission was changed. Their new job was to create and file bogus ethics complaints against the Governor Palin, harassing her every waking moment. Because of Alaska's screwy laws, these lefty Obamabots were able to tie up her administration, costing the state millions of dollars, and Sarah personally over a half million dollars. Alaska's goofy laws didn't protect the executive branch from this sort of nonsense and also forced the executive to foot all of the legal expenses for defending themselves, no mater how ridiculous the charges.

These attacks were so over the top, and the protection so nonexistent, the Alaska legislature has changed the laws to make sure the Obamabots, and those like them, can never do this again. That law took effect December 22, 2010.

We've written so much about all of this, but for newcomers, here's the video and article Obama and his thugs really don't want you to see.

The lies and hatred ginned up by Obama's crew, and their media partners, started "bearing fruit" early on.

In December of 2008, just days before Christmas, a group of thugs fire bombed Sarah's church in Wasilla. This wasn't just a simple case of arson. This was attempted murder. You see, there were happy Alaskans inside wrapping Christmas presents. Both adults and children.

In a manner reminiscent of a certain Chicago terrorist, who is known for fire bombing the Pentagon, the United States Capitol building, and much more, all of the exits were blocked before the fire bombs were set, trapping everyone inside. Luckily, this was a modern building, and equipped with a sprinkler system and other fire safety measures.

BTW, there was ZERO outrage in the media, ZERO hand wringing by the lefty hand wringers, and the story basically went away after a few days. The would-be mass murderers caused over $1 million in damage.

The hate against Sarah Palin never ends. Many are actually pissed off that Sarah didn't abort her beautiful son Trig, because something like ninety percent of all Downs Syndrome babies are. This has inspired an incredible amount of hatred against not only Sarah, but her son. It shows you just how low these bottom feeders will go.

At one point, Jesse Griffin, one of the Mafia Members who has an extremely vulgar blog, actually published a map to Sarah's home on Lake Lucille, complete with driving instructions and helpful tips on how to cross the frozen lake and "sneak up" on the house. While he may or may not have been actually inviting violence, he damned sure was facilitating it for anyone so inclined.

Sarah's children aren't exempt from the hate, slander, and threats either. One of the vilest humans alive, David Letterman, someone who all but raped a staffer, joked about Sarah's middle daughter Willow , then 14 years old , being raped by the New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez. Predictably, the left circled the wagons around Letterman, and actually attacked Sarah for being pissed off this pervert was attacking her minor child.

Bristol, whose only crime was accepting ABC's offer to come dance on their show, started receiving death threats from deranged lefties just because she was doing well. We won't even talk about the pathetic conspiracy theories that popped-up around the fact America actually likes her and voted for her each week, taking her all of the way to the finals. More proof these people are insane.

This isn't meant to be a complete catalog of the hate and violence the left has directed at Sarah Palin and her family. Just a small sampling.

While it's all disgusting, the blood libel the left has committed after the Arizona shootings is pure evil.

Before the first responders were on the scene to treat the victims, left wing hatemongers like Marcos Moulitsas were already blaming Sarah. His insane minions stoked the fires immediately. The New York Times' Paul Krugman , a despicable little weasel, was right behind.

The corrupt sheriff, a left wing hack hoping to divert attention away from the fact his department actively discouraged complaints against the killer, Jared Lee Loughner, because a relative of his worked for the county, couldn't wait for the wounded to be treated either, before he trotted out the left wing lies about Sarah, and Conservatives in general.

Moulitsas, Krugman, and Dupnick were stoking hatred for Sarah Palin before we even knew who the killer was, and why he acted. We still don't really know what was in this lunatic's head.

Since the tragedy, the left has turned the whole affair into a circus, and one big campaign rally. Disgusting.

The hatred they have ginned up against Sarah though, is criminal.

As these vile animals stoked the fires of hatred and violence towards Palin, their minions took to twitter to issue death threats and wishes. I had hoped to post the You Tube video at this point, as it documents this well, tweet after tweet of evil. It's a true look into the soul of a left winger.

Of course, once the rabid leftists realized they had been caught, and the entire world, including law enforcement, was about to find out who there were and what they are all about, they complained to You Tube, who took it down. Thankfully the video's creators had the foresight to plan ahead, and had posted it all on another player the left wing can't control.

Liberty Chick over at Big Government has the video as well as a good account of the whole thing. Here's just a sample of these lovelies, and their hatred, from user Tamytoo2:

@exiledsurfer: just barfed over that graphic. I hope she dies an ugly death and takes her moronic hate with her. #stupidcunt

This is one of the mild ones.

Is it just me, or is this one as insane as Jared Lee Loughner for wanting someone to "die an ugly death" for being an alleged "moronic hater"? Such is the illogic of a lefty.

You can see the video and read the article here. Just be forewarned the language is X rated. It's a good way to understand just how evil these people are though.

All week liberal hatemongers have been starting up Facebook groups calling for Sarah's death. Most have been taken down, but they keep popping up, and of course, they are getting the chance to network and plan their violence. Both Gateway Pundit and Patriot Perspective have coverage of this.

You'd think this would be all, but it's not. Allahpundit over at Hot Air reports the death threats against Sarah are at unprecedented levels. He also has a video of MSNBC's Chris Matthews still insisting Sarah is guilty of mass murder. You can check it all out here.

At this point I'm not sure what the radical elements of the democrat party, and their media allies at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, and the lefty blogs are hoping for. Are they trying to force Sarah to sit down and shut up, or are they actually hoping to inspire some nut to go after her, with all of this blood libel?

All I know, for sure, is the left has been stoking the hatred toward Sarah Palin and her family since September of 2008, and violent acts have already been carried out.

I hope they are all proud of themselves. Mission accomplished dirt bags, your blood libel has borne fruit!

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