Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sarah Palin: Obama Is Hell Bent On Weakening America

An strong interview that got lost in all of the insanity from the blood libel media after the Arizona shootings. Laura Ingraham interviews Sarah Palin, and as always, Sarah has some strong opinions on key issues.

@0:11 - On those who want to decide the 2012 Republican nominee before a vote is cast: "It's evidence of their lack of respect for the idea of competition....These elites don't understand the value of competition."

@1:21 - On McCain's comments on the TODAY Show that he is looking to compromise with the administration on comprehensive immigration reform: "I don't think the priority of the Republican Party should be capitulating or compromising when it comes to our principles and those time tested truths that help build our country."

@1:39 - On the GOP's need to stand firm: "What the American public wants to see right not so much the idea of compromise but drawing some lines in the sand and warning these newly elected and re-elected Congressmen and women and Senators that we expect them to adhere to the will of the people, whether it comes to repealing ObamaCare, whether it comes to not raising the debt ceiling, whether it comes to securing our borders. We want some lines drawn in the sand and we want that done today."

@2:18 - Palin: "We keep giving some of these personalities in the GOP chance after chance to prove to the American public that it's the GOP's ideas and values and planks in the platform that should be implemented to provide solutions to America's challenges. But they've blown it too many times and this is to me kind of like their last chance. Draw some lines in the sand."

@2:49 - Palin: "Don't be talking about capitulation and compromise at this point."

Laura: "That's your former running mate. That's the guy who picked you on the ticket talking about comprehensive immigration reform."

Palin: "I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he's got some ideas that ultimately will result in no amnesty and securing our borders. Maybe that's what he's got in mind on this. Again, we've got to draw some lines in the sand."

@3:38 - Palin: "We've got to be able to respect our politicians and trust what it is they are doing. Now, I don't personally trust what comes out of the White House....[Obama] is hell bent on weakening America and he has told us back in March of 2006 that it weakens America domestically and internationally to raise the debt ceiling. And he said it is a sign of failed leadership to support raising the debt ceiling. And now he is doing exactly that. So, what Obama is doing--purposefully weakening America, because he understood that debt weakens America domestically and internationally--and yet now he supports increasing debt."

Laura: "So his goal is to weaken America?"

Palin: "On this issue it has to be, otherwise, what did he mean back in March of 2006 when he said that he understood that increasing debt weakens America?"

@4:50 - On running for president: Laura: "Are you making a trip to New Hampshire any time soon? Because Romney is up there and he's doing pretty well in the polls."

Palin: "We're scheduling our year's calendar here in the next couple of days and we'll see when we get there...Hopefully those voters along with a whole lot of others around America are just hoping for no more status quo."

Audio courtesy of the IngrahamAngle

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