Friday, October 8, 2010

We’ll Remember In November

Of all of the official Republican groups, the Republican Governors Association is the one who really gets it. Governors are the real leaders in our nation. This is why Americans generally elect Governors to the presidency.

This leadership quality is reflected by the material coming out of the RGA. It's always first class. Top notch.

From the RGA:

With just 4 weeks remaining until Americans make their voices heard, Democratic leaders are hoping you forget about the broken promises and failed policies of the last 18 months. Remember November is a campaign to hold Democrats accountable for their record. Join us at:

Look, it's as simple as this: Barack Obama has been in office for almost two years, and has been a total disaster, but the real story and the real disaster is Congress. The democrat party has been in control of Congress for nearly four years. The policies of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were destroying our Republic before Barack Obama was even a blip on anyone's radar.

As bad as Obama is, and make no mistake, he's bad, the democrat Congress, is much, much worse.

Make sure you get out and vote!

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