Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sarah Palin’s Powerful Speech Rallies The Nation From Anaheim, California

For the press: Yes, I shall invoke Ronald Reagan again, and again, and again! You won't hear me invoke Alinsky or Mao!

~ Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin spoke to a packed house in Anaheim, California at the RNC rally this Saturday afternoon. The speech, which was carried live on both network and cable news outlets is one of her most powerful yet.

The crowd was wild and ready to go to work to ensure a huge victory two weeks from now.

Sarah hit every note pitch perfect. Dare I say she was incredibly presidential, and sounded exactly like the great Renaldus Magnus. Infusing powerful ideas with a bit of humor, and an incredibly upbeat tone, Sarah Palin, like The Gipper, is an eternal optimist. Sarah believes in America's greatness and exceptionalism. America IS that Shining City on a Hill that Reagan so loved to speak of.

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You can also check out the nation’s reaction to the speech by checking out the hashtag #PalinRally on twitter

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