Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Video: Sarah Palin Like You Have Never Seen Or Heard Her Before

We reported last week that Sarah Palin paid a visit to Palm Beach, Florida where she met with some of the top Conservative leaders in the nation. Sarah's presence at this event set off another round of speculation that she was further positioning herself for a successful White House bid in 2012.

While there, Sarah sat down with Michael Reagan for the first in a series of webcasts sponsored by Newsmax Magazine called "Make America Great Again" .... a title taken from Ronald Reagan’s campaign slogan when he was elected president in 1980.

The video above is a preview of the first webcast, featuring Sarah, which airs Tuesday, October 12, at 1p.m. Eastern.

As you will see, Sarah is powerful, perhaps more powerful and forceful than we have ever seen her. In the interview Sarah hits on a wide range of topics.

From Newsmax:

Following are some of the many highlights of the extended Reagan-Palin interview being aired Tuesday:

When Americans elected Barack Obama as president, they expected the economy and jobs to be his top priority. Instead, Palin tells Newsmax, the administration decided, "despite the will of the people being against Obamacare, we're going to shove this down your throat anyway."

Palin talks about being mocked for her warnings about what Obamacare would bring, including so-called "death panels." She tells Newsmax: "I was about laughed out of town for bringing to light what I called death panels because there's going to be faceless bureaucrats who will based on cost analysis and some subjective ideas — somebody's productivity in life — somebody is going to call the shots to whether your loved one will be able to receive healthcare or not: to me, death panels. I call it like I saw it and people didn't like it."

She predicts that President Obama will continue favoring big-government nostrums, and she describes him as "quite naive" and "stubborn." In one cryptic reference, she suggests that others may control Obama, stating that whoever "is pulling his strings" will not let the president adopt free-market solutions that would solve the nation's economic problems.

Palin contends that Obama is "slamming us to the mat" economically by opposing the extension of the Bush-era tax cuts. The nation "will be slammed with the highest tax increase in our history" unless the tax cuts are extended, she says.

The best-selling author and Fox News commentator says she wants to "call out" Obama for his conduct of military operations in the Middle East: "I want to say, 'You're going to send our troops there in the danger zone, you better have a darn good reason why they're going, and you better be committed to victory.'"

Allowing Islamic-oriented laws in U.S. communities would be "the downfall of America," Palin says, adding that Americans "will not put up with any hint of Shariah law being any sort of law of the land."

In greater detail than ever before, Palin talks about what factors might persuade her to run for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. She even describes how a Palin presidency might look.

Even though the video above is just a preview, snippets from a much longer interview, you detect a real sense of purpose in her powerful voice. The answers are quite thoughtful and intriguing.

Sarah is still kinda teasing us concerning what will almost certainly be an upcoming bid for the presidency, but as she says, we still have an election to win, in just a few short days, before we worry about 2012!

In addition to Sarah and Michael Reagan, Fox News analyst Dick Morris, anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, social conservative Ralph Reed, and Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy appear on the webcast.

You can sign up to view the webcast, have access to a special website, and even receive a free copy of Sarah’s new book America by Heart, by going here.

If you miss the 1 p.m. launch, the webcast will be available for on demand viewing at the special website mentioned above, as will the rest of the webcasts, which will be launched between now and election day.

Don't miss out on these landmark webcasts, sign up today!

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