Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christine O’Donnell Has The Democrats And Their Media Allies On The Run

Saw an interesting note from Christine O'Donnell's campaign website today entitled:

O'Donnell Joins News Journal in Calling upon Coons to Resign

After reading her statement as well as the editorial from the News Journal, one can say that yes, both want Chris Coons to resign from his current job, but slightly different reasons.

From Christine's press release:

Wilmington, Del. — Republican senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell today joined the News Journal in calling upon New Castle County Executive Chris Coons to resign from his position while he campaigns for U.S. Senate.

The link to the News Journal column can be found here.

"Coons has been AWOL for months while cashing in his inflated, taxpayer-funded paycheck," O'Donnell said. "He has continuously raised taxes on the people of New Castle County, while he offers them nothing back but an empty desk."

No other statewide candidate, including O'Donnell, is taking so much money for a highly demanding job while simultaneously campaigning for another job.

Coons also has a long record of rewarding those who work for him with extraordinarily generous taxpayer-funded salaries and benefits, which begs the question of how much work he is asking of them.

"If Coons fails to show up for work every day in New Castle County, why should we expect him to show up for work in Washington while accepting money from taxpayers," O'Donnell continued.

"Many people in Delaware are struggling to find one job and going without a paycheck in the meantime, while their county executive is cashing his constituent-funded paychecks for one job, while campaigning for the next job."

Now it's obvious that Christine O'Donnell is concerned that Coons, a guy who has raised taxes a total of 43% since taking office is not giving his bosses, the people of Delaware, their money's worth. After all, if he's out campaigning statewide daily, even in a state as small as Delaware, he doesn't have time to do the actual job he is being paid , and paid well to do.

In other words, he's ripping the taxpayers off.

Basically, the taxpayers of Delaware are subsidizing Coons’ run for the Senate.

That's a noble and honorable stance from Christine.

We wandered over to News Journal and found that while they want Coons to resign and resign now, their concerns are slightly different than Christine's as one gets just from the title of this editorial alone:

It's time for Coons to start seeing O'Donnell as a serious threat.

That's the sort of headline one sees from the lamestream media when they know their chosen one is in big trouble. The writer of this panicked diatribe Ron Williams starts out:

Republican senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell (ever thought you'd see that phrase in this life?) finally emerged from her brief disappearing act for the GOP Unity Lunch in Brandywine Hundred on Friday afternoon.

She told reporters she's been out and about meeting with Delaware voters but didn't tell the media about it.

No bias there at all. Nope. Uh uh. .

I looked into this Williams fellow, who, judging from the photograph used on the website, looks like he has a few years on me, so he's no kid, and certainly no newcomer to Delaware politics. His bio reads:

Ron Williams, assistant editor of the editorial pages, is a twice weekly columnist and editorial writer. And Delaware native.

So to be clear, Ron Williams, a Delaware native, and an assistant editor, columnist, and editorialist had this statement about Christine O'Donnell?

Republican senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell (ever thought you'd see that phrase in this life?)

I have a question for Ron: Where were you in 2008 my man?

Where you abducted by aliens?

In a coma?

On a year long safari in sub-Saharan Africa without any communications to the outside world?

The reason I ask, is this: Are you unaware that Christine was the 2008 Republican Senatorial Candidate?

She ran against Joe Biden. This is, in fact, a special election to fill Biden’s unexpired term.

Ron, congratulations, with such complete and total bias on display, bias that would make even the most exalted JournoLister pale in comparison, you are almost a shoe-in for an anchor's position in network news, or an editor's position at the New York Times.

Heck of a job there Ronnie!

From there our Pulitzer Prize contending writer has this to say:

She told reporters she's been out and about meeting with Delaware voters but didn't tell the media about it.

Matt Bai, the chief political reporter for The New York Times, came to Delaware last week to do a profile on the O'Donnell campaign and had to return home with nothing. He couldn't find O'Donnell over three days.

I don't know how much longer these Christine O'Donnell background revelations will go on, but if they ever stop and she gets on the daily stump, she'll make a formidable opponent for Chris Coons. She and Coons have already scheduled a couple of radio debates and TV is sure to come, at least in the downstate market from the Salisbury stations.

She might as well forget trying to shed the "dabbling in witchcraft" thing, just as Coons will continue to have to carry the "bearded Marxist" branding, no matter how much of an inside college joke it was. He did write it in a paper, and it ain't going away.

Coons should seriously consider resigning as New Castle County executive so he can put all his daily efforts into this campaign. Polls have him some 15 points ahead of O'Donnell, but she also has a top-notch Virginia public relations agency, Shirley & Banister, and they are sure to start to hammer at the fact that Coons is not running the county while he's campaigning (some, of course, will say he hasn't been running the county for months).

None of the other candidates for federal office currently has a job or holds office, so that leaves Coons out there as a sort of a lone ranger.

Besides all the college credits, debts, gainful employment and Bill Maher archive baggage O'Donnell is lugging around, she has all the prerequisites for a statewide candidate: articulate, attractive, comfortable with the cameras and microphones (she's been doing it for years), and strong convictions for her far-right, wacky positions.

She's still a kooky candidate, as Delaware U.S. Senate candidates go, but she has some powerful fundraising abilities with her tea party connections and alliances with Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. At last check, she'd raised, or had pledged, some $2.7 million and counting.

That'll buy a bunch of Salisbury and even Philadelphia television spots.

But even several of her allies, such as columnist Charles Krauthammer and Republican power broker Karl Rove, still think she's a sure loser where Mike Castle, as moderate as he is, would have been a sure winner in Delaware.

Still, given the mood of the electorate in this off-year election, Coons can't take O'Donnell and the tea party movement for granted, as much as that pains me to say.

There are a significant clusters of conservative independents, Democrats and even some of the mainstream Castle voters who will vote for her. Just ask former Gov. Pete duPont.

Then Coons also carries his own baggage with a slew of highly paid executive staff members, one who was a $100,000-a-year driver and adviser, and a former consultant, Julius Cephas, who was paid $70,000 to be a Coons' liaison with the black community.

That's to say nothing about the consecutive tax increases he's had to impose, and a slew of others, including a cell phone levy, that he tried to get passed in Dover.

Then there are some Democrats who, while they may not vote for O'Donnell, may just skip over the line for Senate.

Those are the ones who saw in the O'Donnell win their convoluted 2014 election scenario come completely unraveled.

That's the one that had Castle beating Coons and serving out the remaining four years of Joe Biden's term (Ted Kaufman did the first two). Castle would then retire as a U.S. senator and head off to a retirement after an undefeated 40-plus years in Delaware elective offices.

That would leave the seat again wide open and Beau Biden finishing up his second term as attorney general. As was expected this year, it would be Biden's nomination for the asking and still with the possibility of support from the White House and VP dad.

But the best laid plans of political power brokers went south when the tea party pumped a quarter of a million bucks into O'Donnell's campaign chest and contributions from across the country started to flow her way.

And who says money can't buy an election?

Notice our boy Ron does bring up the fact Coons is a self described "Bearded Marxist," but dismisses it as almost a college prank, while hammering home Christine's supposed "wackiness" in paragraph after paragraph.

I also find it just precious that far leftist, George Soros approved, Mike Castle is described by this clown as a "moderate." We all know "moderate" is code for radical leftist. Man, the media tried to get away with calling Obama a "moderate" for a while. It was the fact that one could barely tell the difference between Castle and the "Bearded Marxist" on the issues that saw Christine O'Donnell win the primary by huge margins.

I gotta ask though: What is more wacky, wanting to live by our First Principles, use the Constitution and the Rule of Law as the basis for governing, or using the failed policies of Marx, Lenin, and Obama as your guide?

So far in history, Conservatism has worked every time it's been tried. On that same note, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Progressivism, Liberalism, what ever name you chose to call it, has always been magnificent in it's failure, and heartbreaking in it's destruction.

So I ask, who's the crazy one?

One thing is abundantly clear from this editorial. Christine has Coons and his allies scared to death. I mean scared to death. They know she can win, and this is a warning to Chris Coons to pay attention, resign from his current position, and get his head in the game.

Christine O'Connell, as mentioned above, is indeed an attractive, articulate candidate. Christine articulates the Common Sense Conservative positions and values in a very compelling manner.

This is what has the left and their media partners panicked. Now good old Ron is concerned because the New York Times wasn't able to waste Christine's time doing a "profile" on her. He's not concerned for Christine. No, Ron and his fellow travelers are concerned because Christine, on the advice of Sarah Palin, has passed on doing national media, in order to focus on actually getting out, knocking doors and talking to the people.

Turns out Christine O'Donnell is quite the retail politician, and when people meet her, they like her. Delaware is a small state, and with less than a month to go, Christine is sharp and focused. Christine is getting ready to win.!

The left knows it too.

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