Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rasmussen: A Sarah Palin Endorsement Is The Breath Of Life, From Obama, The Kiss Of Death

You know that lie the corrupt lame stream media keeps telling you, the one that says Sarah Palin is "toxic"? Well, it seems the latest LSM lie to be debunked comes our way from Scott Rasmussen.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, 29% of Likely Voters say an endorsement from the president is the one most likely to make them vote for a candidate.

But even more (45%) say Obama is the politician who makes them least likely to vote for a candidate he endorses.

This explains why every time Obama shows up to campaign for a candidate, they lose. This is in sharp contrast to candidates Sarah has endorsed, many whom were lost in crowed fields, and have gone on to win, and win big. There's more:

When it comes to an endorsement as a negative, 25% say one from Palin makes them least likely to support a candidate. Nineteen percent (19%) say the same of Bush, while three percent (3%) and two percent (2%) respectively feel that way about Biden and Clinton.

Considering the amount of effort the corrupt media has expended trying to create the "toxic" narrative around Sarah, and generating hate for Bush, those numbers are pretty respectable.

I can get the numbers for Biden and Clinton as well. Though their ideology is extreme and flawed, they are generally likable sorts compared to radicals like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and so on.

Here's an interesting statistic though, and seems about right:

Interestingly, however, only 18% of voters say it is at least somewhat important to their vote when celebrities or politicians from outside their state campaign on behalf of a local candidate. That includes six percent (6%) who say it is Very Important.

Eighty percent (80%), on the other hand, don't attach importance to an outside endorsement, with 38% who say it is Not At All Important.

Voters not affiliated with either of the major parties attach the least importance to outsiders campaigning for local candidates.

This rings true with most people I know. Although we certainly celebrate when a candidate gets backed by someone we respect, like Sarah Palin. I think that boils down to her track record and ability to judge and pick superior candidates. Pretty sure others feel the same when it comes to the one or two people's judgment they truly trust. But for the most part, sophisticated voters do their own research to find a candidate worthy of their support.

I think, what an endorsement by a respected leader like Sarah Palin does, is at least have you take a look at her candidate, and research them further, rather than just blindly vote for the candidate. She's certainly the leader when it comes to raising a candidate's profile, giving them name recognition.

Rasmussen goes on:

Fifty-two percent (52%) of Likely Voters say their own views are closer to Palin’s than they are to Obama’s. Forty percent (40%) say their views are closer to the president's.

Forty-eight percent (48%) of voters now regard Obama’s political views as extreme, while 42% place his views in the mainstream.

In a survey last December, 79% of voters said most politicians are more concerned with getting reelected than in doing what is right.

Voters believe overwhelmingly that politicians don't keep their promises, and most say it's deliberate.

We were excited when Obama made a trip to Delaware, and are even more excited he is going to Nevada, California, and Washington state. As this polling shows, he may be one of the Republican Party's best assets this election season.

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