Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Michael Reagan Interviews Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is one of the most dynamic individuals in American politics today. She is clearly leading a movement that will restore America to greatness.

Sarah often finds herself compared to the great Ronald Reagan, and with good reason. Both are strong leaders and both see America is the greatest nation the world has ever known. Like Reagan before her, Sarah sees America as the Shining City on a Hill.

No less than Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael, made this comparison back in September of 2008 in a beautiful piece entitled Welcome Back Dad:

I've been trying to convince my fellow conservatives that they have been wasting their time in a fruitless quest for a new Ronald Reagan to emerge and lead our party and our nation. I insisted that we'd never see his like again because he was one of a kind.

I was wrong!

Wednesday night I watched the Republican National Convention on television and there, before my very eyes, I saw my Dad reborn; only this time he's a she.

And what a she!

In one blockbuster of a speech, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin resurrected my Dad's indomitable spirit and sent it soaring above the convention center, shooting shock waves through the cynical media's assigned spaces and electrifying the huge audience with the kind of inspiring rhetoric we haven't heard since my Dad left the scene.

This was Ronald Reagan at his best -- the same Ronald Reagan who made the address known now solely as "The Speech," which during the Goldwater campaign set the tone and the agenda for the rebirth of the traditional conservative movement that later sent him to the White House for eight years and revived the moribund GOP.

Last night was an extraordinary event. Widely seen beforehand as a make-or-break effort -- either an opportunity for Sarah Palin to show that she was the happy warrior that John McCain assured us she was, or a disaster that would dash McCain's presidential hopes and send her back to Alaska, sadder but wiser.

Obviously un-intimidated by either the savage onslaught to which the left-leaning media had subjected her, or the incredible challenge she faced -- and oozing with confidence -- she strode defiantly to the podium and proved she was everything and even more than John McCain told us.

Much has been made of the fact that she is a woman. What we saw last night, however, was something much more than a just a woman accomplishing something no Republican woman has ever achieved. What we saw was a red-blooded American with that rare, God-given ability to rally her dispirited fellow Republicans and take up the daunting task of leading them -- and all her fellow Americans -- on a pilgrimage to that shining city on the hill my father envisioned as our nation's real destination.

In a few words she managed to rip the mask from the faces of her Democratic rivals and reveal them for what they are -- a pair of old-fashioned liberals making promises that cannot be kept without bankrupting the nation and reducing most Americans to the status of mendicants begging for their daily bread at the feet of an all-powerful government.

Most important, by comparing her own stunning record of achievement with his, she showed Barack Obama for the sham that he is, a man without any solid accomplishments beyond conspicuous self-aggrandizement.

Like Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin is one of us. She knows how most of us live because that's the way she lives. She shares our homespun values and our beliefs, and she glories in her status as a small-town woman who put her shoulder to the wheel and made life better for her neighbors.

Her astonishing rise up from the grass-roots, her total lack of self-importance, and her ordinary American values and modest lifestyle reveal her to be the kind of hard-working, optimistic, ordinary American who made this country the greatest, most powerful nation on the face of the earth.

As hard as you might try, you won't find that kind of plain-spoken, down-to-earth, self-reliant American in the upper ranks of the liberal-infested, elitist Democratic Party, or in the Obama campaign.

Sarah Palin didn't go to Harvard, or fiddle around in urban neighborhood leftist activism while engaging in opportunism within the ranks of one of the nation's most corrupt political machines, never challenging it and going along to get along, like Barack Obama.

Instead she took on the corrupt establishment in Alaska and beat it, rising to the governorship while bringing reforms to every level of government she served in on her way up the ladder.

Welcome back, Dad, even if you're wearing a dress and bearing children this time around.

How fitting is it then that Michael Reagan would sit down with Sarah, and conduct an incredibly dynamic interview, on a variety of topics ranging from ObamaCare, to national security, our financial future and more.

Thanks to Ted Belman at Canada Free Press, we have the opportunity to check this landmark interview out. Belman writes:

I remember when Ronald Reagan was first running for president, the Jewish intellectuals disparaged him as an idiot, a "B" movie actor and a cowboy.

I became a fan after hearing him speak and then I told everyone of my friends, "you gotta listen to him". I was sure they would also embrace him after doing so.

Now Sarah Palin is following in his footsteps and being even more viciously portrayed. Those who love her consider her to be this generation's Reagan.

Please, you gotta listen to the great interview of Sarah Palin by Michael Reagan.

Nothing I could argue would be near as effective as her owns words and delivery.

I completely in agreement with Ted, you simply must listen to this great interview, where Michael and Sarah have a great conversation about all of the pressing issues that face our nation.

A little teaser, Sarah does answer the question we are all dying to know the answer to, sorta.

To check out this great conversation click right here.

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