Monday, October 18, 2010

Sarah Palin: Our Old Lame Stream Media? "Put A Fork In It, It’s Done!"

Sarah Palin gave a fiery speech in Reno, Nevada on Monday to kick off the coast-to-coast Tea Party Express "Liberty At The Ballot Box" national tour. The entire speech was strong and defiant, while at the same time being wonderfully up beat and positive.

One point kinda sticks out though, and that's when Sarah went to her favorite punching bag, the corrupt lame stream media. In this video clip she looks over at the assembled international press corps and has a "come to Jesus" meeting with them and the crowd.

She chastises the media, who she notes, are supposed to be the impartial referees, and yet work more as publicity arms of the left wing. As she points out, the cornerstone of our democracy is a free and HONEST press. She also notes they are a failure at their jobs.

Sarah then tells the crowd that we needn't  wait for the old lame stream media to do it's job, that their way of doing business is over. "Put a fork in it, it's done!"

Sarah Palin field dressed the media today like a bull moose after she shot it!

To see her entire speech check our link here.

Video courtesy of The Right Scoop

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