Friday, October 8, 2010

As Christine O’Donnell Begins To Surge, Obama, Biden, and Franken Head To Delaware

Although some polls released for public consumption show Christine O'Donnell still having a bit of a hill to climb, internal polling in the Coons camp obviously paints a very different picture. With massive losses expected for the Marxist-democrat party next month, why else would Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Al Franken be going to tiny Delaware, which we have been told is such an easy win for Coons?

We know the answer: PANIC!

I can see Biden going, no matter what, because this is his old seat, this is his state, but at a time when the Marxist-democrat party is about to collapse nationwide, there are other places you'd think Obama would be going to.

From the Delaware News Journal:

After weeks of speculation it's official.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will be in Wilmington next week to stump for U.S. Senate candidate Chris Coons. They will be at the Grand Opera House on Friday at 11 a.m.

Tickets to the event start at $100.

Some had questioned whether Obama would make an appearance, after concern that some of his falling national popularity would hurt candidates. But Obama’s approval numbers in Delaware have remained high.

Biden has already made two visits to the state to help Coons, one fundraising event and a speech at his headquarters in the days after the Republican primary surprise.

Frankly, we were unable to find any recent polling in Delaware that supports the claim that Obama’s popularity remains high. Of course, as we have pointed out before, this particular news source is known to play fast and loose with the facts. Also note polling on Obama’s personal popularity vs his job performance carry vary greatly. Man people still like Obama as a person, but think his job performance is horrible. It's that job performance that is making people flee the Marxist-democrat party in droves.

Speaking of which, Chris Coons has really given Christine O'Connell a gift with his promise to be a rubber stamp for the Obama regime. From a letter Coons s sending his supporters:

Our nation has seen great progress these last two years.

Unemployment benefits have been extended for families in need. More Americans have or will soon have access to more affordable, higher quality health care. Protections are in place for those struggling with credit card debt, and Wall Street reforms offer the promise of increased transparency and protection for investors.

That's why I'll be so proud to share the stage with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden in Wilmington next Friday.

Yeah, great progress, if the goal is to destroy the Republic! No wonder Harry Reid calls this guy his "pet"! Coons can parrot those talking points with the best of them. This will only reinforce the notion that Coons will not be an independent voice for Delaware, instead opting to be just another zombie voting the way he is told.

For Christine's part, she has released a new ad, building on the "I'm you" theme. In her new ad, Christine starts to build her case, and talk policy. She's slowly rolling these out, and comes off quite nice. Not the person portrayed by the corrupt media. This is smart, and opinion changing.

Look for the advertising to pick up, and the message to grow as we get closer to the scheduled debates between Christine and Coons.

Sarah Palin has also said she will be going to Delaware to help rally supporters in the final days of the campaign. This will only serve to further enthusiasm for an already fired up electorate for Christine.

If you remember, in the primary, Republican voter turnout was roughly three times that of the dems, and more than twice the normal turnout for an average non-presidential year primary. Nationwide there is a huge enthusiasm gap between Republican and Marxist-democrat voters.

Check out Christine's new ad, and stop by her website to lean how you can help her close this deal.

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  1. If people actually hear and watch Christine speak on teh issues and her agenda in her own words, they will vote fo rher.

    The smears are designed to keep the voters from having the chance to hear Christine speaking on the issues that matter to the voters.

    Christine's speeches and TV appearances are being collected and available for viewing at: