Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Static Cycle w/ Bristol Palin - "Inside This World of Mine" - Official Music Video

This is a pretty cool video for the song "Inside This World of Mine" from Static Cycle that features Bristol Palin. The video was filmed in Chena, Alaska in an incredible ice hotel, and directed by Sean Morris, who can be found at http://www.AlaskanNomad.com

Bristol looks like she's having a blast here.

As you know Bristol has become quite the star on ABC's Dancing With The Stars. Bristol and her dance partner Mark Ballas have really excited fans of the show.

On Monday night Bristol and Mark danced the tango, scoring their highest points in competition so far, advancing to week seven.

If those two keep putting in solid performances like this, they have a really good shot at the title.

Personally, I just enjoy the chemistry those two have together. Reminds one of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and the chemistry those two had. Bristol is obviously a talented woman and Mark is just the best. One thing is for certain, Bristol is proving she'll be able to go far in whatever endeavor she chooses in life.

We look forward to next Monday night!

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