Sunday, October 3, 2010

Exclusive: Top Secret Video: Obama’s New CoS, Pete Rouse, Prepares To Battle Sarah Palin

Earlier there was a muffled knock at the door and when I went to investigate there was no one there, but as I looked down, there was an old Hellmann’s Mayonnaise jar with a note from an anonymous operative. Included in the note was a link to the video below.

The note read:

At great risk to life and limb I was able to obtain this top secret video footage of Barack Obama’s controversial new Chief of Staff, Pete Rouse. This shocking video is from security footage taken from cameras located in the secret bunker deep within the bowels of the White House.

In the video, Rouse is shown working out in anticipation of doing battle with his old nemesis, Sarah Palin. He appears to be working on some sort of Ninja/Jedi technique.

Oh, and never mind the title on the video: "Star Wars Kid." I did that to throw off the scent from White House security.

~ Condor

Shocking indeed!

However, as myself, Stacy Drake, and Whitney Pitcher have pointed out, good old Pete may have more to worry about than just being Barack Obama’s dirty tricks master. This man is a walking scandal.

In a related matter, we can neither confirm .... nor deny .... that upon learning Pete Rouse was becoming Barack Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Sarah Palin sent Rouse this "congratulatory" note:

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