Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In Houston, Sarah Palin Stands With Heroic Media And The Culture Of Life

Tuesday night Sarah Palin brought her powerful pro-life message and considerable fund raising abilities to Houston's First Baptist Church in support of Heroic Media, a group that supports the culture of life, a cause near and dear to Sarah.

From Houston's My Fox 26 via PalinTV:

Palin Phenomenon in Houston

Ally MacDonald – My Fox Houston

One of the most recognizable women in America was in Houston Tuesday night. She is Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin.

Palin was the keynote speaker at a pro life event held at First Baptist Church.

The faithful arrived hours early dressed in patriotic colors. One fan, Jennifer Kramer, carried a Sarah Palin cardboard cutout all around the church.

"Where do you keep this in your house?" asked FOX 26.

"By the grandfather clock, by the front door," said Kramer with a laugh.

The event was not a political rally, but it felt like one at times. Just a couple years ago Sarah Palin was a name few people knew. Then she exploded onto the political stage as a vice presidential candidate.

"I remember listening to Rush Limbaugh and he went, ‘Hubba Hubba.’ I just think she's great," said Kramer.

Since then it seems Palin has built her own brand.

"I think she relates to the everyday person, believes in the core values of America," said Eraina Lothringer, who brought her granddaughter.

At First Baptist, about 1200 followers paid a minimum of $50 a ticket to get up close with the folksy personality. They went wild when Palin took the stage.

"I am so honored to get back here in our little sister state of Texas," Palin said.

She's here to give a speech about motherhood.

"Texas sure seems to have it right," she said. "You seem to know what it is that this country needs and what we can do to build that culture of life."

The event benefited Heroic Media, an anti abortion charity.

"It's actually a theological issue that's become a political issue. We wouldn't host anything that would be a political event," said Pastor Greg Matte.

The crowd is here for the cause as much as it is for the speaker. What Palin didn't say is what we all want to know. Will she or won't she run for president in 2012?

"Whatever she decides is okay with me," said Kramer.

Sheya at PalinTV has more video coverage here.

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