Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sarah Palin: If It Doesn’t Embrace The Tea Party Message The Republican Party Is Through!

May we always be happy, and may our enemies always know it.

~ Sarah Palin

After Sarah Palin gave her rousing speech in Reno on Monday, to kick off the coast-to-coast Tea Party Express "Liberty At The Ballot Box" national tour, where she took on the corrupt lame stream media, by proclaiming: "Put a fork in it, it’s done!", she was approached by a typical member of this dead media. Or should I say she approached them.

Oh wait .... doesn't the corrupt, lame stream media go around trying to tell anyone who will listen that Sarah is "afraid" and will only talk to Fox News? How's that lie workin’ out for ya media?

Anyhow, this one was from CNN. As you'll notice he was peddling the same old tired left wing talking points. You know, the Tea Party is dividing the Republican Party, and scaring those precious, sainted "moderates" as well as independents. You know, them Tea Party people are radicals and crazies!!!!

You often wonder if these "journalists" are really that stupid, or if they are just that corrupt. Anyone who has done even the most rudimentary of searches knows the Tea Party is made up of Republicans, independents, and yes, even a good number of democrats. BTW, we used to call these democrats "Reagan democrats". I think we can now officially start calling them "Palin democrats!"

Anyhow, try as this poor hapless CNN stooge might, Sarah wasn't having any of it.

This the difference between a real leader, and what has been passing for it for so long. Sarah refuses to even accept this guy's premise. She just keeps on going.

The real take away though, and this is one she will repeat throughout the day, is when she said, point blank, if the GOP doesn't get it's act together, and get behind the Tea Party, and it's message, they are finished.

They are THROUGH!

She had already harshly chastised the cowardly Republican establishment in her speech, taking a shot at those who are "waiting to see" before coming on board. Many thought this was a not so subtle jab at Noted Profile In Courage, Mitt Romney, who has famously endorsed Tea Party candidates AFTER they've won their primaries.

Sarah is right too. The democrat party will be vanquished in this election. They are in trouble from coast to coast. There is not a safe democrat seat in the country. They will no longer be a viable national party by the time Obama is through.

With that said, the Republican party has one shot to get it right. If, by 2012 they haven't learned their lesson, and the same old establishment bulls are in charge of the party, and doing business as usual, the Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs.

The Tea Party isn't going away. They will be a force in American politics, and possibly even world politics .... as Tea Parties are forming world wide .... for decades to come. Tea Party Patriots are sophisticated enough to know it makes sense to try and effect change within the Republican Party, rather than start a new one, as the GOP really is the natural home to Conservatives and common sense, despite recent history.

The Tea Party is also determined to save our nation from certain destruction, and will have no problem doing what is necessary to achieve that goal, even if it means creating a brand new party.

Sarah Palin proved today why both democrats and the GOP establishment fear her. Those who know her actual history, and successful record, recognize what she is doing. Sarah took on the corrupt "good old boy" network in Alaska during her run up to the Governor's office. And she didn't care what party these "good old boys" belonged to. In fact, most were fellow Republicans.

We are having the great pleasure of watching history repeat itself. Sarah has called out absolutely everyone: the corrupt media, the feckless democrats, and the Republican establishment elites. She has served them all notice that business as usual ain't gonna cut it.

Sarah is the happy warrior, ready to lead the nation back to common sense.

Exit question. Sarah has taken the media and the Republican Party head on. She's taking no prisoners.

Can you really see Mitt Romney, or any of the other GOP show ponies having the cojones to take a shot at either, let alone both?

Yeah, me neither.

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