Friday, October 8, 2010

Sarah Palin Makes A Big Move Toward 2012

One of the worst kept secrets out there is the fact that Sarah Palin is eying a presidential run in 2012. She's hinted at it, and her supporters are demanding it. After spending a lifetime in sales, I can tell you, having something that people not only want, but demand, makes for a pretty good argument for giving them what they want.

For her part, Sarah has been trying to play down this talk as much as possible, because we still have this little matter of the November elections, and if we blow this, life in America as we have known it, will end. So we can't take our eye off of the ball.

With that said, you can see it in her eyes, and hear it in her interviews. She is becoming more forceful, giving more specifics, and doing battle like no one else considered to be a 2012 hopeful. Sarah is starting to sound more like a Commander-in-Chief, leading an army, rather than a pundit. She is in charge.

Sarah has been working behind the scenes with Conservative activists, Tea Party Patriots, and even the Grand Old Party, looking to bring everyone together, in an effort to renew and restrengthen the Republican Party. To bring it back home to it's roots.

One such event was Wednesday in Palm Beach, Florida.

As U.S.News and World Report’s Paul Bedard reports:

Former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is raising new speculation in conservative circles that she is already preparing for a 2012 presidential bid. In the latest and clearest example of her plans, Palin met with some 50 national conservative leaders Wednesday in Palm Beach, Florida where she discussed economic and diplomatic policy and led some to declare that she's in the race.

"This was an indication that she's strongly considering running," said one insider. "She was very knowledgeable and gave intelligent answers, despite how she's been characterized," added the insider. "And she was extremely charming."

The meet-and-greet was organized by the conservative magazine and website Newsmax and its boss Christopher Ruddy. Palin, currently a Fox News contributor, has said Newsmax is one of her favorite news sources. Her trip sprung from an accidental meeting in June at the Belmont Stakes race in New York when Palin and Ruddy bumped into each other.

Ruddy, whose Web site helped sell 250,000 of Palin's 2008 campaign book, arranged for Palin to be interviewed by radio host Michael Reagan for an upcoming webcast dubbed "Make America Great Again." Palin will kick off the webcast campaign October 12. Her next book, America By Heart, is due out next month.

Because of its ties to conservative leaders and donors, Newsmax plays a broad role in conservative politics and is fast becoming the place for potential 2012 GOP candidates to be seen. Already Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush have stopped by for interviews. One conservative leader told Whispers that Palin's trip to Newsmax was the strongest sign yet that she's planning to run.

During her stop, Ruddy and his staff presented Palin with a faux Newsmax cover showing her running for the presidency. It was headlined: "Yes in 2012."

At a later reception and dinner, she made her case on several issues to top conservative leaders, among them, Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, pundit Dick Morris, activist Ralph Reed, and John Raese, the West Virginia Republican Senate candidate who holds a surprise lead over Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin.

"This was an indication that she's strongly considering running," said one insider.

Conservatives have warmed to Palin in part because of her golden touch in picking Tea Party candidates to back in House and Senate races, giving her a ready-made support base in a presidential bid.

Um Paul, Conservatives have always been warm to Sarah Palin. It's because she's real.

Sarah spoke about this event in her latest Facebook Post:

Traveling the Country Where We See a New Generation of Leaders Emerging

Had a great visit with Newsmax and the great folks in the Sunshine State yesterday! I spoke to Michael Reagan about his father's grand legacy and to Dick Morris about not accepting what President Obama wants America to believe is some kind of "new normal" of economic woe.

I spoke to concerned Floridians about the energy in the Tea Party movement, and explained that I wrote a lot about it in my book, "America by Heart"; and I had the privilege of being interviewed on Sean Hannity’s show regarding voter turnout favoring conservatives this year.

Florida is fortunate to have great candidates willing to run and serve for all the right reasons. The repeal of the mother-of-all-unfunded mandates, Obamacare, is foremost on the minds of so many concerned Floridians, along with job, jobs, jobs. Thankfully they have candidates bold enough to promise to shake things up, put "We the People" first, and support free market and results-oriented solutions to all these challenges.

You can read the rest of her post, which includes a partial listing of endorsees, here.

The interview with Hannity is below:

Video Courtesy PalinTV

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