Monday, October 18, 2010

Christine O’Donnell: Chris Coons Raised Taxes 54% In Three Years

Following up on her highly effective Taxman, Christine O'Donnell team has released this absolutely crushing indictment of Coons simply named "Michael."

In the latest polling Christine has cut Coon’s lead in half. This race is incredibly winnable.

A lot is made of sending money to candidates, and Christine has certainly raised a good amount, all in small donations from patriots who want to send a true Common Sense Conservative to Washington. But money alone can't win elections.

It takes boots on the ground. An aggressive get out the vote effort.

I know many of our readers are already involved in campaigns, doing fantastic GOTV work, but if you haven't joined a campaign yet, and would like to help win an essential seat, go to Christine's website there you can sign up to make phone calls from the comfort of your home and help rally the voters for common sense.

Remember, this is a special election to fill Joe Biden’s unexpired term, and the winner will be seated immediately, and be a member of the 111th Congress, as well as the incoming 112th. Christine O'Donnell will be an essential vote in the lame duck Congress. She will be the difference between having dangerous legislation like cap and tax, amnesty, card check to help the union thugs run roughshod over business and more shoved down our throats, and not. .

Christine will vote against it all. Chris Coons will be a rubber stamp for anything the Obama regime wants.

Yup, it's that important. That crucial.

Go to Christine's website and volunteer today!

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