Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rush On Media Bias: Imagine President Palin Doing This!

Rush is in rare form here as he goes after Obama, Holder, and the media.

As you know, President Obama, along with his stooge Attorney General, Eric Holder, have decided, own their own, that the Defense of Marriage Act, legislation legally passed by Congress, and signed into law by Bill Clinton, is now somehow "unconstitutional" and they will no longer enforce it.

DOMA, for those that don't know, allows states that do not allow gay marriage to decide whether or not they want to recognize such relationships within their own state's border. This doesn't say a state can't choose to allow gay marriage, it simply says other state's can choose not to recognize them. That is consistent with federalism, and the Constitution, as each state is sovereign, and has it's rights protected by the 10th Amendment.

Now as we all know, the President, nor the Attorney General have the legal authority to declare something "unconstitutional." Nor do they have the authority to pick and choose which laws they will enforce. As Attorney General, Erick Holder is the nation's top law enforcement officer, and duty bound to enforce ALL of the laws. Of course, in reality we already know he refuses to enforce civil rights and voters' rights laws, so this is strike three, for those keeping score.

Only the Judicial branch of government can legally declare a law unconstitutional. The Executive or Legislative branch cannot. The President can't pick and choose, and just ignore laws he doesn't like. This is the sort of thing a corrupt dictator in a banana republic would come up with.

In the video Rush points out that the media has been silent on this extra-constitutional power grab by Obama, something that borders on an impeachable offense. If you do a little searching, you'll find stories from the "mainstream" media actually PRAISING this move by Obama.

So here we are. If this is the new standard, what will the media, and the democrats say when President Palin decides abortion is unconstitutional? Will they praise her for her "innovative" handling of the situation? Some how I doubt it. What if [God forbid] ObamaCare still exists when she takes office? OK, that's a bad example because a judge already HAS declared ObamaCare unconstitutional!

Come to think of it, since the Obama regime is still pressing ahead on ObamaCare, he's actually in contempt of court! That's nothing new either, as his offshore ban on oil exploration has also been overturned, numerous times, and he is defying that as well.

You get the idea. There are any number of laws that make little sense that President Palin could declare "unconstitutional." Now I could live in a country smart enough to elect President Palin, but I couldn't live in a country dumb enough to allow ANY president, even President Palin, that sort of power.
At this point, one could reasonably conclude Barack Obama doesn't actually care about anything as silly as the Rule of Law.

Hat Tip: Bardsmith

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