Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flashback Sarah Palin, Sportscaster

This is a neat little video our friends over at unearthed for All Palin February. It's shows a young Sarah Heath talking sports. I'm not sure of her exact age here, but she has to be in her early 20s. She does quite well for someone so young.

In her book, Going Rogue, Sarah wrote that her dream back then was to go to work for ESPN. It looks like she would have been good at it too. Thankfully, she decided to take a different path. ESPN's loss is our gain.

Interesting to note, one of Ronald Reagan's first jobs was working as a radio sportscaster.

The video was put together by the loons at the now defunct Air America, which is why you see the "boom goes the dynamite" guy inserted over and over. Not sure how the liberal mind works, but I guess those pitiful creatures thought this video was some kind of "gotcha" or something. If anything, this serves as a reminder why Air America went belly up.


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