Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mitt Romney: Sarah Palin Would Be A Great President

This from the New York Daily News:

Mitt Romney claims he isn't sure if he'll run for President in 2012, but he knows someone else that would do a "great" job: Sarah Palin.

During an interview on Tuesday night with Piers Morgan on CNN, the former GOP Massachusetts governor said Palin would bring a lot to the political table.

"I believe she is an extraordinarily powerful and effective voice in our party, that she has generated a great deal of support and attention, that she'd be great in a primary process," he said of the former vice-presidential nominee and Tea Party darling. "She'd bring attention to the process, and frankly, the more people we have on the stage in those debates talking about different ideas and different approaches, the better."

Romney has gone on a media blitz to discuss his new book, "No Apology: The Case for American Greatness," making appearances on "Good Morning America," "Late Show with David Letterman" and "The View."

But the appearances have fueled speculation that Romney, who lost in the Republican primary in 2008 to Sen. John McCain, is considering running again in 2012.

When the CNN host asked whether Romney could beat Palin, he replied, "I don't know the answer to that." The 63-year-old said his wife is urging him to run.

"My wife thinks I should run," said Romney. "She's absolutely committed. She's saying, 'You've got to run, you've got to have somebody who understands the world of the economy, small business, who can create jobs.' She's convinced I've got to run. But I have to look more broadly and say, 'Alright, do I have a team necessary to do this?' "

[ .... ]

Romney told Letterman he has no plans to run for President, but added "I'll keep the door open." He also gave a shout out to Palin.

"Be careful what you say about her," Romney joked. "She has a rifle, you know."

We have been hearing that Romney is having a bit of trouble exciting his big money backers from 2008, and a lot of the political movers and shakers that once supported him are less than enthusiastic as well. There's even been talk of skipping Iowa and South Carolina, where he has no shot, and putting everything into New Hampshire, where he might gain a bit of momentum.

Our problem with Romney, besides his flip-flopping, finger-in-the-wind style, has to do with competency. Everyone points to RomneyCare as the elephant in the room, but it's Romney's entire term as Governor. His record is not good at all. The other problem of course, is the fact that Romney has been very silent on every issue.

Romney, with his favored status by the Republican elites, the country club set, could have lent his name to any of a number of issues fighting the fight with the rest of America against the Obama regime. Instead, as the Boston Globe reports, Romney is actually distancing himself from the Tea Party. Not a smart move, since the Tea Party represents mainstream America, and according to Gallup, 71 percent of Americans, including most democrats, say the Republicans should be listening to the Tea Party. [I guess they understand the democrat party is a lost cause]

This sort of thing shows just how out of touch Romney really is.

We were also very disappointed, but not surprised, that Romney .... like most of the Republican Party .... was no where to be found while Sarah Palin, and the 40 million members who make up the Tea Party, were blood libeled by the corrupt media and the democrat party.

Frankly, Mitt could have really won over a lot of people had he been the one with the courage to speak up. But alas, he doesn't have it.

We think Romney wants to run, and will. It will be futile. Too many obstacles in the way.

It's nice to know, though, that he knows what we know, that Sarah Palin will be a great President.

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