Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unbelievable: Mike Huckabee Calls For Release Of American Traitor Jonathan Pollard

This is simply unbelievable. Mike Huckabee, while on a trip to Israel, suggests we free a traitor to the United States, Jonathan Pollard, as a show of "friendship" towards Israel.

From the Case Against Jonathan Pollard by Seymour Hersch, which originally appeared in  New York Magazine on January 18, 1999:

In the last decade, Jonathan Pollard, the American Navy employee who spied for Israel in the mid-nineteen-eighties and is now serving a life sentence, has become a cause celebre in Israel and among Jewish groups in the United States. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a consortium of fifty-five groups, has publicly called for Pollard's release, arguing, in essence, that his crimes did not amount to high treason against the United States, because Israel was then and remains a close ally. Many of the leading religious organizations have also called for an end to Pollard's imprisonment, among them the Reform Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Orthodox Union.

Let me get this straight. Jonathan Pollard, someone who betrayed his country, and gave classified information to a foreign nation, should be let go? This man committed high treason. The penalty is supposed to be death. He's quite lucky he only got life in prison.

According to prosecutors in the case, Pollard made more than $540,000 selling those secrets. And the secrets he passed along were so sensitive that portions of the trial were classified and not made available to the general public. And on top of it all, many of those secrets ended up in the hands of our enemy, the Soviet Union.

There a whole lot more to the story. If you want to read a definitive and well-sourced account of the Pollard case can read more here.

Suffice it to say this guy is a traitor, and should spend the rest of his life in prison.

Thirty-nine (39) Members of Congress have signed a letter requesting clemency (Curiously, they are all Democrats.)

What in the world is Huckabee thinking? I know he thinks he has a shot at the presidency. Does he think pandering like this, and siding with democrats, in a foreign land, will win him votes? With who exactly?

You'd think Huckabee would have learned from the last time he let a dangerous man go free. There are four dead cops as the result of Huckabee's last "gesture."

Huckabee is dangerous, and a fool. Criminals are placed in prisons for a reason. Sadly, it seems Huckabee never met a criminal, or a traitor he didn't want to set free.

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