Monday, February 14, 2011

Sarah Palin: A Better Debater Than You Think

There are some folks who run around saying Sarah Palin can't win because she wouldn't be able to hold her own in the debates.

Now the consensus was Sarah beat up on Joe Biden pretty good when those two debated. But that was just one debate.

We found this great video that samples portions of the debates that took place when Sarah ran for Governor of Alaska. It was put together by the folks at the far left Huffington Post, basically doing Team Obama's opposition research for them.

In these clips she's debating sitting Republican Governor Frank Murkowski and well as former democrat Governor Tony Knowles, as he attempted to take back the office he once held.

As you see, she was more than capable of whippin' up on the "good old boys"! Both Murkoski and Knowles are old hands at politics. Murkowski was a United States Senator before becoming Governor, and as mentioned, Knowles a former Governor himself.

If Sarah Palin can take these two apart, she'll make short work of both the GOP establishment show ponies, and Obama.

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