Monday, February 21, 2011

Jedediah Bila: Sarah Palin Makes a Splash on Long Island

Jedediah Bila was at the Long Island, NY event last Thursday, and gives us a first hand report:

She was relaxed, but spunky. She was real. She was armed with stats. She was unapologetic about her convictions. She was tough on President Obama’s agenda. She was fed up with the status quo. She was "sick and tired of the games that are being played in Washington, D.C., because we’re talking about our money, we’re talking about our kids’ future, we’re talking about our republic and the solvency of our republic." She was willing to laugh at herself. She was confident about her experience.

And yes—she was wearing leopard heels.

The woman? Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The event? The Long Island Association’s 2011 Annual Meeting and Luncheon, during which Palin replied extemporaneously to a series of questions from LIA CEO and President, Kevin S. Law. Topics included gun control, energy independence, health care, entitlements, Obama’s budget, the debt ceiling, the Tea Party, protests in Egypt, the 2012 presidential election, and more.

[ .... ]

Palin’s trademark sense of humor was woven throughout her commentary, including when she said, "Last night, I’m in my hotel room, and I’ve got my entourage with me—that would be Bristol" and her sentiments on who she envisions at the top of the 2012 GOP ticket: "Nobody is more qualified really in multitasking and doing all the things that you need to do as President than a woman, than a mom. … Adding that all up, what I would look for was somebody who, okay, would start off as being you know, a woman, a mom, somebody who’s administered locally, state, interstate with energy issues, so maybe a mayor, a governor, an oil commissioner, maybe somebody who’s already run for something, vice pr— … I don’t know, I don’t know, we’ll see."

Read her entire Human Events column here.

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