Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Is Reagan-Palin Month!

The month of February is very special. On Sunday we will celebrate the 100th birthday of one of our greatest presidents. A leader who saw America as that Shining City on a Hill. An inspiration for all Americans. Ronald Reagan.

Sarah Palin was also born in February, and her life has taken a very similar path to Reagan's.

No one can ever replace Ronald Reagan as the spiritual leader of Conservatism, but Sarah Palin is the one who most embodies that spirit and carries on his legacy.

Left wing columnist Dana Milbank and others have declared February a "Sarah Palin free month" as an idiotic stunt. We, however, are declaring, along with many others, February to be a month to celebrate the lives and works of both Ronald Reagan, and Sarah Palin. You'll see a lot of articles about both.

Fay who runs the Sarah Palin Information Blog has put together a wonderful proclamation:

WHEREAS, February is the birth month of four past and one future Presidents (Washington, Harrison, Lincoln, Reagan, and Palin), and

WHEREAS, February 6 this year is the 100th anniversary of President Ronald Reagan's birth, and

WHEREAS, February 11 this year is the 47th anniversary of future President Sarah Heath Palin's birth, and

WHEREAS, February is a very good month for the announcement of a candidacy for a Presidential run,

We ask our readers to join us in celebrating by signing this Proclamation of February 2011 as Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month.

This proclamation is partly in response to the liberal media's proposing to make February a Palin-free month. That is fine with us, because that means our voices will be more clearly heard. So during the month of February, all of our sponsor blogs will be posting articles about Governor Sarah Palin on a daily basis. We will also be celebrating Ronald Reagan's legacy during this month.

Governor Palin is a runner, and we see her as a torch-bearer for Reagan conservatism. As a "runner," Sarah Palin is doing what most runners do before a race. She is stretching and warming up. She's getting her organization together. She's checking out the important primary states to see where she will need to spend most of her energy. And she's fine tuning her message in preparation for hitting the campaign trail.

While we don't necessarily expect an announcement on her intentions to run in February, we recognize February as a month when Governor Palin prepares herself to make that decision.

While the liberal media chooses to remain silent, we choose to get louder. We all recognize this as "Stretch and Warm Up" time for Sarah Palin. But while she stretches and warms up, the voices from the stands grow louder and louder. Run, Sarah, run! Run, Sarah, run!! Run, Sarah, run!!!

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the undersigned, do hereby proclaim February, 2011 as:

Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month

and encourage all Americans who support conservative values and principles to remember a great President who served his country well and to support our next President, who will proudly bear his torch and lead America forward in a positive direction and back to its founding principles. May this nation always be one nation under God and a shining city on a hill for all the world to see! And may God always bless America!

We are a proud co-sponsor of the proclamation. You can add your name to it, and see all of the other sponsors here.

The guys over at iOwnTheWorld have also declared this:  "All Palin February" and will be featuring all sorts of stories, videos, inspirational artworks, and so on.

Click here for more details.

They also report the British are joining in and supporting Sarah Palin month. Read more here.

As Ginger over there says: We are all Sarah Palin now!

Look for fun, interesting, as well as serious articles on both Sarah Palin, and Ronald Reagan this month as we celebrate the lives and times of both.

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