Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sarah Palin Does The Gipper Proud At Centennial Celebration

It was a packed house in Santa Barbara Friday night as Sarah Palin spoke to the greatness of Ronald Reagan, America, and the American people. The occasion was the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan, a celebration hosted by the Young America's Foundation, which owns and maintains the Reagan Ranch.

After a rousing introduction by Young America's Vice President, Kate Obenshain, Sarah took to the stage. She shared her thoughts about visiting the Reagan Ranch, Rancho del Cielo, and riding horseback, something Reagan loved to do. She speaks of contemplating Reagan as she rode the trails that he not only rode, but cleared with his bare hands.

Sarah chose to highlight Reagan's iconic 1964 speech, "A Time For Choosing", better known simply as "The Speech."

Sarah speaks to the vision Reagan had, and also the dark times he gave that speech in. Times most similar to those today. Reagan spoke of the attempts by democrats to take over every aspect of one's life, and how Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" would destroy the American dream. He was certainly right then, and as Sarah points out, we are at the exact same spot again in American history.

This was not a campaign speech, but a tribute to a man who got it right. Who knew the difference between good and evil. In "The Speech" Reagan offered a choice between the swamp and the stars. Sarah offers up that same choice as she speaks about the Obama regime and how we are at the brink of disaster.

Sarah said we are on a "bullet train to disaster!" She speaks to the fact that both parties have let us down, and notes Republicans need to be bold, especially on spending cuts, and not just nibble at the edges.

She praises the millions of Americans who are speaking up and being heard.

The Right Scoop has video of the speech, which you can watch by clicking on the photo above.


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