Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stacy Drake and I on Patrick's World USA Radio

Stacy is always ready to take on the enemies of Liberty and Freedom!

On Wednesday night Stacy Drake and I were guests on Patrick Adams' radio show. Patrick and Stacy discuss several of the ridiculous books coming out about Sarah Palin, including the one written by Alaska Mafia© member Jeanne Devon and a disgruntled former Palin staffer, Frank Bailey. The book, trading on Bailey's own perceived "closeness" to Governor Palin is, in reality nothing, more than fiction and fantasy copied and pasted from Devon's website Mudflats where she has been reliably slamming Sarah Palin since tasked to do so by democrat party operatives.

Stacy also talks about her latest article where she wonders why Simon and Schuster's "Christian" book division is publishing this book.

Patrick and I discuss establishment Republicans and what we must do to win in 2012.

Check us out here.

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