Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Silent Slaughter

I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born. ~ Ronald Reagan

A thoughtful guest commentary by Madeleine McAulay:

1,300,000 innocent lives are murdered in America alone every single year, but you don’t seem to see that as breaking news. Millions of innocent lives were lost during the Holocaust, and we went to war. Over 3,000 innocent Americans lives were lost on September 11, and what did we do? We went to war. I think it is safe to say that when many lives are lost, we as Americans decide to step in and end it. We have seen this happen multiple times in our nation’s history. That seems like the humane thing to do. But why is it that when 1,300,000 babies lives are taken away no one seems to pay any attention? Is one’s life more valuable than another?

Abortion has destroyed innumerable innocent lives. When I say destroyed I mean more than just ruined. I mean mutilated, massacred, slayed, demolished, assassinated, and slaughtered. What these doctors do to these babies is disgusting. As Americans we should be outraged, but are we? No, we are not. We go on with our lives in denial, instead of owning up to the fact we allow over 3,500 babies to be slaughtered, in America, each and every day. We as Americans are supposedly the peace keepers of the world, but how can we be the peace keepers if we allow such a blood bath to go on within our own borders? We should be mortified. In America today, we care more about the trees and our animals than we do about our children, the future of our country.

As Americans, as peace keepers, we should be ashamed of ourselves. How can we commit such an evil act against such an innocent human being? People say that it is none of our business, and that if we are Pro-Life, then we should just not get an abortion. But that is the problem. We as fellow Americans need to stand together for all of the babies who have been silenced. For all of the lives that were never lived. These babies, these lives, need a voice. We need to give them a chance, a chance to live a prosperous life. Who are we to judge their purpose? God has a divine plan for each and every life and we are selfish beyond belief if we believe our breath is more precious than another. Since 1973, 50,000,000 murders have been committed. When will we as Americans do something about it?

Madeleine McAulay is the co-founder of Youth For Palin. At 15 years old, her wisdom is greater than many twice her age. We're proud to be able to share her writings with our readers.

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