Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sneak Peek: Sarah Palin to Media: Lay Off the Petty Stuff

Fox News Insider offers us a little sneak preview from tonight's interview with Greta. Sarah Palin is fiesty, to say the least. She also makes a good point, when the media is telling a bunch of lies about you and your family, you simply can't sit back and let them. That's what's wrong now. Too many do. It's also why it;'s hard to get good people to run for elected office.

On tonight’s On the Record, Greta and Sarah Palin have an exchange about the role of media in politics. Palin says, “Come after us based on our record, based on our present-day statements about what we intend to do to, for, with this country. Don’t come after us for little, petty, stupid things”. Check out this sneak peek to see how Palin responded when Greta suggested she and other politicians not “take the bait”.

Tune in to On the Record at 10p/1a ET for the full interview.

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