Saturday, May 28, 2011

Glenn Beck: Palin 2012 Just Got More Likely

By Gary P Jackson

When it comes to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck is always interesting to listen to. He and Sarah are great friends, and according to Glenn, e-mail each other frequently. What tickles me, for all the things they share, Glenn is one of those who has always thought she wasn't running, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, which is why this is remarkable.

I know, as a long time supporter, [pre-2008] it's easy to get caught up in it all, but it's not hard for even an objective person to see that Sarah Palin has been setting herself up to be the 45th President of the United States for a couple of years now, at least.

In the past few weeks a lot things have happened. A new home in Arizona, the feature length motion picture, the bus tour, and more have all been announced, but these things didn't happen over night. Great planning went into all of this.

While Sarah was out there giving policy speeches, traveling world-wide, and holding Obama's feet to the fire, she was also putting things in place for a run. She's hired a top shelf Chief-of-Staff, a solid foreign policy adviser, as well as other key personnel. Now it can be argued with her busy schedule that Sarah needed a good Chief-of-Staff no matter what, but Wasilla hockey moms rarely hire foreign policy advisers, especially those who literally wrote the book examining how President Ronald Reagan won the Cold War.

The problem with the little elites in Washington is they are arrogant. If you aren't from the "right" side of the tracks, they look down their nose at you. They didn't care for or give Reagan much of a chance either. They have been in D.C. so long they have lost all touch with reality.

Sarah Palin, and people like her, are like a cool drink on a hot summer day. They are refreshing, and sustaining.

Here's more from Glenn's website:

Sarah Palin has been pretty quiet for the past few months, but while many suspected she was distancing herself from national politics it looks like she may have been quietly working on a potential presidential campaign. She’ll be unveiling a new documentary about her life in the weeks ahead, and she’s launching a national bus tour. Why the surprise moves? Glenn had some thoughts on radio this morning.

The other camps are saying behind the scenes that they’re not preparing for her run. They don’t believe she’s running. I don’t know. But she’s obviously going out on a bus tour this weekend. And it seems like something a candidate would do. She’s going to make up her own mind. She’s certainly her own person. Nobody makes her do anything,” Stu said.

“(The bus tour) is going to kick off this Sunday by taking part in the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Ride, comprised mainly of U.S. war veterans of the Vietnam War begins at the Pentagon, concludes at the Vietnam Memorial on the National Mall. Planning for the trip kicked into high gear only a short while ago when she rehired two former advance aides to President George W. Bush, Doug McMarland and Jason Rector to plan the trip and execute logistics. Details of where the 2008 vice-presidential nominee will go remain fluid and they’re only closely held within Palin’s small world of trusted advisors,” Glenn explained.

I have to tell you, there’s no one more cryptic than Sarah Palin. She doesn’t trust anyone and for good reason, she shouldn’t trust anyone. And she controls her own destiny.

The question is whether or not this is still a country that can handle — you want to talk about a, quote/unquote, maverick. It is Sarah Palin. Can the country still elect or still give a lot of credibility to somebody who works alone and says I’m charting my own course. Those used to be pioneers. Those used to be people that would go out west and people would tell stories of them.”

People are saying you know what, I don’t care what anybody else thinks. That’s when amazing things happen. When people think out of the box. That’s when somebody says, wait a minute, I think I’ve just invented something I’m going to call the light bulb. When they don’t care. Now, this society is being set up that would have shut Edison down. Edison wouldn’t have even been able to have his labs let alone actually come out with the light bulb, because there would have been too much regulations.”

They attack Sarah Palin with such anger, it’s just — it makes me like her more, because I get defensive about her and Bachmann and others that get attacked so angrily over and over again. They must be doing something right,” Glenn said.

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