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Palin 2012? Game On!: Nationwide Organize4Palin Ground Report

By Karen Allen

How about a little Organize4Palin roundup? I admit to not showing our hand much, and believe me, that’s very hard to do when I so badly want to brag on Governor Palin’s passionate and hardworking supporters. Below are some excerpts and examples of Gov. Palin’s boots on the ground. Keep in mind that these are just a few…Organize4Palin has its game on and GRRRR on across the nation.

Today, The Des Moines Register posted an article entitled, “Who’s likely in for the straw poll,” excerpt below.
North Carolina home-schooling mom Karen Allen, founder of Organize4Palin, told the Register: “If we consider Governor Palin’s criteria for running for president, which was if she didn’t see anyone else who could bring to the table what she could and be willing to make those hard decisions we as a country must come to terms with, then it appears to us that a 2012 Palin campaign is inevitable.

Volunteer regional directors and county teams are “intensively” working to organize in Iowa, said Organize4Palin’s Iowa leader, Peter Singleton, who has been scouting for Palin fans here since November. “I consider the other guys pretty formidable. They have lots of money and lots of skilled operatives and the like, but I think they’re underestimating her grass-roots base here in Iowa.

Also today, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posted a letter to the editor written by O4P’s PA coordinator, Dominic Salvatori. It was in response to a column written by Margaret Carlson, someone Stacy Drake has addressed before here.
Palin’s positions

A nonsensical column by Margaret Carlson last Sunday ( “No Trumps Need Apply,” May 8 Perspectives) suggests that a Sarah Palin presidential candidacy would be “bizarro.” As usual by those suffering from PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome), no supporting reasons are given.

Of course, no mention is made of Ms. Palin’s recent speech setting forth the five-point Palin doctrine on when and why U.S. forces should be deployed overseas. No mention is made of her recent visit to Israel and private dinner with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. No mention is made of her speech last month in India in which she defended American exceptionalism and called for more cooperation between India and America.

And no one could expect Ms. Carlson to discuss the former governor’s recent detailed criticisms of President Barack Obama’s manipulation of the U.S. energy supply.

No, just another unsubstantiated hit piece. Well, guess what, Ms. Carlson — you and the rest of the lefty loons are not scaring Sarah away. Game on.

Pennsylvania State Coordinator

NBC’s Shawna Thomas tweeted a card she picked up at a GOP Lincoln Day dinner left by NH Coordinator Warren Rasmussen.

This past Thursday, O4P’s NY Coordinator, Ron Devito, spoke at a meeting held at the Metropolitan Republican Club, where he met Debra Leible, the Club’s Executive Committee Chair. He dropped off Organize4Palin literature and answered questions from a group of Log Cabin Republicans. Read more about it here.

Maryland volunteers with O4P door hangers

Coordinator Thomas S. Schmitz has proven he’s the king of creative marketing when it comes to promoting O4P California-style. Lately, Thomas has been enlisting volunteers to hand out palm cards at events, make videos, and contribute artwork. You can read about Thomas’ recent exploits here and here. Take time too and meet some San Francisco volunteers he’s been working with at the new Essex & Orange 1773. They created this Sarah of AK graphic, likening Gov. Palin to Joan of Arc, and promote O4P and C4P at their links tab.

Last night, Arizona Coordinator Rebecca Feldman attended a reception at the Center for Arizona Policy, a conservative family policy organization. She said,
I wore my “Palin 2012″ pin as it was visible and easily read from afar, and people were coming up left and right wanting to talk to me about Governor Palin. Senators, state representatives, judges, etc. I got plenty of  “I like your pin!” comments. Very encouraging.

And my newest favorite outreach method, initiated by Kansas Coordinator, Mary Newton.
I had great success yesterday at neighborhood garage sales. I left cards for people and once a conversation started, groups would form around. I wore a Palin button I had and that would start the positive conversations. Sarah Palin is loved by the “think for yourself” population. Looks like I will be returning to that neighborhood in a few weeks for a meeting.

Lest you think only coordinators are working, consider these numbers. As of a week ago, over 21,000 palm cards and door hangers had been ordered by and shipped to volunteers all over the country. Their attitude always resembles Washington Coordinator Sarah Emily Jordan’s statement below.
It’s been a blast to meet with state volunteers these past couple of weeks. They are amazing and anxious to get to work. So many of Sarah Palin’s supporters are just like her, genuine, down to earth, freedom loving Americans who are willing to do whatever they can to help this country.

And as Patrick Adams said,
Organize4Palin is now on its way to building legions of the brave who are establishing footholds in each state with the mantra “boots on the ground.

The army has come a long way and continues to become better organized every day. All Sarah has to do is give the word and they will spring into action. They will take no prisoners and will not bow to any union thug, communist, socialist or jihadist who tries to intimidate them or get in their way.

Well, that’s all I can share for now. Anymore, and well, you know what I would have to do. But I’m sure many of you are wondering how you can get involved too!

First, not all states are covered. We still are looking for coordinators in Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. If you’re interested in what it involves, please write me at

Some of you have state coordinators, but they’re just kicking off and things may not be moving as fast as you’d like. Help ‘em out! If you can organize an event, host a meet, help with Facebook or Twitter, write them. Use “your state’s name” to contact them.

Want cards? You can order them direct from the printer at GOP Victory Print. They will hook you up with great prices and fast shipping.

Lastly, one question that is picking up in frequency is, “When will the new site be ready?!” It’s close. But there’s a hold up. I guess you could say we need more green energy. If you can contribute any, please do so here. We want the site to be professional and that costs. Thankfully, we have a volunteer donating many, many hours to the project, but there are still expenses involved.

So again, if you approve of all Organize4Palin is doing across the country, please consider giving toward the new website. Thank you!!

I leave you with another California creation:

*Karen Allen is one of the hardest working patriots we know. She is an incredible organizer and has helped create a massive ground game for Sarah Palin. Organize4Palin was a big player during the 2010 mid-term elections as well, supporting the over 100 candidates Sarah Palin endorsed.

We are supporters of O4P's efforts and we'll be posting updates from Karen from time to time.

~ Gary

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