Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sarah Palin Talks With Sean Hannity And Eric Bolling

What I live for is fighting for family and faith and freedom in this country.

~ Sarah Palin 5/18/11

On Wednesday Sarah Palin spoke with both Sean Hannity at Fox News, as well as, Eric Bolling at Fox Business News. A wide variety of topics are discussed. Noteworthy is her take on Newt Gingrich. Not only does she hammer him for his bizarre comments on Congressman Paul Ryan's budget plan, she also schools Newt how to talk to the lamestream media when they try and paint you as a racist.

When David Gregory interviewed Newt he tried to paint him as a racist for calling Obama the "food stamp President. Newt was trying to bring attention to the incredible rise of Americans on food stamps, thanks to Obama's fail policies. Newt totally failed in the interview, as you will see in the Hannity video.

Sarah goes after the media hard as well as candidates who would rather try and please the media than stand up for their principles. She also talks about 2012.

The is Sarah Palin at her very best. She looked incredibly determined. Dare I say, presidential.

Videos courtesy, SarahNet.

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