Friday, August 19, 2011

Walking the Early States is the Path to Sarah Palin's Nomination

By Gary P Jackson

Organize4Palin has been quietly setting up one of the strongest support networks any candidate has ever had. And they have been doing it own their own, independently of Sarah Palin.

Pete Singleton, O4P's man in Iowa has a standing army ready to roll when the Iowa caucuses start. Singleton's people blanket the state and participate in every GOP meeting at every level.

In New Hampshire similar activity is taking place, South Carolina too. I fact, Organize4Palin is building an army of volunteers in all 50 states. You see, unlike some, Palin supporters, like Governor Palin herself, are not about to write off any state. We plan to challenge Obama in all 50 of them.

Karen Allen, the hardest working woman I know, Is the national coordinator for Organize4Palin. Here are her thoughts and directions for all Liberty and Freedom loving Americans on how we can make sure our next President is the honorable Sarah Palin from the Great State of Alaska!

Reprinted in full with permission:

Walking the Early States Path to the Nomination

Dear Friends,

We are profoundly grateful for the commitment, hard work, and insight of the California4Palin and Organize4Palin community who are working across the nation to support the values and leadership of Gov. Palin. This is truly a team effort, as we work alongside each other, pounding with boots on the ground and fingers on the keyboard. We are fortunate to serve with you and to know you.

Recently, we’ve received requests asking how to help in the most time critical efforts. We believe it’s crucial now to get behind O4P’s early state efforts en masse! O4P has chapters in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida. The path to the nomination will go through these states.

We have a number of ideas as to how the community can get behind these efforts, some of which are underway even now quietly. Most of these don’t cost any money at all, as we are an army of volunteers. However, other efforts do cost: advertising to reach other Palin supporters, providing literature on Gov. Palin’s accomplishments to potential voters, and reserving spaces at fairs and events to share information are just a few.

One vitally important way we can together support the early states effort is by donating to Organize4Palin’s Early States Fund. Reaching those early primary states and then spreading that success across the nation will provide Gov. Palin with an organized and strong network of volunteers should she decide to run, as we believe she will.

We have received a generous donation by a long time C4P-er who wishes to remain anonymous. Our C4P friend was inspired by “Charter’s Challenge” on July 10 to challenge us once again. For every $100 donated to the Early States Fund, this C4P-er will match that donation, up to a total of $1,000, for donations made through Sunday, August 21.

If you have the ability to do so in these challenging financial times, we urge you to give generously to the Early States Fund! Either way, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you are doing for this great country and in support of a great leader, Governor Sarah Palin. Again, it’s an honor and a privilege to serve with you in this great cause!

Click here to donate to the Early States Fund:

With American hearts,

Peter Singleton, Organize4Palin Iowa state coordinator

Michelle McCormick, Organize4Palin Iowa state co-coordinator

Karen Allen, Organize4Palin national coordinator

P.S. Before we go…anyone want to take a crack at what Gov. Rick Perry must have been thinking when he saw these volunteer placed O4P palm cards? Your help in the early states will place more of these cards in the hands of potential primary voters. Please help now!

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