Friday, August 19, 2011

More on the Insane and Dangerous Palin Stalking Family Just Arrested by the FBI

By Gary P Jackson

We just reported the father and son stalking duo of Craig and Shawn Christy were indicted by a federal grand jury in Anchorage, Alaska and arrested by the FBI in Pennsylvania.

Kelly over at Barbaric Thoughts has been keeping watch on these people for some time and reports:

I’ve been popping into the Facebook pages of these two from time to time just to see what crazy stuff they’ve come up with lately. The father is more nuts than the son. He thinks that Palin is in love with his son, that she built her home in Tucson for her and Shawn and not her and Todd. He’s also said that the Palins tried to kill him in PA as he was chopping wood in March of 2009. The latest crazy idea they came up with is that Willow has autism

Bear in mind, these Facebook posts are from the FATHER, not the son. He is most certainly is as crazy as the son, and the son has threatened to rape and kill Sarah, her daughters, as well as one of Sarah's oldest friends, who like Sarah, has a federal restraining order against the family.

This may be what triggered the action by the FBI:

Again, this is the father, NOT the son.

On April 27, Craig Christy left this comment on our blog:

Ask Sarah to explain why she announced she was leaving office on 7-3-09 one hour after my son Shawn Christys psych evaluation with the Secret Service.He was mentally sound to testify about their sexting affair in Feb-March 2009.Facebook Stand Strong Shawn Christy.

You know when the United States Secret Service is evaluating your metal stability you've crossed over into another dimension. What troubles me is the fact mother Karen was not arrested and remains at large. She is just as crazy as her husband and son, and just as dangerous.

H/T: Ladybug

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