Thursday, August 18, 2011

Breaking: Father and Son Palin Stalkers Arrested by FBI, Indicted By Federal Grand Jury

By Gary P Jackson

We've reported on the Christy family before. The son, Shawn, is incredibly disturbed, and besides claiming to have had a "sexting affair" with Governor Palin, he's also threatened to rape and kill not only Sarah Palin, but her daughters, and even one of her best friends.

This has been a going on since the 2008 election season was over. As we have written, this is a family affair, with mom and dad actively involved in harassing the Palin family, along with their friends. Though we've not published them, choosing to archive them instead, Craig Christy, Shawn's father, has left comments on our website. These people are delusional and quite dangerous. You can read our take here.

Today The Washington Post reports the father Craig and son Shawn were placed under arrest by the FBI after the pair was indicted by a federal grand jury in Alaska.

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — The FBI said Thursday that a Pennsylvania man and his son were arrested on charges of harassing Sarah Palin’s family and lawyers.

Craig Christy and his son, Shawn Christy, were placed under arrest at the FBI office in Allentown. The pair were indicted by a federal grand jury in Alaska on Wednesday.

They are accused of harassing members of the former Alaska governor’s family as well as her attorneys and employees of the law firm. Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, is also a possible presidential candidate.

A magistrate in Alaska had previously issued restraining orders against both men.

Karen Christy, Craig Christy’s wife and Shawn’s mother, said in a telephone interview Thursday the family has been persecuted by the Palins and law enforcement officials for more than two years.

They contend Sarah Palin had a sexting relationship with the teen in 2009.

"All of these things have been happening to my family, and the police and the FBI and the federal agents don’t seem to (care) ... about going after Sarah Palin because she’s a big political figure," Karen Christy told The Associated Press.

Palin has said she feared Karen and Craig Christy because she says they wrongly believe she had a sexting relationship with the teen two years ago. Recordings of telephone calls made to Palin’s attorney by Shawn Christy are peppered with profanity-laced tirades and vows to continue calling nonstop.

Karen Christy said Craig and Shawn were invited to the FBI office for an interview and were taken into custody.

The family, which lives in McAdoo, Pa., does not have an attorney.

It comical to hear Karen Christy talking about "persecution." These people have been in court numerous times, and have restraining orders against them. What part of "you brought all of this on yourself, you moron" doesn't this mentally disturbed woman get?

I've never seen a stalker family before. This is beyond comprehension. When I first learned of this, I thought this all might be another stunt the ankle-biters in Alaska are famous for, but over the years I've been convinced these people actually believe what they are saying, as insane as it is, and the parents, Craig and Karen are just as crazy as the son, Shawn.They are a clear and present danger.

Death threats against anyone should never be tolerated, period. What this family has done has shown they have intended to carry them out. Here's to hoping these two spend a significant time in federal prison, and the mom gets the mental health care she so desperately needs.

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