Monday, August 1, 2011

Ace of Spades Straw Poll: Sarah Palin Wins Big, Clobbers Rick Perry

By Gary P Jackson

This is delicious. Ace is a notorious Palin bashing RINO so it's interesting [and a bit entertaining] that he conducts a reader straw poll and Sarah Palin wins it big. With Almost 10,000 votes cast, it's Sarah Palin beating Rick Perry 46.6% to 38.51%. Michele Bachmann checks in at third place with 5.21%. Mitt Romney finishes fourth 2.96% of the vote.

Again this is a website where the publisher never misses a chance to say something negative about Palin, and yet ....

We see the same thing over at Hot Air, where Sarah Palin has never lost a presidential straw poll since the website has been polling for 2012. 

Michael Sheppard points out that there has been a huge shift in votes since Ace's June polling:

Of particular interest are the changes from the June poll which had Perry in first place on 31.1% Palin in second on 30.5% and Bachmann, then the flavor of the month at 17.8%. As can be seen her support has utterly collapsed.

We are seeing this in the national polling as well, anytime Sarah Palin and/or Rick Perry is included in the poll, Bachmann's numbers collapse.

What this poll, and others like it continue to show is the current field of announced candidates are putting people's feet to sleep. America is waiting for a true leader with a solid record and the ability to get things done to join the race.

The results:

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